How to Play B Minor on Guitar

It is indeed true that the B MINOR chord is the chord that most people are most scared of during their learning process. Given that there are quite a lot of challenges in playing the B MINOR guitar chord, it is often regarded as one of the most difficult sides of guitar lessons. However, it is also true that it is quite a common chord and you are likely struggle with it during your initial days. So lets get started on how to play B minor on guitar.

How to Play B Minor on Guitar

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Get Started

However, to ease the process of learning to play B MINOR on Guitar, we have compiled this guide with all the ins and outs that you should be aware of on this subject. While all these are meant to smoothen the process for you, you must be aware of all the persistence and patience each of these techniques or versions will call for. You can also learn small step by step guide to play B minor

Let us get started with the million dollar question:

How to ensure that we are playing the B MINOR chord correctly in the guitar?

As mentioned already, the B MINOR chord is difficult. When it comes to playing the B minor chord, you will require a ‘barre’ to play the chord in the traditional form. What does this actually mean?

It simply means ‘barring’ the string you are using, meaning that you use your first fingers to push down a couple of strings by pressing on them.

It is not until you have reached the intermediate level that you can start playing this chord fast and with consistent accuracy. When starting of as a beginner, you are likely to go for easier options.

Playing the B MINOR chord as a beginner on the guitar

You can get your hands on the beginner version of the B minor. This version is as easy to play as the other chords that you learn to play as a beginner. Why is this version simpler?

Well, when you start looking up the ways to play the B minor chord on your guitar, you must have already tried and learnt some of the other chords like the D and the G.

How is B MINOR chord different?

When you try to play D or G chords, you make use of the three fingers. We will like to advise you to use these three fingers to play the beginner version B minor chord as well. This will train your muscle memory as well as give you the ease of using the B MINOR chord.

What steps to follow with the beginner version B MINOR chord?

Step 1: Take your index finger and place it in the starting string which is placed on the 2nd fret.

Step 2: Take your middle finger and place it in the string which is the second among the rest and positioned on the 3rd fret.

Step 3: At this stage, you have to repeat the same, but now with the ring finger with the corresponding string being the third string in the lot. 

Step 4: Play only the strings on which you have placed these three fingers.

You can now play the B minor chord with the song that you have chosen to pick up in your guitar. Do not think you are not learning to play a real chord which you play this version. This actually consists of all the 3 notes and hence, it is completely valid to start out with this chord

Is there another version of the B MINOR chord?

Indeed, besides the barred version, you also have the option to opt for another kind of version- the Four Finger Version. It will produce a somewhat fuller sound. If you start of with the beginner’s version, this will be the next step as you advance. You simply have to add a finger, and start playing using all the 4 fingers. 

It can be a challenge to use the pinky finger in the playing of the guitar if you are not used to it. However, we promise you that, with dedication and motivation, you will not need more than 5 to 10 minutes to get your hands on this version.

All you have to do is follow the same steps as the ones depicted in the beginner’s version, and simply add a note on the string that comes as the fourth in line, positioned right of the fourth fret.

This is the same place where you have already placed your third finger. However, this is where we mirror or rather flip the 3rd and the 4th fingers. 

You can use this version for quite some time. You might want to progress further and begin recording or playing the songs using this version.

Let’s dig into the Barre Version of the B MINOR chord

If you have already mastered the basics or feel ready to start taking up lessons on how to indeed come up with the barre, this is the right place to look at. 

Step 1: You have to take your index finger and move the fingertip to the fifth string, exactly behind the second fret. 

Step 2: Try to keep your knuckles flat from this point. You have now set up the barre.

Step 3: Take your index finger and place it in the starting string which is placed on the 2nd fret.

Step 4: Take your middle finger and place it in the string which is the second among the rest and positioned on the 3rd fret.

Step 5: At this stage, you have to repeat the same, but now with the ring finger with the corresponding string being the third string in the lot, positioned on the 4th fret. 

Step 6: Take your pinky or the last finger, and position it exactly underneath the third finger, on the third string, right behind the 4th fret.

You will realize that you will not fret the same way you were doing so in the beginner’s version. Instead, the index, at this version, will be engaged in fretting all the way across the top five strings. The rest of the fingers will continue in the same manner as they did in the other versions. 

Step 7: Try to play all the top 5 strings and this will mean you have finally made it to your first ever barre chord.

Chord Exercises

However, keep in mind that it is not really about being able to move your fingers properly around the chord. To actually master the B minor chord or any other chord in guitar, it takes a lot more than that.

You have to have the skill of moving from one chord to the other. This is where the need of chord exercises finds is essence. What do we mean by chord exercises? Well, it is simply the exercises which allow you to use the B minor in the form of the progression of a chord.

The overall easy approach

Let us take a look at the final summary of the best way to go forward with playing B minor on guitar. Try in the given order, and weigh the results yourselves. 

Step 1: Begin your journey by starting to play the beginner’s Bm guitar chord, or in order words, the 3 finger method

Step 2: Start to practice with the help of a chord exercise, and gradually move to using a song

Step 3: When you make it to the bar chord exercises, try to integrate it with the daily practice sessions to get a good grip on it. 

Step 4: Implement the 4 finger form of the B minor using the pinky finger

Step 5: Keep practicing the 4 finger version of B minor on your guitar using several kinds of chord exercises to train your muscle memory as well.

Step 6: Next, try to combine the bar with the 4 finger version – and hence move on to the barred form of the B minor.

Step 7: Keep practicing whilst making use of the bar exercises. You will soon be a master at playing the B minor on your guitar

Do not feel demotivated if it is taking long to master the art of playing the B MINOR cord on your guitar. It is supposed to take a while, during which you have to stick to practice, determination and dedication.

Practice makes everything perfect, sooner or later. Hence, do not cease your sessions if you are struggling with things like the barre.

Concluding Remarks

It is common and recommended, at those stages, to start with the beginner’s version, and to slowly move to the barre version. Get your hands well-trained before you can move to the advanced stage.

Go through our guide and choose what suits you and your style best. There is no rush. Help yourself to gradually develop the confidence and enjoy the adventure of walking towards mastering the art of play the B minor chord on your guitar.

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