How Many Cents are in a Semitone

Learning music could be tough, and could be easy as well. The whole process solely depends on you. When it comes to learning music through an instrument, the journey will take some time. There will be days when your blisters on your fingers will make you want to stop doing whatever you have been trying to learn for the past couple of nights.

Sometimes you might want to get up in the middle of the night and play your instrument. Playing music is all about practicing, as long as you have the desire to play. Each instrument requires a different amount of time. Some can be hard to master, whereas some may take merely a few months.

With proper guidance, you can master the art of playing music with your favorite instruments in no time.

Learning the Best Musical Instruments

When it comes to learning music, you need to learn how to play at least one musical instrument. Famous musicians have mastered playing multiple instruments. As a beginner, if you are planning on learning a new musical instrument then there are tons of musical instruments.

The catch is, some take a lifetime whereas some take a shorter period in comparison. In addition to that, some musical instruments will cause you blisters, callus, and so on. The choice is yours. Here, we have enlisted some of the best musical instruments you can learn

1. Piano Semitones

According to musicians, piano and keyboard are the easiest instruments to work with. Although it will require an investment of a long time it is definitely worth the shot. On the other hand, pianos are pretty expensive musical instruments. You can learn how to play one online as well. How? There are tons of virtual pianos available out there. We will get back to it later.

2. Violin Semitones

Violins produce one of the richest pieces of music of all time. The tunes are soothing to our ears (if you play them right, of course). Violins come in multiple sizes, so children can learn violins too now. The size range starts from 1/16 and ends at 4/4 violins.

4. Ukulele Semitones

If you want to learn something easy with a sweet melody then an ukulele is your go-to musical instrument. The chords are much easier to play in comparison to the guitar. It takes a few months to learn how to play a uke. So, if you want to start playing good music right away then you must give the ukulele a go.

5. Flute Semitones

As a beginner, you can try playing the flute because it is one of the most preferable options when it comes to choosing an instrument. Students who are in school can start learning to play the flute. As per cost, a flute would not cost you a fortune.

Virtual Piano

If you think, you have a strong desire to play the piano then you can either go straight for a piano or play a keyboard with multiple options. Note that, buying a piano will cost you a lot. In that case, you can try practicing to play the piano virtually. There are tons of websites and web applications with pianos in them. 

You can directly access these sites without opening an account. Some sites give away free piano lessons to you as well. So, if you don’t want to switch back and forth from the YouTube piano tutorial tab to the piano lesson tab, then try out one of these virtual piano sites mentioned below

Piano Lessons

This site teaches you to play piano with free lesson plans. If you want to learn piano online then you have to pay them a fee and an instructor will join you online shortly.

Virtual Piano

This site lets you get access to the piano directly and play it as long as you want to. It does not charge you any cost so, you can play it whenever you want to without the fear of losing any money.

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Here is another site that lets you play the piano for free from its landing page. In addition to that, you play more fun musical instruments from this site, for instance, guitar, bass guitar, drum machine, and so on. 

If you want to learn something new and fearing that you might lose interest over time. Then you can definitely try playing any of these instruments online. This way you do not have to spend money on a fancy musical instrument in advance.

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Semitones and Cents

As you have picked piano, here are my two cents of advice for you- learn the semitones and tones properly. Now, I will talk about the semitones. So what exactly is a semitone is a piano? The semitones are basically the distance between a white key to a neighboring black key on any piano keyboard. These are the smallest intervals used intentionally in most types of music.

Do you know how many cents are there in a semitone?

One hundred cents in a single semitone. So, in order to make a full tone, you will require two hundred cents. These are the smallest tonal units in the history of western music.


Now that you started to gather knowledge about the piano, how about you start learning it properly this time? Either join an institution or start taking online classes from the sites we have mentioned earlier. You are a few clicks away from becoming the next Beethoven.

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