How to Play the Wind Cries Mary on Ukulele

Jimi Hendrix was known for his ability to perform sublime performances. Especially on electric guitars. He contributed much to the world of rock, R&B, and blues. He was influenced by blues, ballads, and jazz too. So you might wonder if you can ever reach the same level. You can with practice. If you’re looking for a quicker solution, you’re at the right place. You can pick up any of his famous songs on a ukulele. That’s just the beauty of the instrument. Ukuleles can simplify difficult chords into more approachable ones. In this article, you’ll learn how to play “The Wind Cries Mary” by Jimi Hendrix on the ukulele. Let’s learn a little more about the artist himself.

Jimi Hendrix: More Than Just a Rock Star

Jimi Hendrix is revered as one of the greatest guitarists, if not the best. His flair was unlike any other. It was easy to fall in love with his work with his innovative style and dramatic performances. You could say he was a revolutionist who transformed the world of music. 

Hendrix gained recognition for demolishing traditions. He was extremely inventive with his music and that enticed fans from all over the world. The controlled distortion he did birth an entirely different musical form. The man was a force to be reckoned with, both on and off stage.

He toured with similarly famous artists. He also trained under a few of the fiercest musicians of his time. He toured with similarly famous artists and learned from a few of the fiercest musicians of his time. Hendrix was a freethinker. It shows in his style of music and his songs. He used right-handed guitars despite being left-handed. He simply turned them around and played.

It’s easy to be enticed by his legacy. This is why we’re looking at one of his most famous songs. 

Jimi Hendrix’s The Wind Cries Mary

This song was written in 1967 for the ‘Are You Experienced?’ album. It was said to be inspired by his partner of that time. She was called Kathy Mary Etchingham. They argued about her cooking. Guess what they fought over? Mashed potatoes! 

Enraged, Kathy started throwing pans around until she left the house for her friends. After a few days, she came back to see Hendrix write this song for her. He didn’t show this song to anyone. His band was recording one day and they had 20 minutes left in the recording studio. They recorded this song in those few minutes. 

This song offers a unique experience. It starts with a distinct introduction followed by ascending chords. The middle notes are barer and the second inversion flips the entire thing around. It’s hard to identify the key unless you pay careful attention to it. The resulting performance is a musical masterpiece. 

Why Should You Play This in the Ukulele

Ukuleles are the perfect instruments to hone your musical skills. Especially if you want to pick up the bass or guitar later. They’re affordable, durable, and easy to work with. Most importantly, you can easily thrum a melody with ukuleles. Cradle them close to you and strum away. 

Ukuleles are excellent first instruments. You can’t mistake them for introductory ones. They will prime you for guitars but won’t help you master them. It may be a fretted string instrument, but it significantly differs from the guitar. Don’t confuse one for the other. 

This instrument has many health benefits too. You get improved hand-eye coordination. It’s also said to be an excellent form of stress relief. You’ll find yourself focusing more. Most importantly, you get the opportunity to socialize more. Ukuleles don’t differentiate! 

Even the most complex songs can be simplified for the ukulele. It doesn’t matter if it’s pop, rock, or jazz. You can even play metal with the ukulele. So why shouldn’t you? Imagine serenading ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ with your friends. That’s just the start. Here are some tutorials to help you kickstart the process. 

How to Play The Wind Cries Mary on Ukulele Tutorials 

This is a pretty complicated song, even for ukuleles. So it’s better to learn a few easier songs before picking this up. There are eight chords used here although others use fewer. These are the chords used: Eb, E, F, C, Bb, G, Ab, Db. Let’s check out two of the best tutorials! 

1. TenThumbs Production 

Tutorial Link: Check it out!

This channel has a whopping 293k followers! This classic song was a bonus lesson to highlight chordal fills. We’re glad to see it because they share tips to help this process seem easier. 

The lesson is broken into two parts. You learn about the chords in detail. You can even learn how to do chord progressions. This will help you fill up any empty spaces. They like to call it ‘Jimifying.’ We’re here for it! 

2. Brad Bordessa

Tutorial link: Check it out! 

This channel has around 10k followers but doesn’t let that number fool you. Borderssa keeps everything simple. Everything he does or says is done in a fun, easy-going manner. 

His lessons are easy to follow and he pinpoints the places you might struggle with. He talks about how you can use the F Pentatonic. In this video, you’ll know how to place your fingers on the fingerboard properly too. 

Final Thoughts 

Jimi Hendrix may have been a musical genius but the rest of us can’t claim to be the same. This is why you need to start easy. That’s why you should play The Wind Cries Mary on the ukulele. That is if you’re looking for a challenge. 

It’s harder than it seems. Not every song on the ukulele is easy. There are just as many complicated chords as guitars. So if you’re feeling brave, grab your ukulele and start playing. It’ll pay off! 

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