How to Restring an Electric Guitar?

Your guitar or any other musical instrument is pretty similar to a machine and it needs to get serviced over time, depending on your use. While most of us may shy away from the expensive costs of taking it to the shop and get it all cleaned up, not doing so will surely hamper the growth life of your guitar. Guitar strings are meant to be damaged. Don’t worry! we got your back with our article - How to Restring an Electric Guitar?

So, if you want to preserve your guitar and ensure its longevity then regular maintenance is a must. In addition, the need to take care of an electric guitar is comparatively important due to its system.

Acoustic vs. Electric:

As we mentioned, how often you need to take your guitar for maintenance or do it yourself will depend on your use and in what manner you use it.

Regardless, as we are talking about how to restring an electric guitar, we would like to add that if you are using an electric guitar then make sure to always keep an eye if everything is working well or not so that you can identify the issue quickly and take care of it as soon as possible.

As acoustic guitars are very simply made, they do not need to be serviced often. However, the quality of the strings on them is questionable too. So, make sure you are aware of it. 

Increasing Costs and DIY:

Music is surely an expensive hobby, and playing the guitar is more so. Nonetheless, if you are well equipped with the right tools and knowledge then you can surely save a lot of money by taking care of your guitar at home and not take it to the store.

There are a number of different types of electric guitar maintenance kits that you can find online. Make sure to get one of those instead of buying tools separately.

Why Should I Re String My Electric Guitar:

Before you go on pulling and pushing all the strings out from your guitar, we believe it is crucial you are aware of why you are doing it as well. Remember, how we said that your guitar is very much similar to a machine?

The thing is, as time and usage take their toll, the strings will start to catch dirt. This dirt along with the sweat from your hands, dead skin, and excess skin oils will make the strings an absolute mess.

Not will the tune coming out from the strings be in complete disorder, but they will become very tough to play and the worst possible case is that they will break off.

 In a situation like this, the only possible solution is restringing it with a new string, and that is where this article on how to restring an electric guitar will come to help. Just follow the steps that we will be talking about and you will be and you will be able to re-string your guitar at home without any hassle.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Wire Clippers
  • String Winders
  • Choice Of Strings

Step-1: Take It Off

Start by carefully taking off the exiting strings from your guitar. Make sure to loosen the tension of the strings up nicely so that it comes off naturally and does not pop up. We would suggest using a string winder, as it makes the overall task simpler and less of an injury hazard.

Once you have unwound all of them from the pegs, if you still feel there is existing pressure on the strings then just clip them off using the string clippers. After this, there will be a few strings remaining at the other end. For this, you would need to flip the guitar over on its side.

Remove the backplate so that the bridge block is visible. As these tiny holes are where the strings are fed through, all you need to do is push them forward and pull them through

However, if you do not want to do that and want to keep your old strings as memorabilia then make sure to unwind the strings fully and then free the string from the other end by just bringing it through the hole in the bridge until it is all the way out.

Step-2: Clean It Up

As we mentioned earlier, it is very normal for your guitar and strings to get mingled with dust, broken nails, and skin oils. To maintain proper hygiene the next thing you would need to do is clean your guitar up with a wet wipe or a little cloth in general.

Make sure that there is no existing dust and or oil left in the guitar and also be careful to not spill any water on it. Keep in mind to clean the backside of the guitar as well.

Step-3: Wrapping It Up

Okay, now is the time for you to finally install the new strings. This final process will require a bit of process and concentration, so please bear with us. Flip the guitar over again, and insert your string through the tiny holes. Considering your electric guitar is a telecaster, this is what you would need to do. Repeat the process until all the strings have run through the block. 

Now comes the tricky part, and that is attaching the strings to the machine head. Start by binding the string to the bottom peg. Make sure to not wind it too much or else the possibility of it slipping will increase. Use the distance from one machine head to another as a form of calculation. 

To tie the string to your peg you will need to insert the string through the hole of the peg, pull it back to give some pressure. Then take your string winder and start winding so that the strings get winded inside and none of it come off.

You will need to wind all the pegs the same way so that it does not affect future tuning.

In case of A Classic and Vintage Style Machine Head:

Ok, so you are an old-school person who uses a classic electric guitar. Well, truth be told- maintaining these bad boys is surely a complex affair. However, it is not tough, as we will teach you.

Like the previous one, line up your string. Insert the string straight down the peg and wrap it around, apply some pressure and start winding. The difference here is that you would want the last wrap to be around the base of the peg to guarantee proper symmetry.

The Strings Matter:

That was pretty much all the steps you need to follow to know how to restring an electric guitar. Now that we have got that cleared out, there is also something that is equally important. And that is, choosing new strings and identifying which string will be right for you depending on your guitar and style of play.

 Be aware that we are strictly speaking of strings for electric guitars. The most common question is whether you should go for light gauge or heavy gauge strings. To make your decision, you would need to check the variations between them.

If you are a beginner, then lighter gauge strings will be the better option for you. Firstly, these are easy to play. Besides, these allow easier bending of notes and fretting. However, the problems lie within the durability, as they won't last much longer. They also make comparatively low noise. 

On the other hand, heavier gauge electric strings are difficult to play with as they require more finger pressure to tune the notes. But they also make a hell lot more noise and it will add weight to your guitar.

Do These To Make Your Strings Last Longer:

Buying new strings and restringing your guitar is obviously the best solution. However, restringing much too often might not be very convenient for everyone's wallet. As we can't really tell you to play slowly and cautiously, here are a few tips that you can follow to enhance the longevity of your guitar strings.

Keep your electric guitar clean:

This might come as the most obvious one, but stay clean and try to wipe your guitar after every jamming session. There is nothing to be ashamed of if your guitar gets dirty because of you. It is completely normal. 

Storage really matters:

There are high chances that you have spent quite a deal of your hard-earned money on your electric guitar. So why would you carry it naked or store it in a makeshift bag? It is your instrument and what defines you.

Hence, we would suggest getting a good high-quality hard case for your electric guitar. It might seem like too much and will also be difficult to carry. But know that it will keep your guitar safe, sound, and clean at all times. 


A guitar is the dearest thing to a guitarist. It can break ones heart to witness the strings falling off. But there’s always a way to fix it. We hope this article guided you to restring your electric guitar.

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