Kala KA 15S Ukulele Review 2021

Kala is undoubtedly a popular brand in the music industry. They produce the finest products with the utmost care and provide excellent service. Keeping that in mind, we’re here to review one of Kala’s most famous uke, the Kala KA 15S. 

The guitar is well constructed. It’s best suitable for the beginner players. Beginners will enjoy the sound quality, durability, composition, outlook, etc. in a very affordable price.

We’ll not lie, along with numerous facilities, this guitar also has some negative aspects. We think it’s fair for you to know all the details about a guitar before purchasing it. So, let’s walk you through a comprehensive fair review of the Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele.

Kala KA 15S Review

Construction Quality

As a reputed brand, Kala is absolutely authentic in building ukuleles. The Kala KA 15S is well constructed ukulele in this price range. You’ll find the hardware of excellent quality that guarantees you of longevity for a much longer period. 

We won’t say this uke is flawless. You have to keep in mind that the limited budget it requires price, the expectation must also be realistic. Some manufacturing defaults like rough edges, glue squeeze-out, or imperfect finish can happen sometimes. You will need to adjust with it for the time being. 

However, most of the time, the guitar performs absolutely well. We’ll discuss the tuning and sound features in the later sections. 

Body and Neck

This ukulele has a simple yet premium look. Though there’s almost nothing in the design but it is still the most sought guitar among players. The ukulele is a soprano uke which means the body length is around 21”. In this height, smaller hands can also perform well through this guitar.

The mahogany body is covered in lovely deep brown coating, finishing in a natural satin non-cutaway body.  The neck is also mahogany constructed, featuring 12 silver nickel frets on a rosewood fretboard. 

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NuBone Nut and Saddle

A GraphTech NuBone saddle is set on the bridge matched with the same nut material. This synthetic material is compact in nature. It is ideal for stringed instruments.


In low-priced ukuleles, frets are usually not that good of quality. But in KA-15S the frets are absolutely nicely done that have a good balance. Though these frets are brass made, they won’t be damaged for a good amount of time. Of course, as an entry-level uke, this feature is commendable.

As you can see Kala doesn’t use cheap materials. The bridge comes in either rosewood or walnut material. So, the high-end materials provide extra gear to the playability of this guitar. 


With moderate tightness and accuracy, the tuners of this ukulele are basic open-gear type. They have metal washers around the tuners that isn’t usually seen in low-budget guitars. Usually, we see plastic washers around tuners on ukuleles at this price. If you have this Kala KA 15S, then you’re lucky to get the premium quality!


Strings basically determines tuning of the ukulele. They are designed in a very soft manner that stretches adequately only for ukuleles. The KA 15S has strings from the Aquila Nylgut brand. Worth mentioning, they are one of the best brands in the musical instrument industry.

These strings provide the exact melodious sound you wish for. They have a warm soft tone, making the ukulele dearer to you. They even last longer than most other strings available in the market. 

Design Finish

The Kala KA 15S has a nice matte finish along with an exclusive design. The simplicity makes it look fabulous and demanding. As the ukulele is topped with light matte coating, it resonates without any obstacle. It helps the uke to sound clearer and smoother.

You’ll also notice a laser-engraved rosette design around the sound hole. It’s a yet another elegant touch of the brand, providing a limited budget uke a premium finish. 

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality of the Kala KA 15S, we have somewhat a contradictory opinion about it. Well, we’ll say it’s not the best in the market but if you ask about the quality for this budget, then definitely it’s amazing.

Light matte finish on the Mahogany body makes the tuning easier. The sound can flow freely from the strings and create a sweet warm tone. Soprano ukuleles usually create a different tone than the larger ukes. KA 15S also produces the same. 

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Pros and Cons

No guitar is 100% perfect. You can always upgrade and update ukes and make them better. Kala KA 15S is also not an exception. Sure, it comes with a wide range of comfort while playing. However, there are some areas that this series need to improve. Let’s look at the pros and cons at a glance to know the ultimate picture of this ukulele.


  • Amazing body construction
  • Premium outlook
  • Impressive hardware capabilities
  • Extremely affordable


  • Takes time to setup
  • The sound quality needs improvement
  • Poor performance for advanced learners

Final Thoughts

Apart from the few negative reviews, Kala KA 15S can be called a successful product of the reputed brand Kala. The way they have pulled off such a praiseworthy quality in a limited budget is really commendable.

For entry-level ukuleles, we think Kala KA 15S is a good choice. Beginners will definitely have a great investment on this uke. You can make this guitar your practice pal to improve your guitar playing skills. However, advanced learners will need the improved version of this guitar. 

We hope this review was useful for you. We tried to be fair in our opinion so that you can make the right purchase. If you feel that this KA 15S has met all your requirements, then buy this uke right away!  

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