How to Tune a Ukulele With a Tuner

The tuner is the easiest and the quickest way of tuning the ukulele manually. Some tuners might be made for particular instruments and they can only get to certain notes. For example- Handheld tuners, Clip on tuners, Pedal tuners, Polyphonic tuners, Polyphonic tuners, Rack tuners, Soundhole tuners, App tuners and virtual tuners. While tuning a ukulele, chromatic tuners are the best option because it can reach each and every note! This allows the ukulele players to examine the intonations and also adjust the atypical tunings.

How is a Ukulele Tuned?

First of all, after setting the tuner in the perfect position, the settings need to be chromatic. The tuner needs to be turned upwards while tuning the strings. The tuner needs to be turned till the right note for the string is reached. After it hits the right note, the strings and the finger boards need to be pressed down gently to stretch. After doing so, take the tuner off and put it in the bag so it does not get lost.

Is a Tuner necessary for Beginners?

While tuning a ukulele for beginners, a tuner is necessary. A tuner is the most crucial part of tuning for beginners as they cannot tune their ukuleles like professionals, who can tune ukuleles by just hearing the sound of it. If a tuner is not used, the ukulele might sound boxy or out of tune as the tuning might not be right. A normal tuner might cost anywhere around $4 – $5 making it affordable for the buyers.

What Hertz Should Be Used? 

440 Hz is the standard HERTZ a standard instrument is tuned on. However, in a number of instances, an orchestra might tune to A= 442 to 443 HERTZ when the player thinks the music is going to sound better that way. If the frequency is messed up even a bit, the ukulele might be out of tune and the sound might not be as pleasant as expected. After getting the perfect frequency, practice till you become a Rock star. 

Tuners on Phone?

Tuning apps can be downloaded on phones too from App store and Play store. This can cut the cost of buying tuners as it can be downloaded on the phone for free! Some examples are- Guitar tuner, Tunefor ukulele tuner and records, GuitarTuna: Guitar, Bass tuner, Chromatic guitar tuner, insTuner Free – Chromatic Tuner. After downloading, the phone needs to be kept close to the sound hole while tuning, otherwise the reading might not show correctly. So tuner apps can come in handy while learning to play ukulele.

The Best & Cheapest Ukulele Tuners

Some of the best ukulele tuners are SNARK SN6X which is a clip on digital tuner and costs around $12, the SNARK ST-8 which is a super tight clip on digital tuner and costs around $14, KLIQ UBER TUNER which costs around $23 dollars. There are also some tuners ranging from $4 – $5 which include BANGGOOD AROMA AT-101 portable tuners, TOPACC AROMA AT- 2017 and the BANGGOOD AROMA AT-200D tuner. Tuners can be found at all price ranges.

Where Can Tuners Be Found?

Ukulele tuners can be found very easily. Well, it is not like finding Nemo! It can be found in musical stores like Ukulele center Bangladesh. The store employees can guide people to the tuners and they can choose their desired tuners as per their instruments. Tuners can also be found on platforms like social media and websites like Instagram and Facebook. It can be simply ordered from pages and the tuners will be delivered to the buyer’s houses!

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Tuning Without Tuners 

When tuners are not available or they stop working, there are alternatives to them. Ukuleles can be tuned using keyboard keys as some of the keys of the keyboard and some of the strings of the ukulele sound the same. Ukuleles can also be tuned by taking help from a professional or an experienced player who knows how to tune a ukulele without tuners. It can also be done by just listening but only experienced players can do it as they know when something sounds wrong. 

Fixing an out of tune ukulele

Ukulele users keep on tuning and playing their ukuleles till the strings cannot take anymore and break. It can take up to 1-2 two weeks to settle in. To increase the firmness of the tuning, the strings need to be stretched by grabbing it in the middle and pulling it up four to five times. The process should be gentle and it is suggested not to pull the string much further than half an inch of the fretboard.

Do Tuners Go Bad? 

Everything gets worse with time doesn’t it? So does the ukulele tuners. Even the more expensive tuners will have its issues with time as its mechanical parts can wear out over time. When the battery of the ukulele tuner gets old, the reading on the tuner might show wrong information. The batteries can be changed easily but it is better to buy a new tuner. The more expensive ones might last longer than the cheaper ones but it will eventually wear out and stop working.


Tuning a ukulele with a tuner is not the hardest job in the world, it is not rocket science! Moreover, it can be chosen from a wide number of price ranges so it is affordable. If tuners are not available, go ahead and download the tuners app from the play store or the App store. Tuners can be very easy to find as it can be found online platforms or any local shops. It might be tricky to tune ukuleles at first, but after doing it a couple of times, it is easier. Nothing matters when you are having fun and making good music!

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