How to Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on Ukulele


A ukulele is a great instrument to express your love for music if you wanted to. It’s small, compact, light and easy to learn. With just 4 strings, G, C, E and A, you’re sure to get a good grasp of the ukulele in a short amount of time. By just learning three common chords like the C, F and G chords and practicing enough, you’ll have a ton of songs in your repertoire in no time at all! 

It is often recommended when learning the ukulele, or any musical instrument in general, to practice songs if you want to get more familiar with chords and more used to holding different chords, it doesn’t just help you remember the shape of the chord but also what the chord sounds like, which is a major help. 

But when you’re just starting off you would obviously want to start with something easy and slow to get used to playing, something not so hard on your hands. Something reminiscing, like childhood rhymes, they’re not a bad place to start!

How to Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, who doesn’t remember listening to that when they were a kid, it was sung by moms to put their children to sleep at night, learned at school, it really is a classic. 

Moreover, it is really easy to play on the ukulele, the difficulty of playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is generally considered to be on a novice level. It takes just three chords for this, three very easy to hold chords at that, and can be played with ease. It’s played at the C major key with G-C-E-A tuning done. The three chords you need for this song are, C, F and G7. 

C               F      C

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

F     C       G7       C

How I wonder what you are

C   F       C        G7

Up above the world so high

C      F        C      G7

Like a diamond in the sky

C               F      C

Twinkle Twinkle little star

F     C       G7       C

How I wonder what you are

Though there are some other variations to this song, sometimes even played at C key and includes more chords like A minor and G as well. You can check all of them out and see what works for you the best or which one you like the most.

This may seem like an easy song to play, well it is actually pretty easy but mastering this is going to let you master three common chords on the ukulele, and if you try out the different variations too then maybe even five.

Not only that but it benefits you in a few other ways too! You get more used to switching smoothly between chords, getting a consistent and timed strumming and best of all, you’ll get more used to playing and singing simultaneously!

Steps to follow

Now, to properly play the song you would want to follow a few steps, three to be exact, to make your way to master it a bit easier. Those three easy steps are:

  1. Start by learning the chords. Your first step would be to take a chord chart of the song or an arrangement of the song and go over the chords. Start off by practicing the chords and getting more used to them.
  1. Rhythm. To play the song you would most obviously need a strumming pattern. Your second step is learning the rhythm of the song by practicing the strumming pattern, make sure you put a lot of effort into this step or your song will sound choppy. Practice till you get used to it and can strum without a single thought.
  1. Chord Progression. The third and last step is for you to play the whole song without any vocals. You need to practice the chord progression with no singing so you can play it better without any hitches. You have to make sure that you’re moving between chords smoothly before you start adding vocals to your song.

Once you’re confident that you have carefully gone through these three steps and you are confident in your strumming, as well as moving between chords you can try humming the song while playing the chord progression, just sing the melody. 

It’s a hint that you need to go back to practice your strumming and your chords if the whole thing starts to fall apart when you’re starting to sing. It’s a sign that you might need to hold the singing bit off for a little while longer while focusing more on your ukulele. 

This time around, practice the chords and strumming pattern till your fingers know where exactly to go when you play, be it with the song or without it. This is the process of you building up your muscle memory so you don’t have to worry about everything coming apart when you sing again while playing the ukulele.

Remember that nothing comes overnight, it takes determination and practice to achieve something. You cannot expect yourself to master something in a matter of minutes, give yourself time and it will come to you.

Something that should always be kept in mind is that it is a really bad thing and a big mistake to rush yourself and the process. The process is there for a reason. Take your time, sit down, take things slow, go at your own pace and you’ll get there. That’s what makes a good and consistent ukulele player. 

Remember to always have fun and not feel pressured to do what you’re doing.

Final Words

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a childhood favourite, it’s a short and simple song to learn too. You can surely entertain the kids around your house, park or school with this. Hope this article helped you learn something new! Keep practicing and keep getting better!

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