Hola Ukulele Review

Playing ukuleles is the perfect way to end a day on a peaceful note. The tropical Hawaiian sound that the ukulele makes is definitely one of the best sounds a music instrument can make. It might be smaller in size compared to other music instruments like violins, bass guitars and acoustic guitars, but it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to playing music. 

Ukuleles by Hola are top notch and are one of the cheapest ukuleles money can buy. But don’t judge the brand for its price! The intonation and the tuning stability can surprise you. As it is equipped with high quality Aquila strings, the sound quality on their ukuleles sound like any other expensive ukuleles.

Hola Ukulele Review(Overview)

Luna Tattoo Tenor Ukuleles

Hola HM-21BU

The fingerboards and the bridge is 

constructed with 


The thin layer of paint doesn't ruin the tone of 

the sound


Kala KA-15T Tenor Ukuleles

Hola HM-121BU+


fingerboard made with 


Comes with a custom strap

It is equipped with 

high quality aquila 



Makala Tenor Ukuleles

Hola HM-121BK+

The nuts are made of ox bone

This ukulele has high quality Italian aquila 



Enya Tenor Ukuleles

Hola HM-21NT

It comes with a free 

trial option for 

beginners who are 

just learning to play

It guarantees good music at a cheap rate

It comes with three


Kala KA-BMB-T All Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukuleles

Hola HM-124BK+

Comes with a two 

months of free trial 


Built by the materials 

It is very durable


Hola Ukulele Review(Review)

1. Hola HM-21BU- The best Hola ukulele

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the first on the list of best Hola ukuleles, we have the HM-21BU by Hola. We have chosen this to be the best Hola ukulele money can buy. 

We have chosen this as it provides extra ukulele instruments such as a canvas tote bag, strap and picks. The upper part and the backside of it is made of maple and painted with beautiful eye catching colors. The white nylon strings on the blue ukulele gives the whole outlook of the ukulele a unique finish. This ukulele is made to create a warm and beautiful Hawaiian harmony.


  • Comes with three picks
  • Has a canvas tote bag


  • The strings need to be stretched
  • Might be too funky for some people

2. Hola HM-121BU+ The runners up for the best Hola ukuleles

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the second best Hola ukuleles on this list, we have the HM-121+ by Hola. We have chosen this ukulele as the bridge and fingerboard is made out of walnut. 

This ukulele is equipped with premium Italian Aquila strings which make sure that it produces the best sound. The nuts in these ukuleles are made out of ox bones which makes it more durable and it is also in direct contact with the strings and which influences the tone. It can also be a perfect gift for someone who loves playing music as it is pretty cheap.


  • Durable because of the ox-bone made nuts
  • It can be a perfect gift


  • Might sound a bit out of tune

3. Hola HM-121BK+

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

The HM-121BK+ is definitely one of the best ukuleles created by Hola.

This ukulele is also equipped with premium high quality Italian Aquila strings which assures a perfect sound. Unlike most ukuleles whose nuts are plastic made, their nuts are made out of ox bone which assures durability. This ukulele is also 21 inches in size which is the perfect size for beginners. They weigh 6.4 ounces which is light compared to other ukuleles in the market.


  • The ox bone made nuts assures durability


  • The new strings need to stretched

4. Hola HM-21NT

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the fourth best ukulele by Hola, we have chosen the HM-21NT. We have chosen this ukulele for its simple yet beautiful design. 

This ukulele can be the perfect instrument for beginners as the bundle comes with free live instructions by a professional instructor. The fingerboards of this ukulele are made of walnut and the neck is made out of Nato. These are also equipped with high quality Italian Aquila strings which are recommended by most experienced ukulele players. 

The super thin layer of paint also ensures that the sound of the ukulele does not get ruined and at the same time, it makes sure to keep the natural tone of the wood. They also come in 10 different color variations so the player can choose the color that suits them the most


  • It is very durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use


  • The strings might be sturdy at first

5. Hola HM-124BK+

Vangoa 26-inch Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

For the last product on our list for the best ukulele by Hola, we have the HM-124BK+. These ukuleles are amazing as they are built to perfection by the best materials. 

They have a very high precision die cast machine head with black rubber pegs which are plated with chrome, 18 silver nickel frets, bone Nut and compensated bone Saddle, laser engraved Rosette, traditional white bindings, built-in strap pin and Aquila Nylgut strings which are very high quality Italian strings.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable and easily portable


  • Intonation gets a little flat by the 12th fret

Final Words

So that is all for the best top 5 ukuleles by Hola. We hope you found this informative enough to decide which Hola ukulele is the best suit for you. 

Select the one that you think is going to suit you as all of these are really good ukuleles. Personally, we would recommend the HM-124BK+ for you. 

Don’t forget to check out all the Hola ukuleles we have reviewed for you! Have fun playing your ukulele.

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