How to Tune a 6 string ukulele

Tuning ukuleles are very easy to do and so are the ones with 6 strings which are known as guitalele. They can be tuned at home, at a music store, using other instruments and by an experienced player who knows about the right notes. Ukuleles normally have four strings on them but what makes the guitalele stand out is that it has six strings just like a guitar. Therefore, it makes the guitalele stand out from the rest of them. Here is some information to tune and other stuff about 6 string ukulele.

How to tune a 6 string ukulele

Guitaleles can be tuned at home using apps which can be downloaded on the phone, by going to a music store and getting it done by a professional or using someone who knows the right notes of the instrument. It is normally tuned like a guitar which is ADGCEA. The upper 4 strings are tuned to GCEA which is just like a normal ukulele, however, the G string of the ukulele is tuned up a pitch which is simply two levels under the A string. 

How to tune using a tuner

Tuning a ukulele with a tuner is the easiest way of tuning ukuleles at home! First of all, the tuner needs to be placed on the headstock of the guitalele. After that the mode needs to be changed to the C mode. Each string on the guitalele needs to be tuned by turning the nut upwards and downwards according to the tuner. After doing so, the strings need to be stretched by pulling on them gently and pressing on them.

The best and the cheapest tuners

Some of the best ukulele tuners that can be found at stores are SNARK SN6X which is a clip on digital tuner and costs around $12, the SNARK ST-8 is a tight clip digital tuner and costs $14, KLIQ UBER TUNER costs around $23 dollars. There are also some tuners starting from $4 – $5 comes with BANGGOOD AROMA AT-101 portable tuners, TOPACC AROMA AT- 2017 and the BANGGOOD AROMA AT-200D tuner. They are found at all prices.

Where can tuners be found

Ukulele tuners can be found very easily. Well it is not like finding nemo! The guitaleles can be found in music stores like the Ukulele center Bangladesh. The store employees can guide people to the tuners and they can choose their desired tuners as per their instruments. Tuners can also be found on platforms like social media and websites like Instagram and Facebook. It can be simply ordered from pages and the tuners will be delivered to the buyers’ houses.

Tuning apps

Tuning apps can be downloaded on phones from the App store and Play store. It will remove the cost of having to buy tuning instruments as it can be downloaded free of cost. The names of some of the apps are-, Tune For ukulele tuner and records, guitar tuner, GuitarTuna: Guitar and Bass tuner. After downloading, the phone should be held close to the music hole, otherwise the reading might be wrong. So tuner apps can come in handy while playing the guitalele.

Difference between guitalele and ukulele

The guitalele, as its name suggests, is a custom made guitar ukulele. It is bigger in size than a normal ukulele but thinner and shorter than an acoustic guitar. Ukuleles normally have four strings on them and are smaller in size compared to guitaleles. However, guitaleles have six strings on them and are bigger and wider in size compared to normal standard ukuleles. The guitaleles can sound like both, a guitar and a ukulele if it is tuned right. The instrument holds more qualities of a guitar than ukuleles.

Are they similar to a guitar?

The 6 string ukuleles are tuned to GCCEAA and it has 6 strings just like an acoustic guitar. However, the guitar’s tuning is somewhat different as it starts with an A chord instead of an E. They might have the same bodily look but the sound and size difference can be easily noticed by human eyes. The sizes and quality of the strings might also differ as the size of the strings in guitars are usually thicker and made from nylon or steel.

Top 10 six string ukuleles

The top 10 six stringed ukuleles are- the Kanile’a GL6 Solid Koa 6 String Guitalele North Shore, Romero Creations Tiny Tenor 6 String Guilele Point Break, KoAloha Guitarlele Opio Solid Acacia KTO-G6 “Anthurium”, Caramel 6-String Ukulele, Romero Creations Baritone 6-String Ukulele, Kala KA-6, Kala KA-6E (with EQ), Ohana TK-70-6,  Lanikai – MA-6T,The Kala – KA-ATP6-CTG. The thing that all of them have in common is that all of them are made of wood and have a satin finish to them.

Can a guitalele be tuned without tuners?

When tuners are not available or tuning apps are not trusted, there are alternatives to them. Ukuleles can also be tuned by using keys of the keyboard as some of the keys and strings of the guitalele sound alike. Ukuleles can also be tuned by taking help from a professional or an experienced player who knows how to tune an ukulele without tuners. It can also be done by just listening but only experienced players can do it as they know when something sounds wrong. 


Tune a 6 string ukulele is not that difficult at all, it is not time-consuming at all as takes a couple of minutes to set up. If tuners are not available, there are alternatives to them too as apps can be downloaded from the app store for tuning. The guitaleles are unique instruments that hold the qualities of a normal ukulele and an acoustic guitar! It surely stands out. The instrument might be small in size but do not judge a book by its cover! None of these matters when you are rocking the guitalele and making good music.

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