Memorize Chords: Learn how easy you can remember chords

A ukulele is an amazing instrument to learn, it’s small and compact, which means you get to carry it around with ease and show off your skills whenever and wherever.

It can be really fun to just sing along while strumming your ukulele for hours on and losing track of time, but it can also be a really frustrating experience if you keep on hitting the wrong chords, even more so if you’re a beginner, you’re much easier to get frustrated at not getting the hang of it and seeing results instantly. 

It can seem like there’s heaps of things to learn starting from chords and notes to even strumming patterns, scales and transposition, but if this is your first time picking up a ukulele you’d want to kick things off slow. Take your time and move ahead at your own pace, get to know your instrument at a pace and in a way that benefits you. 

You have to keep in mind that it’s okay to admit you’re having trouble to memorize chords, someone doesn’t have total chord memorization overnight, it takes time, and will happen as you go on over the days with your ukulele.

But don’t worry, to help you out with memorizing chords, we are going to be sharing some techniques and you can try them out and see which ones best for you!


Repetition is key, it’s one of the most common ways to memorize chords, take your time and repeat a chord at least for 20 times and take a short break, the break is important to let your muscle memory and aural memory do their work, and repeat it 20 more times after your break. 

To Memorize the chords really depends on your senses, the first run, try not to just look at the chord as you’re holding it but focus on the sound and how it feels, so then the next run you won’t really have to look at the fretboard as much and you can place your fingers properly one by one, your fingers may already know where to go and already remember the shape of the chord too by now. And another benefit is that, if you’re playing a wrong note or are on the wrong fret your ears can easily tell you that you’re doing wrong.

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Playing Simple Songs

Another method that many people start off with is by playing songs  they’re already familiar with. Playing songs that you already know might just be a great place to start as it helps you to hear them better in with the other chords. 

Starting off with a beginner ukulele song is the best way to go. Something like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or “Riptide” may be a good place to start, as they have just around three or four chords. If you’re not familiar with them or don’t like them there’s nothing to worry about, there’s still hundreds of beginner ukulele songs out there to choose from.

Using this method of playing simple songs gives you the benefit of being able to play the song right away and also to learn your chords in a much more practical manner. You can also practice playing other songs that use the same chords, that way not only will you get more familiar with the chords but also learn to play more new songs right off the bat. Once you have that down you can broaden your repertoire by playing songs with different chords too!

Try to Visualize your Chords

If you have somewhat of a good photographic memory or you think you’re more of a visual learner then this method is the right one for you!

If you’re a beginner you probably have to look at your fretboard a lot to see if you’re getting your chord right, when you do try to visualize it in your head. Once you have a mental image set in your head of what the chord is shaped like your finger will soon follow. Creating a set of these mental images helps a lot, especially if you’re playing a song. Try to visualize the next chord after the one you just played and shape your finger quickly to that chord and hold it so you don’t have to blindly search for the next chord.

This method will let you have a much easier time playing in reality since you’d already have a series of mental images set in your head of what your chords are like and what the next one is.

Now here’s a warning

You might just feel the desire to sit down and learn every chord there is in the book and yes, there are books that list all the ukulele chords that you can possibly play but that’s really unnecessary. 

What you actually need are the chords you’ll actually be using, just those few are enough. You’ll come across the same handful chords when you play the ukulele and that’s all you’ll need. You do not need to memorize every chord you can possibly play on there.

Test Yourself

As a beginner it might be downright hard to memorize chords and there’s no shame in admitting that. Test yourself on what you’ve learned and what you know, use flashcards if that helps and play chords just by the name of them. You’re allowed to bash yourself a little if you get something wrong, it’ll help you remember better the next time and strengthen your memory.

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Final Words

The love for music is something we all share, no matter how old or young, the age doesn’t define music. It’s been there for centuries and we’ve loved it for centuries on as well. And there’s nothing more amazing than to be able to express your love for it. We hope this article helped you to get down some of the basics and play the ukulele to your heart’s content.

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