Fun Songs To Play On Ukulele

Since its popularity in 2013, the ukulele has been a go-to instrument for people who want to learn to play a new musical instrument. This is because it’s one of the easiest musical tools to play out there as it requires only a few chords to create melodious tunes. So as long as you know the basic chords, you should be able to play hundreds of songs without any hassle. Practically, there are too many songs to choose from therefore, we have curated a list of the best and the most fun songs to play on the ukulele. 

1. “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

This song by Bruno Mars is one of the most popular songs to be covered on the ukulele. With just three chords, C, A minor, and F you can play this fun song. You open the song with chord C followed by A minor using only one finger. You have to hold down the 2nd fret of the top string. This is followed by chord F for which you need to hold down the 2nd fret of the top string in addition to the 1st fret on the 3rd string. 

Once you’ve got this right, it’s just a repetition of eights of each of these chords in the pattern: chord C, chord A minor, chord F, chord C, and so on. Conveniently this pattern is followed through the verses and chorus.

You can find the full chords here.

2. “Let It Be” by The Beatles

Similar to the previous song in the list, you need the same chords to play “Let It Be” with just an addition of chord G therefore the pattern is a bit complicated. The pattern for the verse goes as follows: C, C, G, G, Am, Am, F, F, C, C, G, G, F, F, C, C. After playing this twice you move to the chorus which has the pattern Am, Am, G, G, F, F, C, C, C, C, G, G, F, F, C, C. 

If you are a beginner trying to cover this song on the ukulele, all you need is a few practices and you’ll be able to produce the beautiful melody on this musical instrument. 

You can find the full chords here.

3. “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt

That’s right, you get to play this song with those same four basic chords here too. All you need to do is follow this pattern for the verse, and repeat it: C, C, C, C, G, G, G, G, Am, Am, Am, Am, F, F, F, F. For the chorus, you need to follow this: F, F, G, G, C, C, Am, Am, F, F, G, G, Am, Am, Am, Am, F, F, G, G, C, C, C, C.

You can find the full chords here.

4. “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

This is a simple song that sounds so good that it will seem like it took you a long time getting it right on the ukulele. But in reality, you don’t need to be an expert on this musical instrument to ace this. By playing the chords C, F, G, and Am, you can perform this sing-along song at any gathering and it will automatically lift everyone’s moods. 

You’ll be able to nail this fun song if you can just master your timing and get the reggae strum pattern right. But it’s not impossible for even a beginner therefore, go ahead and practice it till you get it right. 

You can find the full chords here.

5. “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train 

This is one of the most fun songs to play on the ukulele that can be easily mastered as it has a pretty simple strumming pattern. The challenge in the song is the pitch in which it is sung, so if you’re just playing the instrument you’re good to go. Plus, if you have already covered “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, then this song should come easy to you. All you need to know is that in G, the chord progression will take place like this: G, Em, C, and D.

You can find the full chords here

6. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley 

This is an instant classic to play when it comes to the ukulele. There are multiple ways you can play this song but the basic progression is quite easy for beginners to catch. Once you get the strumming pattern right move to the chord progression and you can always alter it to match the original song as you go. This song never gets old so you can take your time to learn it and play it even years down the line. 

You can find the full chords here.

7. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Since the ukulele is a Hawaiian musical instrument, we had to put a song that has its roots in Hawaiian music. Although it might take you a while to perfect it on the musical instrument, it will be worth it as the gentle strumming will fill up your ears. You need to play the just chords C, Em, F, G, and Am. But make sure you listen to the song on the loop when you’re practicing it so that you can get the rhythm right. 

You can find the full chords here


Of course, when it comes to playing songs on any musical instrument you can go for whatever you wish. But the list of fun songs featured in this article is catered towards players who are on the beginner-level. Not only are these songs easy to pick up on the musical instrument, but they are also extremely enjoyable! We hope that through this article you can successfully cover a few melodious songs within a short time. 

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