How to Customize Your Ukulele

Ukulele is a musical instrument that is popular among people because its tropical sound makes you feel like you are on a vacation in Hawaii. It can be seen used by people from different age groups. From fictional characters to motivational quotes always has the chance to touch upon your ukulele. Here are some ingenious ways you can try out to make your ukulele stand out more.

How to Customize Your Ukulele

1. Using colorful nylon strings

Instead of using the same old, same colored nylon ukulele strings, you can always replace them with multi colored ones which would immediately bring a more attractive look to your ukulele. You can always think a bit outside the box you know.

They can be really easy to find and they are usually available at the local musical stores as well. The price might be a lot of people’s concern but it’s going to be really hard to believe something this beautiful and colorful cost less than the same old dull one colored strings.

2. Fretboard stickers

Fretboard stickers are one of the cheapest ways to make your ukulele look funkier and more modernized. The fretboard of a ukulele is a really vital part of the instrument, if the placing of your fingers is a bit off, you won’t get the sound you were hoping for.

It can be a dust magnet as well, as dust can easily get trapped between the fretboards and make it really grimy. Fretboard stickers can also stop some dirt piling up on some parts on the fretboard.

3. Covering it with your favorite lyrics

A really modern customization you can do to your ukulele is by covering certain parts of it with your favorite lyrics of particular songs or hand drawn designs and patterns. This would specially look really nice if you do it on the side of the instrument.

You can also draw symbols that hold a significant value to you and portray your inner self as well. This can be a steal for your instrument because the price is very justifiable.

4. Hydro Printing/ hydro dipping your ukulele

If you are someone who wants to explore the multicolor horizon, hydro dipping is for you. Hydro printing or a hydro dipping is a really enthralling method of painting stuff. Might sound unusual to certain readers but with multiple risks of it scratching off, but it’s totally worth it after all you could never go wrong with those mesmerizing marble patterns. Ukuleles can be painted this way as well.

It’s not like the other coloring methods where you have to brush all the way through, this is a lot more fun and quicker.  

5. Spray painting

For those who want a little control over the color part, they can go for spray painting. Spray paints can be really handy in customizing your ukulele as it is very less time consuming and easy to get. Spray paints can be bought from the local super markets or stores.

They are usually really cheap but depends completely on where you are buying them from, you can test out your bargaining skills! What you can do is wrap tapes around your ukulele and spray paint the entire thing and be a bit classy or go completely berserk like Eddie van Halen.

6. Marker drawings

If you are in search of a more convenient way into making your ukulele vibrant yet swift, grabbing some markers from the top of your desk could be the way to go! With options for infinite colors and distinct tips, it’s a great way of fostering creativity!

And when it’s time to paint, this is really where your inner artist comes to play, you can go for something simple like for example a tree and flowers, or you can go for something more complex like the logo of your favorite band or a botanic design pattern.

7. DIY painted straps

Even though we would assume the ukulele itself to catch all the attention, an unique strap attached to it could be a show stopper for some. It has every reason to be traded for just a few bucks, one being its availability of different designs just with a few steps to your local guitar shop! Although creativity always finds its way through marker, acrylic, hydro, spray painting on a basic matte strap or even thick ribbons could make it distinct and effortless.

8. You light up the ukulele world like nobody else!

This is where crafty you come to play and how far out of the box you can go. You can buy a battery run light from the store which is inexpensive, but you can never count on the battery which comes with the pack so you might just have to spend a couple of bucks on a decent battery for it to work properly.

Then what you can do is take a double sided tape and attach it to the inner side of the ukulele and stick the light to it. This would be the epitome of ingenuousness and you might also get a couple of applauds from your friends for your concept.


Ukulele is a colorful instrument itself, its sound can light up anyone’s mood just by strumming on it for a couple of minutes unless you don’t know how to play, but it is a really easy instrument to learn in a couple of weeks. It is not as complex as learning piano chords or the violin.

Ukulele itself is not an expensive instrument, you just have to save up your pocket money for a couple of months and you probably are ready to go. With your own creative abilities, you can turn your ukulele into an instrument of your dreams. Now it’s your turn to light up the small wooden thing and give it a bit of life of its own.

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