How to Make a Ukulele Strap

When it comes to tackling a ukulele, the most common dilemma you will face is: to use a uke strap or not. Some uke owners, especially those with small ukuleles, are not big fans of such accessories. The more the size of the ukulele increases, the trickier it gets to hold a ukulele. So you might as well go for a ukulele. Or better learn how to make one? 

The feeling is real when you make something on your own – without much investment. It allows you to focus on strumming rather than holding the ukulele. You can now make a DIY uke strap at home!

So the big question is how to make a ukulele strap? We will break it down for you. At first, let us see the different options available when it comes to uke straps.

Different Types of Straps you can make

Regular Strap

This will require you to keep strap buttons in place to connect your strap to. You can find strap buttons at your ukulele and neck heel base. They can be sold at the market for a low price.

Single Strap Button

Attaching your straps to two strap buttons causes imbalance. One way to resist this is to use a trap that needs a single strap button.

What about the other end? It links with the ukulele nut via a lace or string. When left unsupported, it does not tilt and gives a nice balance. The benefit of making this beautiful single strap button is you do not have to drill extra holes in your uke. This saves your time, providing you a regular strap. 

HUG Strap

Some users try to remove the hassle of drilling any hole in their ukulele. The HUG strap is simple to make. It needs no strap buttons or other forms of attachments, being a hands-free strap. It only works with ukuleles with some form of waist – in other words, a curved body. 

Hook Strap

Next up on the list is the Hook strap. Without needing any strap buttons, the hook-styled straps immediately attach to your uke. It does not fit around your ukulele body; instead, it goes behind your uke and hooks inside the soundhole. Even though they grip your ukulele, you need to hold it to keep it stationary. 

Uke leash 

This does two things: handles your uke and supports your body. It is a hybrid strap, supporting only a part of your ukulele. You will attach one end just behind the ukulele nut and the other to your upper arm and neck. This is a very simple uke to make – with an excellent concept.

Moving on, let us see how you can make these by yourself sitting at home.

Make yourself a ukulele strap 

Rather than spending money buying a uke strap, how about making yourself one? People can finely morph their ribbons, dog leashes, or even shoelaces into perfect-looking ukulele straps.

We will see how to make shoulder straps. To skip the tricky part, we will focus on no drill straps to make it simpler for many of you to make. 


The easiest and first way to attach a strap to your uke is by binding a rope-like material to it without creating a hole. As for the material, if it is made of a durable piece, it can hold the weight of the ukulele easily. The most demanded options are shoelaces, cloth strips, and t-shirt yarns. The steps to make it are:

  • Cut an appropriate length of fabric.
  • Ensure that its height is twice that of your ukulele. 
  • Slip one part of the material beneath the strings in between tuners. 
  • Slip the other part above the soundhole. Fold it around the uke body and tightly form a knot to hold it in place. 
  • Give your strap a whirl to check whether you fit inside it comfortably.

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Braided Straps

If you want to take your strap strength to the next level, you can try the braided version of straps. You do not have to worry about the weight of your ukulele.

This version allows you to create a more sturdy strap so you feel more comfortable carrying your instrument. 

So how will you make a braided strap? The steps are just the same as above.  There is, however, a slight difference. Here, you have to use more materials, braiding them into a more robust strap. 

It will take only minutes to make. Though, this duration may vary with the materials used. For instance, braiding materials to create a paracord uke strap might require more skills as it is trickier. 

Hook Techniques

There are two existing hook techniques. They are great alternatives to drilling your ukuleles. All you need is a hook or two, and you are good to go.

Single Hook:

  • Mark the center of the ukulele body. This is to stick the hook on. 
  • Grab a medium-sized plastic hook.
  • Adhere the plastic hook on the marked area upside down (for right-handed users) and vice versa (for left-handed users). 
  • Form a loop on one end and hook this to the uke.
  • Tie the remaining end on the headstock right between tuners or before the uke nut.
  • Check whether you fit and make adjustments if necessary.

Dual Hook:

Most steps are similar, except that it uses 2 stick-on hooks.  After attaching one hook, you need to stick the other one at the other end of the ukulele body – above the support part of your neck. Then you form loops at both ends and hook them with your stick-on hooks. 

Try carrying the uke with your self-made straps adhered to the hooks. These should hold up just fine.

Final Thoughts

Having a perfect ukulele strap facilitates your playing, diverting your focus on handling the ukulele. Since the steps to make a ukulele strap are trouble-free, you should not hesitate to try them.

We assure you that despite some trial and error, you can perfectly craft that ukulele strap. To use a strap is the answer! 

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