Ibanez UEWT5 Tenor Ukulele Review

Even though the fame of ukulele was once considered diminished, the magical four-string instrument had a massive bounce back regaining huge popularity in the modern days. While equipped for creating wonderful, refined music, the ukulele is additionally a truly open, charming instrument for the entire family. There is hardly any passionate ukulele player who would not want to master this instrument. 

If you are among the passionate crowd, who is in search of a good quality ukulele, you have arrived at the right place. Today, we bring to you a detailed review of the Ibanez UEWT5 Tenor Ukulele to help you find the right fit for you. 

Mahogany is one of the most popular and well-accepted woods for the construction of a good ukulele. If you are an admirer of mahogany as well, keep reading the article to see a review one of the highest rated mahogany tenor ukuleles in the market. 

About the brand:

Generally known for its high-quality guitars, Ibanez introduces their line of top-notch ukuleles making your passion come to life. If you loved their guitars, Ibanez would not disappoint you with their various collections of ukuleles. 

Along with having marvelous looks on the outside, Ibanez is well reputed for manufacturing all-round easy to play instruments that are incredibly playable. The components these ukuleles are made up of have fabulous sound quality and durability. With the wide range of ukuleles in the line, Ibanez can certainly fit your bill regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner, an advanced intermediate level player, or a seasoned professional. 

About the product- Ibanez UEWT5 Tenor Ukulele:

Since the tenor sized ukuleles allow more space between the frets, the UEWT5 tenor ukulele, likewise has adequate space on the fretboard than the soprano and concert size ukuleles. With its cutaway EW style body the UEWT5 tenor ukulele offers easy access to the frets on the higher ends of the ukulele. It is, in fact, the only acoustic tenor ukulele in the Ibanez line. 

Constructed exclusively from the beautiful mahogany on the top, back and sides, this tenor ukulele is a charmer with a natural open pore finish. The sound of the instrument gets enhanced when the vibration of the strings get optimized due to its finish. On top of that, the UEWT5 additionally incorporates a rosewood fretboard, a delightful abalone rosette, and open gear tuners made by Grover. The case of the Ibanez UEWT5 tenor ukulele, however, is sold discretely. 

The shape of the instrument adorned by the material of the body makes this ukulele very resonant, creating full round tones. 

The Body:

The Ibanez UEWT5 tenor ukulele carries the original EW shape of the Ibanze line with an elegant natural cutaway. This phenomenal tenor model from the Ibanez line is built with a slab of blazed mahogany on the top, back, and sides. The grain gives an especially pleasant look and, along with a number of charming arrangements which incorporate an open-pore finish, purpleheart bridge, abalone rosette and a rosette fretboard. With a mahogany body, the Ibanez UEWT5 tenor ukulele produces an enhanced treble response. With these features, you are sure to your dream come true.  The durable build of this ukulele will undoubtedly accompany you in the long run.

The Neck:

The shape of the Ibanez UEWT5 tenor ukulele makes it exceedingly playable, with an adequately spacious fretboard. You can move along between the frets with ease on this tenor sized ukulele. The neck is produced using okoume and in three pieces with very much concealed joints at the heel and headstock. The okoume neck is accompanied by a purpleheart bridge and rosewood fretboard. Its fingerboard is made from purpleheart as well, which is acoompanied with beautiful maple dot inlay which perfectly enhances the significance of the ukulele.  The rosewood fretboard of this nylon stringed ukulele sports 19 frets. 

The building materials of the neck and the fretboard compliment each other flawlessly to give the instrument a splendid sound. 

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Sound Quality:

Good sound quality is first and foremost criteria for anyone looking for a ukulele. Since the Ibanez UEWT5 ukulele is built totally from a section of mahogany on its top, sides, and back, it creates an amazingly resounding tone that has a full, round and warm tone. This tenor sized ukulele produces a very rich and deep tone which is amazing for tracking. The extremely comfortable shape of its body makes the frets on the upper end more accessible and easy to play. The cutaway of the Ibanez UEWT5 tenor ukulele produces a well-rounded, deep and complex tone. 

The Hardware:

It has unbranded open gears which comes along with relatively larger chrome buttons and compensated under-saddle. Apart from that, you will find “Nylblack” strings, from Aquila Black exclusively for the Ibanez line. 

Key features at a glance:

  • Original EW tenor style cutaway on the body shape
  • Built entirely from mahogany
  • Fretboard is made of rosewood, as well as the abalone
  • The bridge and the finerboard is made of purpleheart wood
  • Four strings made of nylon
  • It has a sweet and round tone


  • The structure is well- built
  • Produces a well-round tone
  • It has a comfortable shape
  • The top is thin and resonant 
  • Radius fretboard
  • This instrument has an impressive volume
  • Comes with a reasonably affordable price tag


  • The edges are really sharp and angular
  • The dressing of the fret is somewhat woeful
  • The tone can get a little thin and brittle at times

Price and Rating:

This amazing ukulele comes at a reasonable price. The cost f the Ibanez UEWT5 tenor ukulele is around $119.99 with a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Amazon.

Ibanez UEWT5 Tenor Ukulele

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Final Words:

The tenor is often preferred by the ukulele players for its larger size, more spacious fretboard, and deeper tones. If you wish to get yourself one, we hope our review on the Ibanez UEWT5 tenor ukulele was helpful for your purchase.

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