How To Make Triplets In Musescore

Are you among the ones unaware of the existence of Musescore? Fret not. You are not alone. In this article, we will give a brief introduction to consolidate your understanding of Musescore.

For those of you know, you are probably here to learn how to make triplets in Musescore. Well, it's pretty simple. Just follow the exact same steps and – Voila! You will know what it takes to form triplets in Musescore. 

Here, you will gain some exposure to how to make the triplets and select a single beat. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the article!

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What is MuseScore? Does it have a separate website?

How To Make Triplets In Musescore

If you are someone who loves music, you must be aware of MuseScore. It is the leading open-source and free software to write music with some compelling features and a user-friendly interface. 

On Mac, Linux, and Windows, the software is free to install. The scores that you find on are calculated using the MuseScore software.

The official website of this software is, where you can download the app for free, look for the MuseScore handbook, donate to several projects, get assistance from many communities in the forums, and communicate with many developers (and get included in many open source development by yourself!). 

Special Note: For you to create your own score or edit those you come across online, a MuseScore notation software is mandatory. Anywho, for viewing, playing score, or printing on MuseScore, you do not need any special plugins or other software – all can be directly done in your browser. is a site where music is shared via social platforms. Anyone can create a free account to upload their music, share it with the world, or keep it as a private backup. In order to have better access to exclusive features of the site, a PRO account is there. Without this, you can still have a free account to gain access to basic features.

MuseScore apps for Android, Kindle, and iOS devices directly connect to your account and lets you look up for music, and transpose, play, and view separate parts from a score. 

What is a Triplet in Musical Terms?

In musical terms, a triplet is nothing but a three-note pattern that can fill the length of a particular two-note pattern. Every single note holds an equal rhythmic importance. Below are some common triplets: 

  • Quarter note triplet: Consisting of 3-quarter notes over the equal amount of time as a 2-quarter note or one single half note, it fills the duration nicely. In Britain, the quarter note triplets are also called crotchet triplets.
  • Eighth note triplet: An eighth note triplet can be considered to contain 3 eighth notes in the room, usually occupied by 1 single quarter note or 2 eighth notes. In Britain, these eight-note triplets are also called quaver triplets. 
  • Sixteenth note triplet: Over the timespan of 2 sixteenth notes or 1 single eighth note, a sixteenth note triplet consists of 3 sixteenth notes. They are known as semiquaver triplets in all of Britain. 

Even 1 triplet can insert complex rhythm into a somewhat musical phrase. To create a compound meter effect, one can make a repeating design, especially when the composer places the triplet rhythm in opposition toa steady eighth-note pulse or a quarter note.

How To Make Triplets

To make triplets, you can follow the instructions given below:

For input mode:

  1. Enter the Note Input mode
  • Click on the "N" icon (present on the extreme left of your Note Input toolbar).
  • Press the N key on your keyboard.

If you would like to exit this Note Input mode, employ one of the following options:

  • Click on N.
  • Press Esc on the top left of your computer keyboard.
  • Tap on the toolbar "N" button.
  1. Choose the note that your triplet is based upon. Direct to the rest/note (or blank measure), space where you would want your triplet to begin (use the left or right arrow keys as per requirements). 
  2. Choose a final duration for the entire triplet group. As far as the eighth note triplet is concerned, you click on that quarter note in the note input toolbar (or you can simply press 5 on your keyboard).
  3. Press a keyboard shortcut for your triplet – type in CTRL + 3 (For Mac, Cmd + 3). Or, you could just go to the menu, add tuplets, move on to select triplet. It creates a triplet bracket/numbers and finely divides the original rest/note. 

For the rest of the tuplets, follow the same steps. Just type the equivalent number (4 for Quadruplet, 5 for Quintuplet). 

    5. The program will automatically select the most suitable duration, permitting you to begin                   entering the wanted sequence of rests/notes. 

For Normal Mode:

  1. Choose a rest or note that identifies the complete duration of the wanted triplet group. For instance, take an eighth note triplet. You would require a quarter rest or note. 
  2. Press a keyboard shortcut for your triplet – type in CTRL + 3 (For Mac, Cmd + 3). Or, you could just go to the menu, add tuplets, move on to select triplet. It creates a triplet bracket/numbers and finely divides the original rest/note.
  3. The program shifts to note input mode automatically and select the most suited duration. Next, you enter the desired sequence of rests/notes.

Tempi Marking

Although there is no direct way to add a triplet in text for tempo marking, there is a simple makeshift. 

  • Include swing text and later make it invisible
  • Add a suitable image of the preferred tempo marking to your score
  • Move and resize the image as required.

Final Words

That calls for a wrap! We hope this article provides you with all you need to learn how to make triplets in Musescore.

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