KALA KA-15C Ukulele Review

There are plenty of reasons for you to purchase a new musical instrument. Try playing the ukulele if you are looking for an instrument that is simple to learn and will not frustrate you after a few days. It resembles other stringed instruments in appearance, but it is not at all difficult to play.

Why Ukuleles are Good

  • Easier to Learn

A ukulele has just four strings which make memorizing chord shapes and scales much simpler. The ukulele is a relatively inexpensive instrument. Even, the most costly ukuleles are affordable. Since it can adapt to almost any style of music, the ukulele is often used in band performances. Do not worry if you think your favorite songs will not work on the ukulele. On that small instrument, even songs with complex chords can be quickly pared down or simplified.

  • Easier to Carry

A ukulele is the perfect travel companion. It can be taken almost anywhere. Place it in the trunk of your vehicle and bring it to the beach with you. Take it with you on a plane, when you are on vacation. Another reason for you to get a ukulele is if you are looking for something new and different from other instruments. The ukulele has a fresh, fascinating, and distinct style of sound that anyone and everyone will enjoy.

If you have been convinced into purchasing a ukulele, there are many amazing options to choose from. We shall look into one such today. That’s right, in this article we shall be looking into the Kala KA-15C Concert ukulele. 

This KA-15C is a concert ukulele from the brand Kala. Kala Ukuleles are a relatively new ukulele brand that has made quite an impression. They are an excellent option for those looking for a well-made, high-quality ukulele at a reasonable price. The brand Kala is especially good for people who want to get serious about playing the ukulele but do not want to spend a lot of money. The Kala KA-15C is one of the most popular ukuleles that they offer. It is a concert ukulele, which due to the higher number of frets and the longer scale, sounds a bit louder than a soprano.


The Kala KA-15C sounds promising, and not at all cheap. The concert size is ideal for beginners who are at an early stage of learning. A few users mentioned that the new strings do indeed stretch, and you will be tuning in every few minutes for the first few weeks.

After that, you should be able to play for about 15 minutes before you need to change the tuning. So do not assume your instrument is broken; the strings in the Kala KA-15C simply need to relax after a few weeks. The Kala KA-15C has excellent intonation and stays in tune well across the instrument’s length. The machine heads are fantastic, and so it is safe to say that the Kala KA-15C is overall a huge improvement over the Makala models.

Design and Quality

The Kala KA-15C is a concert-sized entry-level ukulele which is a welcome addition to the classic KA-15 Series. With additional frets and a longer neck for optimum playability, the Kala KA-15C maintains the full-bodied sound of the KA-15S.

The concert version increases the total volume and ‘punch’ of the sound. The warmth and rich mid-tones of mahogany that are characteristic of the tonewood are found all around the ukulele. 

In terms of appearance, the Kala KA-15C is plain yet stylish. The only decoration is a laser engraved ‘Sun’ graphic around the soundhole, which has been stripped down and tastefully polished. The Kala logo is adorned on the headstock. This simple-looking starter instrument is a welcome addition to the Kala lineup.

Your instrument will remain in tune thanks to chrome die-cast open back tuners with white Pearloid buttons. Kala has created a very inexpensive entry-level ukulele. It is a fantastic-sounding little ukulele that’s a step up from the Makala line.

Product Features:

  • The concert ukulele is both affordable and well-made
  • The all-mahogany body has a rich tone and ages gracefully.
  • The gorgeous walnut fingerboard is incredibly sensitive and playable right away.
  • The mahogany is enhanced by a satin finish, which also protects the body.
  • Tuners for open gear keep you in tune.

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  • The product provides excellent performance
  • The style and make are stunning.
  • Good reverberation of the instrument.


  • The strings are a bit stretchy
  • Require frequent tuning

Final Verdict

Ukuleles are the focus of Kala’s work. In reality, they just make ukuleles, and they do so exceptionally well. Since the mid-1990s, there has been a significant revival of interest in ukuleles, thanks in large part to Kala. They have over 120 different models that they build and produce from a range of woods.

The Kala KA-15 Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele is an excellent value if you are looking to get a good ukulele but on a tight budget. This high-quality ukulele features excellent solid craftsmanship, flawless uke sound, and tonewoods, all from a business that has been committed to ukes and ukes alone for decades. This uke is made for sound, with a body made of mahogany wood and fingerboard made of walnut. The KA-15 Satin Mahogany is a favorite among Sweetwater ukulele players because of its affordability, craftsmanship, and great sound.

Bottom Line

The Kala KA-15C Mahogany ukulele has a pleasant tone, is easy to play, and has a good volume. It does have minor tuning problems, but sadly, several other instruments in this price range do as well. The more you play, the less of a problem you will have. 

Overall, the KA-15C by Kala would be the perfect ukulele to learn on, as well as a great gift or solid backup ukulele for someone who already has one.

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