Cordoba Concert Ukulele Review (2021)

Getting a good ukulele is a must for musicians. Even if you just play for fun, your love for music might get ruined if you don’t own a good instrument. Ukuleles are an instrument that produces heavenly sounds if played right. And among several ukulele brands, Cordoba is famous for their amazing ukuleles that musicians all over the world love.

Cordoba is world renowned for being the innovator in building the traditional Spanish nylon based ukuleles. This brand was founded in 1997 by Tim Micklaucic. The brand has built a name for its exceptional quality in making classical and flamenco guitars.

The manufacturing units are located in China and Portugal. Although, Cordoba have not been able to make a name for its ukuleles yet. They offer a wide range of ukuleles in the market, each with a significant offering. The brand has tried to position itself as a premium quality ukulele brand which is crafted by expert. The 15CM Concert ukulele was designed by Pepe Romero Junior, one of the world’s most renowned designers.

Today, we will give them the benefit of the doubt and review the Cordoba 15CFM Concert Mahogany Ukulele in Granite Grey. This ukulele has a body made of Mahogany. This particular ukulele variation is an eye catching variation to their best seller, the 15CM.

The one we are talking about is in the color Granite Grey. It also comes in Jade Green, Rose Red, and Sapphire Blue colors. This color gives a striking touch to the wooden body and compliments it. 

The price range of this ukulele is in the $100-120 range. The other concert ukuleles are comparatively more affordable, so it sets a higher expectation here. 

Now let’s talk about the features of the Cordoba 15CFM ukulele.

Concert Ukulele

Concert ukuleles are perfect for anyone. They are larger in size compared to the sopranos precisely by 3 inches. They provide a larger room for the fingers to play around. Cordoba concert ukuleles definitely give space for people to learn as a beginner. This one gives a fuller tune compared to a soprano. 

Color Options

Cordoba 15CFM concert ukulele color range unquestionably adds fun to the ukulele game. This ukulele comes in four color options, like I mentioned earlier. The one I got is Granite Grey. This color gives a funky flair to a traditional flamed mahogany body. 

Premium Aquila Strings

Strings play an essential part in how the ukulele sound plays out. Two different quality strings will not sound the same. Aquila strings are one of the popular string brands. They are made in Italy. These strings are made of Nylgut material and gives out a nice tune. Nylgut strings are great for durability. So, I am not complaining. 

Satin Finish

The body is built with Mahogany. Mahogany is one the popular type of wood used for ukuleles. They provide a good sound reflection and sound nice. The body has satin polyurethane finish and feels pleasant. Satin Polyurethane finish is usually better at handling scratches and hiding dirt. 


The fingerboard is made of Pau Ferro, which is ideal. They create a warm, crisp sound with the touch of the player’s fingers. The fingerboard inlays are 4mm dots in Pearloid. There are 19 frets in total joined at the fingerboard. 

Overall, the fingerboard feels comforting in grip and looks captivating.

Neck Joints

The neck on this particular ukulele is C shaped. The joints on this part are very obvious and need a good finishing. The thickness of the first fret on the neck is 9mm, and the ninth one is 20mm. The nut width goes as much as 36mm. This part of the ukulele certainly is not much up to a point. While playing, the neck seemed unsatisfactory. 

Body Length

The 15 CFM Cardoba Concert Ukulele has an 11inches body in length. The body’s construction is defined as layered in the website. If you did not know, that means the body is made from several parts of mahogany timbers and combining them. It is popularly known as laminate. The body depth in the upper and lower bout is 54mm and 70 mm. I have to give props to Cordoba; the finishing of the body looks satisfactory.

Tuning Machines

The tuning machines on this one is made of Cordoba silver with pearl buttons. The pearls buttons do not look as good to me. The silver hardware on the tuners has no brand specified. The tuning machine in general, did not satisfy me.


It all boils down to how the instruments sound like when it is played. Well, the 15CFM Cordoba ukulele did not disappoint. This ukulele gives a warm tone with minimal effort. The ukulele can be heard quite well without much effort. 


  • Solid Mahagony build
  • Satin finish 
  • Good grip
  • Nice warm tone
  • Good color options
  • Durable


  • Cheap looking tuners
  • Expensive
  • Plain looking neck joints

Final Words

The 15CFM Cordoba Concert Ukulele is overall a good product even after some of its poor design features. Cordoba should pay more attention to its intricate features like the tuners. The tuners should be replaced with a premium quality alternative. The color options range adds an attraction to the already best seller Cordoba 15CM concert ukuleles.

Cordoba, as a brand, has been offering different ukuleles with varying needs. The 15CFM Cordoba ukulele would be an excellent option for any beginner learning to play. The grip is good, and the fingerboard has adequate space. The tone of this ukulele is average compared to the price point. The price range sets a higher expectation, and Cordoba could not fully live up to it. Luna Tattoo concert ukulele with 4.7 stars on Amazon is currently $50-70 price range. The Cordoba Concert Ukulele is made for a buyer with a higher budget and wants an overall good performance. So if you think you are that person, Go for It!

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