Easy Fingerpicking Songs Ukulele

Fingerpicking Songs Ukulele: All these years, the ukulele garnered a popularity surge. What’s in it to not like? With all its amazing features, a ukulele is a fun instrument to play. You can choose to either strum or fingerpick the ukulele. Strumming, however, does not produce recognizable notes as fingerpicking does.

The notes are also easier to pick. Fingerpicking your ukulele might seem like a jump in the deep end. Once you get to grips with it, you can easily pluck your way through some feel-good songs. Here are some easy fingerpicking songs ukulele for you to strum on.  Let’s dive into the list.

1. One Love by Bob Marley

The icon of pop music, Bob Marley, released this immortal song. The chords that were used are C, G, F, and Am. You have two strums on C, Am, F, and C for the verse. Similarly, you will strum the G and C 4 times each, and then finally strum the strings F, C, G, and C 2 times each. 

There you go. Repeat from the top now. Despite all the downward strums making it easy, there is a slight challenge of counting the strums. 

2. With or Without You by U2

It is one of the popular songs by the iconic Irish band. Its chord progression is G, C, Am, and F. Maintaining a downwards pattern, you strum every chord 4 times. 

Playing With or Without You is easy to play on the ukulele. Alongside using the four easiest chords for the uke, there is no change in the chord progression. It makes playing easy as the same chords are played every time. From the start to the very end, this stays the same. It cannot get easier than this.

3. Soul Sister by Train

Haven’t you stumbled across Musically videos of this popular song? You would love to know how easily this uke can be fingerpicked. We will begin off by stating the chord progression – C, G, Am, and F for this verse for this song. 

All you need to do is strum the chords downwards four times. For the F and G chords, you need to strum 8 times each. If you want to add fanciness, you can strum the G twice, the F string 8 times, the C twice, and back to the G 4 times. Does it sound complicated? Fret not as this version is breezy. 

4. Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley

All of us can sing this famous Elvis tune, right?  It has 9 chords: C, Em, Am, F, G, G7, B7, A7, Dm. You can try all the chords together, without any particular order. As it is a relaxed and slow song, it is easy to make the chord transitions. 

Try this lovely song by changing the chords as you like. Trust us, you will not regret it.

5. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

We would like to call this piece the “new classic”.  As much popular as it is, it is also just as easy. It has 4 chords, which follow this progression – C, G, Am, F. If you are an avid uke player,  you must have noticed that the order is the same as Let It Be by the legendary English Rock Band Beatles. Only one difference lies here, and that is, you will be performing 8 downstrokes per second in I’m Yours

If you are wondering that this is child’s play, indeed it is. It is so easy. 

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6. Let her go by Passenger

You should not be scared to learn fingerpicking this song on your ukelele. Yes, it might take some days for you to put it together, but it is not impossible – even if you are a novice player. 

The 8 chord progression starts like this: C, D, Em, D, C, D, Em, and D. Start with fewer notes, gradually adding more notes as you keep playing. You will be speechless by your progress – and so will your audience!

7. Stand by Me by Ben E. King

Another classic and legendary song that can melt your heart easily is Stand by Me. As long as you can strum it well, this song is loved by everyone. 

It might come as a surprise – but this is easier than Let it be. Despite having the same chords, they will be played in a different order. The chord progression for this song is C, Am, F, and G. The strums will be downward here. The 1st and 2nd chord (C and Am) needs to be strummed 8 times each. Finally, strum the G four times and the F four times. 

There you go. This is the song from top to bottom. It is a piece of cake!

8. Hey there Delilah by the Plain White Ts

This song has a touch of fun as it creates a piece of wonderfully well-rounded music. Before adding your vocals, try humming along – it will place everything together.

You must note that this song is slightly more complex than other easy uke fingerpicking songs in this article. It has 5 chords in the following order – A, Bm, D, G, and Gbm. The chord transitions need to be played slowly. 

By practicing for a few days, you can master the song hopefully. And, trust us, this song is worth the effort!

9. Island Style by John Cruz

With the 3 simple chords, this song can be fingerpicked on your ukulele easily. The chord progression is something like this F, C, G7. 

Basically, you need to start slow and introduce yourself with the essentials. Once you are done with the basics, you can add your personal touch, and finally, you will be strumming in the Island style. 

If you want to go the extra mile, watch the tutorial where John Cruz integrates the different chords – making it a feel-great song.

Final Thoughts

That is a wrap! This list shows some great songs you can begin your fingerpicking journey with. Our list shows only 9 easy fingerpicking songs ukulele; however, there are many more songs you can try to learn using different chords.

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