How Long Does it Take to Learn Bass Guitar

The question of how long it would take to learn bass guitar can be subjective to different people. People with experiences with other guitar instruments may find it easy to adapt to it. Where else someone who has never played guitar will take longer to learn. 

In this article, we’ll be finding out about the small details of what makes a bass guitar unique to other guitars and how much longer it can take to learn it.

How does the Playstyle differ from other guitars?

Before trying to know how much time it may take to get the hang of the bass guitar, we need to know about how it plays, how it compares to other guitar types in the market, etc. 

If you know about Bass Guitars, you know that it has 4 strings rather than the typical 6 we see on a lot of the guitars. The bass guitar consists of E, A, D, and G strings. So you can imagine that the style that they’re played is very different from your regular 6 string guitars. And some might say that it’s easier to learn because of that. Well, it’s not exactly true.

While the initial part of learning may be a little easier and you may be able to pick up a few grooves here and there, but to learn it, there’s a lot more to it than you can imagine.

After the initial few days, when you start getting into the more intricate part of learning, you’ll start realizing that it has quite the number of things you need to keep in mind like how notes on the bass play, how you concatenate different chords to play notes, and the hardest part being able to groove with it.

While it is easier to play a simple groove with 2-3 chords and just banging the strings, you’ll know how much difficult it is when you start to play off with different notes at a simultaneous pace.

While on other guitars, even if there are more strings to it, you can even play it with more harmony with fewer chords because there are more strings to play around with. So the myth about bass being easier to learn is wrong. Both of them have certain drawbacks to learning them and are equally difficult to learn.

Can being a guitar player help in learning the bass?

The simple answer to it is, yes! When you start learning guitar, you aren’t just learning the chords and trying to mix and match to create a groove. When starting, you have to take care of a lot of things at once like strumming, hand techniques, chords playing, trying to deflect the mistakes you’re doing while playing chords, and many more.

Learning something new will always be difficult at the start, getting used to playing the chords well, being able to strum the strings you want and not playing the other ones, switching between chords are some difficulties you’ll face.

And well if you already are a guitarist, it will be much easier to cope with those difficulties and you can adapt to it much faster than beginners. With that being said, there will always be new things to learn about and face difficulties when you start. But, stopping because of these reasons won’t do any justice and facing these and thinking you’re not capable of playing is just a complete lie.

How much time will it take to learn bass guitar?

People say that if you want to master something, you have to play it for 10,000 hours. Now that is approximately 10 years of practice where you’ll be practicing every day for 3 hours. But, we’re not here to know how much time it’ll take to master it. We’re here to know about how much time it takes to learn the bass and have good knowledge about it. 

If you’re starting as a new player, it may take about 6 months to learn the bass guitar as a whole. This is when you’ll be fully committed to it and practice every day for at least 2 hours. This time is just an estimation of what people in general take to learn bass guitar. The time may vary from person to person.

Some people are quick to learn so they pick up things a bit faster than other people. And people who already know how to play the guitar get another advantage when they start learning to play the bass. Nonetheless, if you’re consistent enough with your practice and if you dedicate yourself to learning it, you’ll be able to grasp it a lot quicker than other people.

Tip and Tricks to apply

There are certain things you can do to accelerate your progress. Practice and dedication to your learning are always necessary no matter what you do. But applying some techniques and methods and learning progressively can change the way you learn something. Like, before learning to play chords on your guitar, you first need to know what strings a guitar consists of and how they sound. 

You have to learn about tuning your guitar, the placement of your hands, how to strum properly, in which order you have to put your fingers to play a certain chord, and many more. If you can learn in this progressive manner, you will learn much quicker and what you learn will be much more effective on your plays.

We’ll be sharing some helpful tips next.

YouTube Tutorials

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro at guitar, if you’re going to go and start to learn something new like a bass guitar, YouTube is always a good point to start.

There are hundreds of videos and tutorials of the bass guitar which you can learn through. Even if you are a beginner at it, there are tutorials where people will start from teaching you the absolute basics and types of guitars to playing chords in harmony.

So, if you ever are in need to learn a certain part or lesson about bass guitar, you can always seek help on YouTube.

Articles and Blogs

Another great source of learning is through the holy grace of the internet. If you ever fall into trouble and are stuck at a point where you don’t know what to do, you can always go to the internet and look up something.

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of articles about different difficulties people face and how to overcome those. 

Also learning and memorizing the different chords at first can be difficult for people. And so you can take a look at the chords that can be played on a bass guitar without having to memorize them. Simple things like this can make our progress much faster.

Private Lessons

Another very helpful thing will be to take classes on bass guitar. You can learn a lot on your own but learning from someone who is in front of you and is teaching you first hand can never be beaten.

They can help you in fixing your mistake, tell you how you should progress to get the best out of you. They can show you how to play a certain chord and if you’re still having issues, fix them at that exact point so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

Practice makes us Perfect

In the end, being consistent at what you’re trying to learn and putting dedication and effort into learning will always be the key to your progress. The longer you slack with your practicing schedule, the longer you’ll be delayed with your progress. 

If you can be persistent enough, you’ll be able to grasp the bass guitar very quickly and will be able to play it a lot efficiently and faster too. For the last tip, we suggest you plan a certain part or time of your day to practice learning the bass guitar. And try to always do at least 2 hours of practice. 

Also, it won’t help if you do 7 hours of practice one day and then skip the other. By playing consistently, our hands get used to that movement and we will be able to do it much more fluently and easily. Muscle memory is key to learning the bass guitar.


It takes time, devotion, and a strong will to learn something new. It may seem difficult at times and you may want to give up but we can assure you that with consistent practice and dedication to never give up, you’ll be able to grasp the skill in no time.

We hope this article helped you to know more about the bass guitar and helped you gain a vision of how much time and effort you’ll need.

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