How Many Bars are in a Verse?

There is no definite answer to the question. However, the measurement of Bars in a Verse can be different no different genre of music. Hip-hop has comparatively more bars than other genres of music.

So, to seek the answer that you seek, we’ll be doing a comprehensive analysis on this topic here and explore our viable options accordingly.

What are Bars?

To explore the question more, we first need to know about the roots of this conversation. What is a Bar? Well, to say the least, a Bar is a segment of time corresponding to a specific number of beats that is played at a particular tempo.

There is no specific number that can be told to say that this is the required amount of Bars that can be in a Verse. This completely depends on the Music itself and how the producer wants to make it sound. In more fast-paced music, there may be 32 bars in a verse or more. But in other cases, there can even be 4 bars in a verse.

If you’re unsure about your music and you don’t know how many bars there should be in a verse, there is nothing to worry about because there is just no upper or lower limit to it. As long as the verses are corresponding well with the Bars and they’re matching well, there shouldn’t be an issue.

The Standard number of Bars in a Verse

So if you’ve been looking around a lot, you might have seen the number 16 a lot. A lot of people seem to believe that the standard number of bars in a verse is 16, especially in hip-hop. Well, this is not at all true. A lot of music in the industry indeed uses this number of Bars on a verse but there is no saying that you cannot go any higher or lower. There can be 8, 16, 24, or 32 bars in a single verse.

The 16 bars in a verse were made popular by mostly rap songs. The 16 bars in a verse are most used in rap or hip-hop songs. If a song has 3 verses, it will probably contain 16 bars in each verse. And if a song has 2 verses, then it may have 24 bars in a verse.

Structuring Your Songs

If you can structure your songs well enough, you won’t have to worry about how many bars you should be putting in a verse. That will come to the music naturally. You first need to know the key components of how you should be structuring your music. The components you need to focus on are:

Vision for Your Song

The first thing you should be aiming for is what the vision for your song is. And by vision, we mean what your music will represent, who will be the targeted listeners of the song, if the song is going to be upbeat or not, how you’ll be holding the attention of the listeners, etc.

These are important steps to structuring your music well, everything will be contributing to the factor of how many bars you should be. If you’re going for a more upbeat and hip-hop style, you’d probably want more bars in a verse like 16, 24, or even more. But if you’re planning on going for a more slow song, you’ll want to start with the lower bar count like 8 bars in a verse.

Length of the Song

This is another important component of your song. How long of a song you want to make will make it more clear about the structure and segments of your song. If you’ve been working on music, you know that there are some particular parts of a song like a chorus, the verse, an intro, outro, and others. These all contribute to the total length of your song.

A chorus has about 8 bars, intro and outro can be 4-8 bars and verses can be anywhere from 8, 16, 24, or 32 bars. The longer the song is, the more the number of choruses and verses. Like if you have 2 verses in your song, you will probably have 24 bars in it. And if there are 3 verses, the bars will be at 16 bars.

For you to have a decent structure to your song, you have to lay out all the different segments of the song and analyze it properly, and see how many different segments you’ll want. Then you can lay out your bars for the best possible outcome.

Finding a Beat

The beat of your song will directly contribute to the number of bars you can or will have in a verse. We know that bars are a segment of time that corresponds to a specific number of beats that are played in a particular tempo.

So, before you write any lyrics, you first need to choose a beat in which you can do the lyrics and set the initial stage for the bars of the song. If you start writing the lyrics first and then try to overlay a beat, it won’t have perfect synergy with the beat causing it to have mismatched bar counts in a verse.

Bars are in a Verse

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The Tempo of the Track

The speed or pace of a song has an important significance to the structure of your song. The beat of the song is what determines the tempo of the track. If the song is upbeat and a lot of different instruments are being played fast, the tempo changes along with it. It will also change the bar counter for your verse.

Let’s say there are about 3 verses in your song. That probably means that the song you’re playing is upbeat and has a fast tempo to it. Because of this, the lyrics of the song will also be short and fast.

Meaning, the more the tempo of the song, the less the bars of a particular verse will be. In a 3 verse song, there will be around 16 bars in each verse. And slow beat songs will have 2 verses containing 24 bars each verse.

Following the tempo of the song, the track will sound and feel different which will contribute to the number of bars it has on a verse.

What Number of Bars in a Verse is Right?

As our analysis says, it depends on you and the song for what the right amount of bars there should be in a verse. We also talked about what contributes to it and how you can structure it in a way that makes the synergy of your song correct and make your music sound more pleasant.

Factors like the beat of your music, the tempo, the length of the song, what genre you’re aiming for, and many more. Even though there isn’t any specific number of verses that are to make for specific genres, it can at least tell you what style of music you’re trying to achieve which can tell you a lot about how many bars you can have in a verse.

It also applies to how you’ll be structuring your songs. Many songs start with some beat and instruments at the start and then continue with a verse. But there is some music which starts with a hook or a chorus. So, how you’re going to be structuring your song will contribute to how many verses you’ll have in your song. The more the verses, the fewer bars there will be.

Most songs nowadays are made with just 2 verses. This is because of the popularity of slow-paced songs. And if there are 2 verses in a song, there will probably be 24 bars in each verse. But other songs which have more verses in them like 3 verses will have 16 bars for each verse.

The right number of bars is how you choose your music to be. The rhythm you’ll want, the beat, the harmony of the song is what will determine the number of bars in a verse. So to choose the right number, you’ll have to analyze how your music is, and only then will you be able to choose the right number.


Laying out proper structure, knowing how to complete your verses correctly are important factors in making your song sound and rhyme well. If you know your song well, you know how it’s structured, and then you will be able to create proper synergy for your song. By then, you will also know many bars there will be in a verse.

We hope this comprehensive analysis about how many Bars are in a Verse was helpful to you and it gave you a proper idea about how you will be able to get the right amount of bars in your verses.

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