Ibanez UEW14E Ukulele Review

It is often seen among the passionate ukulele player looking for acoustic-electric ukuleles once they master the basic acoustic ones. It can, however, be a hassle to search for the perfect ukulele with a bigger size since a lot of people find it difficult to move along the fretboard in soprano or concert sized ukuleles. If you are looking for a tenor acoustic-electric ukulele but can’t seem to find one with great features, the Ibanez uew14e tenor ukulele might be the right fit for your hands. 

Today, we bring to you a review on the Ibanez uew14e ukulele, which has great features and specifications similar to the Ibanez uew15e concert ukulele. If you loved the uew15e ukulele but in search of a tenor size, give this article a read. 

About the brand:

Generally known for its high-quality guitars, Ibanez introduces their line of top-notch ukuleles making your passion come to life. With the addition of uew14e ukulele in the line, they introduced tenor sized models for acoustic-electric players. If you loved their guitars, Ibanez would not disappoint you with their various collections of ukuleles. 

Aside from having ravishing looks on the outside, Ibanez is reputed for producing all-round easy to play instruments that are incredibly playable. The components these ukuleles are made up of have fabulous sound quality and durability. With the wide range of ukuleles in the line, Ibanez can certainly fit your bill regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner, an advanced intermediate level player, or a seasoned professional. 

The Ibanez UEW14E ukulele:

The tenor size UEWT14E ukulele has a cutaway EW style body, the signature shape of the Ibanez line. Since it is a tenor ukulele, it allows players to easily move their fingers along the frets than the soprano and concert sizes. This acoustic electric ukulele is entirely molded from a slab of Ovangkol wood from western Africa, which is renowned because f its gorgeous tone, similar to rosewood. With a rosewood fretboard, bridge and a maple rosette, this tenor ukulele produces a magnificent warm, balanced and lively tone. It comes along with open gears made from Grover which makes the tones extremely stable. Its natural open pore finish permits the body to resound all the more uninhibitedly, for improved tone and projection.

The Body of the UEWT14E ukulele:

The construction of the UEW15E uses Ibanez’s distinctive EW body structure, entirely with the natural single cutaway. This component, to be sure, makes it look absolutely like the small form of an EW acoustic ukulele. The body of this beautiful tenor ukulele is produced using mesmerizing Ovangkol wood from Western Africa on the top, back, and sides. The body cutaway of this extremely playable acoustic electric ukulele provides you with easy access to the frets on the top. 

The grain is exceptionally attractive and, alongside some attractive arrangements which include an open-pore finish, and maple dot inlays contrasting perfectly with its ivory body binding. This UEWT14E tenor ukulele from Ibanez will give you the taste of a premium quality instrument that would last for a long time. 

The Neck:

The neck of the Ibanez UEWT14E tenor ukulele is made up from okume wood. It consists of a well-built rosewood fretboard and a purpleheart fingerboard as well as a rosewood bridge. The neck is shaped like a C, makes it exceptionally playable. 

Sound Quality:

Since the Ibanez UEW14E ukulele is constructed entirely from a slab of ovangkol on its top, sides, and back, it produces an extremely resonant tone that has full midrange. If you are looking for a tenor sized ukulele, you most definitely wish for a significantly warmer and more profound tone on your ukulele. The Ibanez UEW14E ukulele will satisfy you vastly with its harmonically rich and deep tones. It produces a complex tone which sounds great while tracking. It has a super-rich and warm acoustic tone with a pretty good projection. 

The Hardware:

The UEW14E ukulele from the brand includes several designed hardware by Ibanez, which includes an Ibanez UK300-T preamp and an under-saddle pickup. These help the instrument to produce amplified tones, accompanying an amplifier. On top of that, the preamp offers an inherent tuner as well as controls for treble and the bass. 

When you plug it in through the ¼ inches or 6.35mm output jack, this fine ukulele from Ibanez sounds balanced and eloquent along with the two-band EQ which offers great adaptability. 

Its chrome open-geared tuners are produced by Grover along with black tuning keys, which keep your tuning decently steady. It produces quite a warm experience when you play the ukulele. You can throw in a set of Aquila NYLBLACK strings, a compensated saddle, and a rosewood bridge, this ukulele is certain to sound mesmerizing.

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Key features at a glance:

  • Cutaway EW shaped ukulele constructed with ovangkol on the top, back and sides
  • Rosewood bridge and fretboard on Okume neck, with 19 frets
  • Grover Open Gear tuners
  • Ibanez Underside pickup
  • UK-300T preamp with onboard tuner
  • Round and lively sound quality


With all the staggering highlights that the Ibanez UEW15E ukulele accompanies, the price range is set a smidgen on the higher end by the brand. 

The Ibanez UEW15E ukulele costs around $229.99. This tenor acoustic-electric is without a doubt deserving of the generally more exorbitant cost tag.

Ibanez UEW14E Ukulele Review

If you want to check the product on Amazon:


The Ibanez UEW15E show ukulele is all around acknowledged and exceptionally valued by the ukulele players. The high appraisals of the acoustic-electric instrument represent themselves. 

This ukulele is evaluated 4.6 out of 5 around the world on Amazon because of its brilliant outlook and bright and full sound quality.

Final Words:

So that was quite everything about the Ibanez UEW14E tenor ukulele. We hope you enjoyed our review and got all your queries answered. Do check out the other ukulele review we posted. Happy strumming!

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