How to Put On a Guitar Strap?

Guitar brings a fun side in everyone. It is the first choice for most aspiring instrument learners out there. It can bring out the creative juices out of you through the strings. But it gets difficult to hold a guitar for a long period at a stretch especially for the learners. They tend to put in more hours to hone their skills with the guitar. Carrying a heavy guitar can create you muscle pain in your hands and even your back.

Whether you are playing an acoustic, electric or classical guitar, it is equally just as strenuous. But it has a solution. You should not have to give up your health or comfort to play something for your peace of mind. That is when you need a guitar strap. However, guitars come in different variations and sizes. It can be quite confusing to decide which one is right for you and how to put on them on guitar. 

Keep reading this article till the end as we will be sharing some methods and step by step guideline on how to put on a guitar strap.

Check Your Guitar

Knowing what guitar you have plays an important role in what type of strap you can attach and how. So, what is it? Is it electric, acoustic or classical? It determines what kind of strap pin you have or not at all.

Your guitar can have one, two or no strap pin. Most guitars have two strap pins, one located on the body close to the neck and another on the bottom part of the guitar. The one strap pin guitars have it on the bottom of the body. So, it is better checking your guitar first so that you can buy a strap that goes well with your one.

Get a Strap That Goes With Your Guitar

If you have figured out the strap pins on you guitar, now is the time to make up your mind for what type of strap is good for you. There is no size fits all in guitar straps. You can require long, short or medium length of straps depending on how you want to wear your guitar and what is more comfortable for you. 

There is also the factor to see if the strap has the right number of holes and if they would fit onto the guitar’s strap pin. Also, the strap’s design and material matters as it affects the longevity. If you want durable material, leather will work fine for you. Look for these details when purchasing so that you don’t regret later.

Put On the Straps

This is the most important step and also the most difficult. Remember when we told you to check your guitar? Well, if you have the strap pins then everything is going to work out for you. 

Let’s assume you have the pins, then how do you put on the straps? The pins will look like metal studs. Your job here is to slip on the buttonholes of your strap over the pins. Also make sure to slip the strap holes over the pins so that it doesn’t hurt you or poke your skin. If you have a second pin, repeat the same method and attach the strap. 

Remember to adjust the straps according to which is your dominant hand. 

Now, what if you don’t have a strip pin? No, you don’t suffer in silence. We are going to exactly tell you what to do.

1. Install Strap Pins

Since you don’t have the strap pins, you can install new ones with a little bit of patience and carefulness. You don’t want to spoil your guitar’s build by drilling into the wrong area. So, first of all determine how many pins you need to install. Go to a hardware or music store and buy a strap pin kit. It should have the washer included, if not purchase separately. It ensures that the pin does not affect the polish or the wood of your guitar.

Now hold the guitar in your dominant hand and figure out the position that is most comfortable for you. Mark the area and start drilling the area. Remember to get a drill that will make a hole slightly smaller than the pins as it will strip out some of the wood. Now put on the washer and place the screw into the hole. Fasten the screws tights and you are done! 

2. Attaching Straps through Strap Lock

If you want to enhance the security of your strap pins and want something more stable, you need a strap lock. However you still need strap pins here. So first install them if you got no pins. Now if that’s cleared out, buy a strap lock from the hardware store. 

Before we proceed, you should check your guitar manufacturer’s guide and see if they have any instructions available on how to install them. Attach the locks on both the straps and the guitar. Now attach both of the parts together.

They come in quick release function which enables them the straps to be taken off whenever you want. There are strap locks made out of rubber which are cheaper and can do the same job. 

Adjust the Straps 

Now the crucial part of adjusting the straps, it is supposed to make the strap more comfortable. It depends on your height and your method of playing the guitar. So fasten the strap and don’t twist them. If you use right hand, place the strap on your left shoulder and stand up. Now make adjustments using the buckle and see if your arm can move comfortably.


A guitar strap can be your saving grace from arm and back pain. It will carry your burden and make your life a whole lot easier. Hopefully, you know what to do and how to do by now. Research a bit on the strap material and invest in a good one. 

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