How to Learn Ukulele in 30 Days: Beginner’s Guide

It does not take a lot of time to learn how to play the ukulele if you have the correct mindset towards learning something new. You are a beginner at this, so no one expects that you will perform in front of a bunch of unknown people or upload any videos on the internet.

Compared to other musical instruments, the uke is comparatively easy to learn and you can get used to it quickly. Here are some ways to learn to play the ukulele at your own pace. 

For Beginner level Ukulele players

For someone who is starting to learn to play the ukulele for the first time, they should make a list of how to get better at it. Playing it regularly is the first and foremost thing to do. It honestly depends on you, how much time you can give and your willingness to learn it. You can develop the correct type of technique by working on different exercises. Try playing your favorite songs and check whether you are good or bad at it.

Developing mechanical skills

Other than time, there are many other factors which determine one’s power to learn something new. Below are little things that help build technique:

1. Don’t make big or random movements. Try to understand which fingers are required for strumming and avoid randomly moving your fingers here and there.

2. Don’t lift your fingers too far or too close from the strings.

3. Try to understand at which position what kind of volume emerges. Then you can figure out where to strike for the perfect tune. Don’t use unnecessary force on the instrument.

4. Reassure that your muscles are not tensed and the fingers can move freely. Don’t make any random movements from the fingers that you are not using while strumming.

Chords vs. Notes

There are two methods of playing the uke, either by picking notes or by strumming chords. As they are all in the similar key, maximum songs can be strummed easily. Compared to strumming, picking notes is difficult to do, so that’s why beginners prefer to start playing by strumming the chords. You obviously have a list of songs that you want to play using the uke, so try finding the perfect chords. It shouldn’t be difficult to look for a chord chart. There are many books available where they teach you how to move between chords. All you need is to practice, practice and practice! 

Let’s Go Slow!

Try practicing with slow songs, the ones which you know the lyrics by heart. That is to make sure you don’t concentrate on the melody, but how the chord changes. If you try, I’ll bet you can be playing a song within a short time. You might feel like reading the chord chart, then fixing your finger movements, and then making chord changes is a lot for you, then just take it slow! If you practice the same song over and over again, your mind will easily adapt to the movements. Try to learn the A-minor and C-chord first, as they are the easiest.

Say ‘No’ to Boring Methods!

Try searching for a Guitar & Ukulele Club around your home. There are thousands of videos for beginner uke players on the internet. You can just search for your favorite songs with the chords. Download them on your device, so that you can watch them on your commute.

You may get overwhelmed after seeing videos of people playing effortlessly, but everyone was once a beginner. Always keep that in mind. Try to make a goal for your uke playing session so that the next time you play you’ll know how much longer you need to practice. This will help with faster development and keep you on track.

Try to carry it around with you

Other than work or your school/university, try to carry your uke with you at all times. Don’t hesitate to bring it when you hang out with your friends. Even these small practice sessions help a beginner player, to improve quickly. You will be stunned at your own progress! You can ask your close friends if you’re doing anything wrong, they might give you an advice or two. Instead of sticking to a particular piece, try to work on the technical exercise.

Some More Useful Tips & Tricks

Fix your posture when you hold the ukulele. Before starting to play, make a habit of tuning it. You can use the device metronome that will make a sound after certain time has passed. You know your favorite song lyrics, so try humming or singing them when playing. Don’t forget to give yourself a break and then try again.

Don’t Forget to take a break

If you are a beginner then try to take a break every ten minutes. If you are more of an experienced player at this, then play for 20-30 minutes before taking a break. This break doesn’t necessarily have to be a pause all the time.

Try to look around  the internet or ukulele online sessions if you think you’re doing it wrong. It’ll help to build a form and you will stay focused on your path. As soon as you know the correct method for playing, it will get easier for you to handle the uke.


Ukulele is the perfect option and also the easiest musical instrument to learn. It is much easier than any other instruments. You can start making new tunes or hum a song using the uke just in a matter of a few days. For beginners it’s the most convenient musical instrument out there.

There are tons of tutorials on YouTube regarding ukulele playing. There are all kinds of levels like beginner, intermediate and advanced. Wishing you best of luck! Happy strumming!!

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