How to Play Shallow on Guitar

One of the main reasons why individuals want or start learning to play the guitar is because they want to be able to play a particular song. Be it for bringing back memories of a loved one or to impress that person you fancy, wanting to play that particular song is always the starting point. Only later do they dive deep into the realms of the wide horizons of guitar playing. Are you trying to play a romantic song on guitar? Know more about it as we have covered it all in How to Play Shallow on Guitar!

How to Play Shallow on Guitar: A song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

If we are talking about trending love songs to impress people, then there is no song better than Shallow by Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper. With its soothing tone and beautiful lyrics, there is just something so romantic about this song. Even if you are not much of a romantic person, the guitar tones and chords of this song will surely make you fall in love with it. It is also a good song to learn on the guitar for everyone out there.

To learn playing the tune for this lovely song, you will need to follow so guidelines. We have it listed as follows:

Do Not Start By Seeing The Chords

A big mistake young guitarist make while learning a new song is they start by seeing the chords first. While this is nothing wrong, it is the timing that matters because there are a few things you would need to take care of beforehand. 

So, don’t look for chords and fall along. Instead start with listening and doing it your style.

Analyze The Song First

The first thing you would want to do is listening and analyzes the song. If you are a bit of an expert, then you will be able to catch the song or bits of it immediately. If not, then it will still make it easier for you to cope up with the chords later on. So make sure you are doing this. Now keep everything aside and follow this article on how to play shallow guitar and we would be teaching you in the easiest way possible.

Divide It Into Three Sections

There are going to be three sections in covering the song. For the first section, we will name the verse. If you hear the first part of the song you will realize that there is a lot of different tunes going on in the first part. 

However, it is nothing too complicated because it is mostly an E minor chord along with a D with the F sharp in the bass. Now there is no definitive on how you need to place your hands, but we would suggest you use your thumb like you are holding on to a D chord.

After that go along with the G chord and transition to an easy G accordingly. The way you play the E minors is absolutely up to you. Once you have grasped the initial part of the verse, you need to go to a regular C minor, G, GD to proceed further.

However, there is a trick here that you can use to make things easier. Whenever you approach the C minor part, add your pinky to the third fret B string. 

Now with the latter part, you are going to move your middle and ring finger into that G shape there while keeping that, so it is really going to be a G but you won't be making the high notes much audible as well.

Then once you come to the D you need to do a hammer pull off with the middle finger on the high E. Once you do all these in accordance, you will be hearing the beautiful tune coming out. Now, we did go into a lot of details and depth on how you need to play and stuff.

However, the following everything is not entirely necessary because you can always add your own twist to it and it also does not have to be precise all the time.

The Second Phase:

For this part, you will need to hold on from the A minor to the D continuing to a classic G down, then A minor chord to a D classic. And that is all you need to know for the middle part. Now, for the final buildup section, you will need to work on one bar chord and that is going to be B minor to D then A major. 

And there you have it, those are all the things you needed to know on how to play shallow guitar. Regardless, this does not mean you need to follow this fixed pattern of ours.

There are loads of different tutorials out there, which might be easier than ours. We would suggest you find the one that you find the easiest for you and then proceed with that.

Know The Meaning Behind The Songs You Play

When you are trying to play a particular song on your guitar, you need to indulge in it completely. Once you know the story and meaning behind the song, you will realize that you are playing it in a much better way. Shallow is one such song that has a very deep meaning and story behind it.

As we were talking about how you can play it on your guitar, we felt it was our responsibility to talk about the song a bit as well. When the duet song between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper came out, it just took the internet by storm.

Be it for Gaga's breathtaking composition or Cooper's looks the song got above 300+ million views so far and also stayed as the longest-leading number one on Billboard's Digital Song Sales chart ever.

Is it hard to play Shallow on guitar?

Like most other songs, Shallow also requires tuning the most essential chords. To play shallow, few chord shapes are necessary. Knowing the chord shapes and patterns here can really help you in playing shallow on guitar.

The shapes and pattern of chord changes quite often and almost throughout the song. As a result, you might get a little tensed. This comes as a challenge to many. 

However, if you practice and manage to tune this up, you are good to go. Don’t worry! Shallow is not the hardest song to cover on guitar.

Which chord to play Shallow on guitar?

There are multiple chords of a guitar. Now, as a beginner you might ask which one to play, and how to play on that chord. To answer that, first check out the chords used by beginners mostly. There are 7 of these chords used by newbies, know that these are most essentials too. 

Learn few majors and minor in combination with other chords. For playing Shallow on guitar, you should learn E major and E minor first. Then move on to learning  A major, A minor, D major, C major and G major.  

The song Shallow is set on G major. It has a moderate tempo with 96 beats per minute.

These chords will not just give you the guide to play Shallow on guitar but also play tons of other songs. Learn these today at the comfort of your zone and be a master of playing any song!

Shallow is an Emotion

Lady Gaga has had an evolution over time, with getting more relaxed and sober starting from her songs to outfits. When asked about the song, she said that the word shallow signifies a part of her relationship with Bradley Cooper where they both were able to find the connection to talk in an open dialogue with each other.

In addition to the beautiful lyrics, the timing and meaning of the song really put it out as one of the most emotional and meaningful songs out there. 

Final Thoughts

We have mentioned multiple ways in our article on how to play Shallow on guitar. The usage of these guidelines will help you simplify the learning process. Shallow require very simple strumming and most of the chords used to play Shallow are common in other songs too.

We hope you have learned how to play Shallow on guitar!

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