How Much Does Fender Play Cost?

Newbie to the world of music? Probably, you are fretting over how you can learn the basics, or you have done in-person music classes with no positive results. 

In this quest of refining your guitar skills, you might have thought of giving online lessons a go. Fender play is a digital teaching platform that helps you learn the guitar, that too at your own pace from the comfort of your house. 

This does not come for free. It should not, right? If you are keen to sign up for Fender Play, you must know the cost of its subscriptions. This article integrates all you need to know about the Fender Play cost. Without stalling for long, let us dive in!

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What is Fender Play? 

Before disclosing its cost, let us first know a little about Fender Play. More of a digital platform than a learning medium, it is available on any iOS device, android device, or web browser. This app allows beginners to play within some minutes after learning a lesson. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Fender Play gives out monthly or annual subscriptions. The 30-days plan costs $9.99 and the 12-month plan costs &89.99. No matter which one you opt for, both offer you the full catalog of directed lessons and some bass, ukulele, and guitar song instructions. 

Not only that, the annual plan gives out a 25% discount. If you choose the discounted annual subscription, you will gain a 10% discount on the Fender gears and guitars for one complete year. Both subscriptions let you have entire access to a rich collection of uke, bass, and guitar lessons. These two plans offer a no-risk, free trial period. 


  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Premium video quality
  • Available both as an app and a web platform
  • Progress tracking
  • Allows you to proceed at your own pace
  • Separate Facebook community


  • Less scope for customization
  • Lack of lesson materials for the advanced players
  • The consistency between the lessons and instructors is little

One important fact is that Fender Play is designed for beginners eager to learn to play than the advanced players. If you are a newbie, you will find helpful information in the app to grasp the basics. Advanced players, however, will need more sophisticated programs to take their learning to the next level. 

Benefits of Fender Play

We are going to show why Fender Play comes with a price. Below are some of the ways it stands out from other means of teaching you guitar.

Options of 5 Musical Paths

Immediately after signing up for the program, you will be exposed to five musical path choices. Select the music you are interested in from:

  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Rock

Next, you move on to the custom lessons that teach you almost everything from the appropriate hand positions to the beginning notes. 

Ukulele and Bass Lessons

Note that you do not only get to learn guitar lessons from Fender Play – it also offers uke and bass lessons from experienced instructors. 

The lessons for all the instruments come along with your membership, so you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket. Without paying once more, you have the flexibility to switch between lessons. 

Just like a guitar, you will receive guided lessons for the others so you can get playing on your own. 

Step-By-Step Learning

This is one of the most notable benefits of using Fender Play to spend your money. It will make you feel like you are taking a stroll through the park. Sweet and short, the lessons make it easy for you to start right away. 

When it comes to difficulty,  this musical path setup will take you from one lesson to another. For each of the paths, five progression levels get more challenging with time. Whichever path you want to go for, you must focus on the tone, theory, and chords. 

You are allowed to skip through some lessons if you sense that any of your lessons is below the skill level, or you can redo the lessons that you need practice for. 

Expert Instructors

Every lesson and music path is backed up by guidance from expert instructors. Through the list of Fender Play videos, you can have access to a complete list of instructors. 

These instructors are full of experience under their belts and also a vast range of expertise makes them eligible to teach beginner-level learners.

App Support

Fender Play is not only limited to desktops only. If you love a cozy spot for singing, you can go there – take out Fender Play on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with you. 

You can earn free access to this program both on Google Play Store and App Store with a Fender Play membership. What’s great is that it provides the exact same benefits on the web-based model, containing progress tracking, song playing, and guided lessons. 

Customizable Settings for Playing

You might ask why Fender Play costs so much? Well, you have complete flexibility to go at your own pace with the Fender Play program. 

Fender Discounts

We have already mentioned the discounts that come with the annual plan. Not to forget that it has a 14-day free trial for you to test its service and make up your mind before going on further. 

With the annual subscription, Fender discounts let you have it at $7.50 per month in place of $9.99 per year. 


We would say Fender Play is a worthy shot. Undeniably, it falls under the best platforms to practice and learn guitar.

With its wonderful features, it helps beginners hone their skills – at a budget-friendly price. Any time you want, this lesson program can be aligned. 

Is it necessary to pay for the monthly plan immediately? Not necessarily. Give the free plan a shot and check whether you like the lessons.

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