Easy Baritone Ukulele Songs

Baritone Ukulele Songs: Baritone ukuleles are in a league of their own. The baritone ukulele is not a standard choice for most of beginners and can be quite intimidating for professional users too. But baritone ukuleles serve as the perfect bridge between the full-size guitar and the basic ukuleles. For those who want to have the freedom of having a ukulele along with the richness of the guitar, baritone ukuleles are the best choice. 

However, the tuning is different in baritone ukulele and not all songs are a perfect fit for the baritone ones. Hence, many people try to avoid using this wonderful instrument and fear making music with it. But the truth is there is a wide range of amazing songs that are very easy for beginners also to play on baritone ukuleles. Along with that the kind of warm, rich yet sparkly sound that the baritone ukuleles offer is unmatched to any other ukuleles or full-size guitars. 

Moreover, just like any other instrument the ease of playing music on the baritone solely depends on the expertise and skill of the player himself. So, if you are a beginner intimidated by this particular instrument, don’t back out yet! We have chosen 10 great easy songs that you can play on your baritone ukulele with comfort!

Sweet Home Alabama (1974)

Artist(s): Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Chords: D C G

Sweet Home Alabama is our first pick on the list. This song was released in 1974 as a single of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd on their album Second Helping. This song has a strong background and a long-lived legacy. This song can be played with only 3 chords – D, C and G on your baritone ukulele.  

Love Me Do (1962)

Lyricist(s): John Lennon & Paul McCartney for The Beatles

Chords: G C D

Who doesn’t love to play a good old Beatles song? This track titled Love Me Do was penned by John Lennon and his buddy Paul McCartney together for their beloved The Beatles and was released in 1962 on their album Please Please Me. This song can be played through only 3 chords too – G, C and D.

Crocodile Rock (1973)

Artist(s): Elton John

Chords: A7, Bm, C, D, D7, E, Em, G

This pick is from the maestro himself – Sir Elton John! Crocodile Rock is a rock number from his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It was published in 1973. This one features more chords than most of the songs on the list and can be a little tough comparatively. Yet this whole song can be played with 8 chords on your baritone ukulele.

Fight Song (2015)

Artist(s): Rachel Platten

Chords: Cadd9, D, Em7, G, gmaj7

This fairly recent track has been on our digital platform playlists of many of us. The Fight Song by Rachel Platten was released in 2015 and was loved by the critics and the mass as well. This song represents the artists real experiences of hardships and the journey of endurance that many of us can relate to. This song can be played with 5 chords only. 

Jambalaya (On the Bayou) (1952)

Artist(s): Hank Williams

Chords: C G

This number is from Hank Williams and it was released in 1952. Upon its release it reached the 1st position of the US Billboard Hot Country Singles. This interesting track was named after the Creole and Cajun dish – Jambalaya. This song has been a prominent mark in country music and country pop culture and has been covered by many artists over the time. This song can be played on your baritone ukulele just with a couple of chords – C and G!

Singin’ in the Rain (1929)

Lyricist(s): Arthur Freed 

Music By: Nacio Herb Brown 

Chords: F C7 

This pick right here is a legendary number from the musical film named the same as the song – Signing’ in the Rain that got released in 1952. This song was penned by Arthur Freed and the music was produced by Nacio herb Brown. This song has an outstanding prominence in the popular culture and the American film industry. This great track can be played on your baritone ukulele just with two chords! F and C7.

Iko Iko (1965)

Artist(s): James Crawford, Barbara Hawkins, Rosa Hawkins & Joan Johnson

Chords: F C7 

This one is another track that needs the same chords as the last one – F and C7. Even though it can be played only with two chords on your baritone ukuleles this song isn’t any simple one. It’s a famous New Orleans song that tells a story about two colliding tribes in a parade. This song has been covered time after time by many prominent artists since its original release.

Coconut (1971)

Artist(s): Harry Nilsson

Chords: C7 

This number is performed and written by Harry Nilsson. The track Coconut is from his album Nilsson Schmilsson. It has quite an interesting musical composition that sets it apart from other songs. It has only one chord – C7 that gets arpeggiated as the song progresses. So, one can easily play this song on their baritone ukulele just with one single chord of C7!

Hey Good Lookin (1953)

Artist(s): Hank Williams 

Chords: C D F G

This is another country number from Hank Williams titled Hey Good Lookin. This track was released in 1953 and has been named as one of the greatest songs of all time. This legendary track has been included in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001 and also been positioned as the 19th of the 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music by CMT. This requires only 4 chords to play – C, D, F and G!

I’ll Fly Away (1929)

Lyricist(s): Albert E. Brumley

Chords: G C D 

The last number is a hymn that has been named as the most recorded gospel song and it is used by different people from all aspects as a sacred hymn. I’ll Fly Away had been written by Albert E. Brumley in 1929 and since then this song has made a legacy on its own. This song has a great value and uses only three chords – G, C and D!


Ease always comes with patience and practice! But we hope this list of baritone ukulele songs has been a good starter guide for the beginners who are intimidated by the uniqueness of the baritone ukulele and want simpler options to kick off their journey with! So, let’s jump onto playing some of these amazing tracks with ease on your baritone ukulele now and sharpen your baritone uke skills!

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