How to tune your ukulele without a tuner?

How to tune your ukulele without a tuner? Ukuleles can be seen in every household nowadays. Even people who hate to play musical instruments, in general, would want to have a ukulele because of how beautiful its sound is. Why not? You can cover all types of songs and of different genres as well. Most of the guys you know today probably picked up the instrument because they wanted to get their high school crush’s attention. But even before they give it a shot, they get demotivated because they don’t even know how to tune the little thing. Here are some ways you can try out to tune your ukuleles at home. 

There are apps for tuning ukuleles!

Don’t quit! If you did, pick your ukulele up. In this modern era, you can do anything with the device you roam around with the entire day, your phone. Just imagine how hard it would be for people who just started learning how to play the ukulele 30 years ago. But now in this modern-day, we can do anything with our phones. You can literally tune any of your instruments using tuning apps, now isn’t that great? Time changes everything!

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Attending guitar lessons

Now don’t be that guy who is too cool for school, but now a fool for not taking a stool in the lessons your parents paid for you to learn how to learn the instrument properly. Now after a few months they ask you to play it for them and you remember the one chord you learned from your friend. You strum it and guess what? It’s not even in tune. Guitar lessons teach you how to tune an ukulele and play it properly.

Tune it by ear

This is hands down the hardest way to tune an ukulele and usually people who have been playing the instrument for a while go for. So if you are a newbie or the guy who’s too cool for school, skip to the next one. You can test how good your muscle memory is in this one. We all know the sequence of the strings G, C, E, A. If you can get one string close enough to sound like it’s tuned, test out your muscle memory and tune the other ones!

Tune it by using a piano

This can also test one of your senses as well, your hearing ability. If you have a piano at home or a piano app on your phone, move the covers and sit in front of it because it’ll help. Some of The keys on the piano sound exactly like the ukulele strings. For example, the E key on the piano should sound like a tuned E string on the ukulele and A key should sound like the A string and so on. Tune it until they sound the same. 

Take help from someone

Try to remember which one of your friends or a family member boasted about them being good at ukulele in front of you, you can seek help from them, they might actually come in handy. Even players who have been playing for a little longer than you might know how to tune the instrument. How do they do it? They know what the strings sound like so they just tune up or down until it is in tune. 

Buy new strings

It’s such a great feeling when your parents buy you new clothes, it’s the same for the ukulele, change its strings! If you’ve been playing for a while and bought those cheap strings from amazon, they might be the reason why you are not being able to even tune your ukulele properly. Yes! Strings do matter. Good strings are not even that expensive, if you save up a few more bucks, you are good to go. Then tuning it is going to be easier for you.

Take help from YouTube

A lot of teenagers who just started to learn the instrument go for this method. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube where they can teach you how to play an ukulele, how to tune a ukulele and teach you your favorite songs on the instrument. For tuning it they will teach it to you step by step, it is not as easy as you attending guitar lessons but it works great anyways. They usually show you what a tuned string sounds like so tune up!

Don’t buy a cheap ukulele

It’s not always because your strings are stretching out and because of that it won’t stay in tune. It might be because your instrument is cheap. Cheaper instrument means cheaper parts as well. Like tuning legs, strings, fretboards and the weight balance. It’s going to be a bad experience for you. And keeping it in tune? It’s going to be a nightmare! You would probably end up duct taping the tuning pegs so that they don’t move and go out of tune.

Use your own ukulele

First memorize this sequence 5,4,2. Assuming one of your strings is in tune, for example your A string, what you have to do is play the 5th fret on the E string because a tuner A string should sound the same as the 5th fret on the E. and to tune the C string, out your finger on the 4th fret and keep turning the job until it sounds like the E. And for the G string, fret 2 and play it, and for reference take A string. Tune up!

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Ukuleles can be our best friend at times. It’s like   that high school fling you had, you see each other, you only talk and hangout but very rarely. Give it some love, it deserves it. At least keep it in tune or take care of it so it doesn’t wear out in time. Keeping it in tune isn’t really that hard, give it a go!

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