How Much to Restring a Guitar

If you are a guitar player you would know about all the maintenance a guitar needs. Whether acoustic, or electric guitar strings can go bad or tear apart any moment, so You need to know how much to restring a guitar. Those of you who play a guitar must know the dilemma of guitar strings they need to be changed frequently.

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If you feel why guitar do strings have to come apart this is because of the physical and chemical components that are used to make them. If your guitar strings are made of nylon or steel they will eventually lose their quality soon.  Oh well, if you are a professional or a newbie guitarist and you are looking at the cost of restringing a guitar check out our article to know the exact pricing!

Few factors you need to check before restringing your guitar

Determine when you need to change your guitar strings

Many people, especially new guitarists cannot figure out when they should be changing their guitar strings. They have a tough time figuring out whether their strings are dead or bad. Many symptoms indicate when you need to change your strings. 

  • The first thing you should do is gunk your strings. You can try to run your fingers under your strings if you see any rust or dark gunk underneath them it means you need to change them.
  • If your strings have gone splotchy or lost their original color, this means oil from your skin and other factors have caused it to become discolored. They will soon lose their quality, strings near the soundhole are more prone to get splotchy as they are used the most frequently.  
  • Also check for sound quality, if they sound dull, it means you need to restring them.

Should you change on or restring all of them?

If you have to change your guitar strings you need to restring all of them together. You cannot find a single string, you need to buy guitar strings in sets. Even if you find single guitar strings, they will cost you a lot more.

Many of you usually think the high E string is the thinnest and as it tears apart easily you tend to buy an extra E string. In that case, you will find many companies sell string sets with an extra high E string.  

Should you remove all the strings from your guitar together or separately? 

If you want to know whether you should clip all your six strings together at once, then that’s a big no! You should not, as removing all the strings together will be dangerous for both the guitar and yourself.

However, you need to de-tension all your strings first before removing all of them. Many people have a common misconception that re-stringing hastily would cause the trust rod to bow their guitar’s neck unnaturally, but this does not happen and is not an issue so rest assured!

How much to restringing a guitar

How much to restring an electric guitar

There are three types of guitars electric guitars, classical, and steelstring acoustic guitars. Among these three, electric guitars take the least time for restringing and is very easy too.

Electric guitars are made using hardware that reduces restringing time and makes the entire process very simple. It takes $5 to $15 to restring electric guitars. 

How much restringing an Acoustic Guitar cost

You will be surprised to know acoustic guitars cost more to get restringed than electric guitars. Although the range to restring acoustic guitars start from $6 to $30. As there is a large variety of string brands available for acoustic guitars thus the price range is quite high. Strings that are coated cost $15 to $25. 

Cost of restringing your guitar with professional help

If you are a new guitarist and have not previously restringed your guitar, it’s better to take professional help. Otherwise, you will be damaged both your guitar and your newly bought strings in the attempt.

If you take professional help it will cost you around $20 to $50, and the cost of strings will cost you an additional $20 to $25. We would advise you to get your first guitar stringed from a professional, watch him restring your guitar and learn from him. So that you can restring your guitar by yourself from next time onwards. 

Cost of restringing your own guitar

Restringing your guitar is a simple and uncomplicated process. You can easily restring if you have seen how professionals do it. If you want to restring your guitar it will only cost you the string price.

And, if you want to restring using cheap strings the price might come down to even $6 to $10. Sometimes even if you restring properly your guitar does not sound as amazing as it did before, in that case you need to solve the intonation issues. You need help from a professional if you face such issues.

Most expensive restringing at the Guitar center

The Guitar center once restringed a guitar for $120. This is the most expensive restringing ever done. The guitar center is located in most of the town in the USA. As the guitar center is a multi-store chain shop it will cost at least $20 to get your guitars restringed.

Steps to restring your own guitar within $6 - $15 only

There are 4 basic steps that everyone needs to follow to restring their guitar. 

  • Buy a new pair of strings of your desired brand
  • Gently remove the old string set from your guitar
  • Restring the new pair
  • Tune your guitar and listen to the sound quality.

Step: 1

If you have never bought guitar strings before, make sure to check the gauge of the strings. Gauge is the measure of string thickness that is measured by thousandths of every inch.

Check where the thickness is enough for low E. If you have sufficient idea about string thickness you can order them online, if you don’t you can ask help from someone to guide you. 

Step: 2

After buying the strings you need to loosen each string at a time, not altogether. You can cut each string using pliers or directly unwind them straight from the headstock. After this step, you can take off the fixing pegs out and remove the entire set.

Step: 3

Take your new string set and put each ball end into the right peg hole in your guitar. Then you have to place the opposite end of the same string inside tune hole. You need to carry out the same process for each of the six strings, tighten them anti-clockwise.

Match each of the strings below the tuner’s face. You can use a string cutter to trim the ends the hangs loose to give your guitar a sharper look. 

Step: 4 

To tune you need to use a handy tuner to tighten your strings and check the tuning. If you have never tuned before or have lack of experience you can use an app to help you tune too. If you have previous experience and want to try it out manually you need to know how a perfect tuning should sound like. 

You should have an idea how well a low E sounds and a high E string sounds. You can also take a reference if you want to tune the thickest E. you have to place your finger on the fifth fret above the sixth string. Play and you will get a sound like an A note. Make sure you get the same sound on the 5th string as well.

Duration of restringing your Guitar 

If you have previous restringing experience or you have seen some do it, you can restring within 20 to 30 minutes. If you are a professional you probably know that you roughly take 10 to 15 minutes. However, most beginners take an hours or so to restring their guitar.

Factors that determine when your guitar strings will last

These are the four factors that determine how long your guitar strings will last:- 

  • Product Quality.
  • Practice durations.
  • Environmental Condition.
  • Guitar Maintenance.


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Bottom Line

You should not have a problem restringing your guitar now that you have read our article. Whether you have a classical, electrical, or acoustic guitar restringing is something you need to do every once in a while. Do not worry how much it’ll take to restring your guitar. You can get it done by a professional, learn all the necessary steps from him, they try it out yourself.

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