How To Build A Ukulele

From the looks of it, a ukulele is a mini version of a guitar because it is shaped and designed similarly with just a few changes such as the total number of strings and frets. There are many types of ukuleles available in the market which you can purchase from your local music shops. However, if you are skilled in the crafts sector, you can build a ukulele by yourself or with a friend. You may choose to build a ukulele from a basic or advanced ukulele building kit or you can also opt for building it from scratch! With that being said, let’s walk you through the different ways you can build a ukulele. 

Different Ways To Build A Ukulele 

1. Using Pre-built Ukulele Kits

Pre-built ukulele kits are perfect for DIY projects for both adults and children because most of the hard work is already done on the pieces that will make the ukulele. In pre-built ukulele kits, you do not need any woodwork experience at all! Plus, even though it wouldn’t require you to build the musical instrument for hours, it will still let you achieve a sense of accomplishment. 

StewMac Ukulele Kit

The Concert Ukulele Kit from StewMac is simple yet quite fun to assemble. All the pieces in the kit are made of high-quality that ensures durability. The biggest part of the ukulele is the body and this kit comes with a back and sides constructed with sturdy mahogany laminates. The kit comes with detailed instructions for each step so that your DIY project is enjoyable and effortless. This ukulele kit from StewMac is ideal for first-time DIY projects as well as a fun gift option for anyone. 

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Zimo Ukulele Kit 

The Tenor Ukulele Kit from Zimo is suitable for new builders as well as serious musicians. The easy-to-build ukulele kit is constructed with the highest quality materials that end up with a durable finished model. Each part of the ukulele has been made with an experienced craftsman which ensures an excellent end product when assembled according to instructions. Plus, the pre-drilled holes only leave you to screw and string the ukulele. You can finish the DIY project in 30 to 60 minutes. 

Gittylele Ukulele Kit 

This Ukulele Kit from C.B. Gitty requires a little more time and effort to assemble than the ones mentioned above. This is because it’s a unique one that will attract anyone who sees it. However, no matter how inexperienced you are in DIY projects you should be able to able to build this ukulele in about 2 hours. The kit comes with PDF instructions which you can follow to the dot and build your own ukulele. Just keep in mind that building this one will require a little more patience and concentration than the standard ukulele building kits.

2. Building Ukulele With Advanced Kits

Advanced kits are suitable for people who want to assemble even the tiniest pieces themselves. Fairly more complex than pre-built ukulele kits, these advanced kits require a more professional approach. 

MusicMakers Baritone Ukelele Kit 

This Concert Ukulele from MusicMakers is a classic-looking ukulele that’s unique yet standard at the same time. Each piece in this ukulele is made of high-quality materials that ensure a long-lasting ukulele once built correctly. Since you have to assemble even the tiniest parts yourself with caution it should take you about 15 to 40 hours to build this ukulele. The duration solely depends on how skilled you are at DIY projects like this and how much focus you put on the aesthetics of the musical instrument. However, no matter how much time you take to build it, the result will be worth it. 

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JYFY DJ Electron Tenor Ukulele Kit

This Ukulele kit from JYFY DJ Electron is more suitable for a gift than for a DIY project for you. This is because it comes in a beautiful green box that makes it a perfect gift especially for someone who’s into music or loves to keep a collection of musical instruments. With that being said, you need to put time and effort to build this ukulele because it requires woodwork experience. Therefore, make sure you give it to someone who has some knowledge in that area.  

3. Building Ukulele From Scratch 

Building a ukulele from scratch definitely requires woodworking skills because you need to know how to shape the wood for different parts of the ukulele. This method of building a ukulele is only suitable for hardcore builders who know how to purchase the ideal wood and where to look for useful resources. With that being said, we will guide you on the easiest resources that will help you build a ukulele from scratch. 

If you need a step-by-step guide on how to make and assemble each part Building A Ukulele From Scratch is a great place to look for guidance. Plus, it comes with pictures therefore it is also suitable for someone who depends on visual guidance. 

Some people may prefer full-size printouts of each part for guidance while building a ukulele from scratch. You can obtain that from Guild of American Luthiers where you have to purchase a plan to receive all the materials. 

Builders who prefer a manual or a book to build musical instruments can check out Elderly where you can purchase a ukulele blueprint or manual that comes with detailed instructions on how to build a ukulele from scratch. 


Not everyone is going to think of building a musical instrument if they prefer the easy route of purchasing it. However, you can get a sense of achievement only if you build one yourself. We are positive that this article will give you a good idea of different ways you can build a ukulele. This way, you can build one and show it off to your friends and family!


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