Kasch Ukulele Review

Have you ever felt like purchasing an ukulele just for having fun around family? Picnics or hangouts whatever you say, there might be certain time when you wanted a soft light uke, just to enjoy with the people you love. 

Gladly, we will review such an ukulele today from Kasch. It’s the Kasch MUH-505 Concert ukulele that we will discuss here on the next section. This uke is made of top-notch quality materials yet costs below 50 dollars. How cool is that! 

Keeping aside the price, we’ll discuss each specific of the uke in detail. At the end, we will summarize the whole review in pros and cons so that you can see the bigger picture. 

So, let’s hop on to our Kasch Ukulele Review. Shall we?  

Kasch MUH-505 Concert ukulele Review

Table of Contents

  1. Body Neck
  2. Hardware
  3. Tuners
  4. Strings
  5. Design Finish and Playability
  6. Sound Quality
  7. Pros and Cons

Body and Neck

This Kasch ukulele comes in a beautifully constructed Sapele body. It’s made of wood both on the front and back side. A nice rosewood color on the body gifts the uke a sleek look. You might face trouble with your hand size while choosing an ukulele. Don’t worry this Kasch MUH-505 comes in two different sizes – the 23 inches uke and another in 26 inches. The 23 inches is basically for people who have smaller hands. You guessed it right. It’s a concert ukulele. On the other hand, the 26 inches uke is a tenor ukulele, perfect for larger sized hands. Whatever the size is, you’ll find the same quality and finish. Kasch doesn’t compromise with that!

Let’s come to the neck now. You’ll find the neck comprised of the same material as the body. The Sapele neck is neatly constructed with smooth edges. It offers great comfort to the hands. We are glad that it provides such playability easiness. It also ensures durability. You can jam in with this uke whenever and wherever you want!


This Kasch ukulele is one of our favorite ukes because of the unique hardware it has. The fingerboard is entirely made of rosewood. You can be much assured about its sustainability. However, the nut is made from plastic. The bridge is also similarly constructed with rosewood material. 

Each concert MUH-505 contains 17 frets. It’s much better than the average ukuleles for providing values with each feature. We think it’s really great to own one for random jamming sessions.


Till now we have discussed the basic outlook of the ukulele. Now, we will describe features that relates to producing tunes directly. 

First of all, let’s start with tuners. In this concert ukulele, Kasch used metal materials for the tuning peg. They help in balancing the tone well with the vocals. We personally like the construction. It is much easier to maneuver than other ukulele tuners. 


The uke comes with four strings attached to the fretboard across the bridge. These strings are made from Nylon. You can feel the softness on your finger tips each time you play the ukulele. We think it’s great for kids who are at the learning stage right now. The soft Nylon strings will protect the little fingers from getting hurt.

Apart from comforting grip, these strings produce clear mellow sound. The sound is loud and rich in tone. You’ll definitely love it!

Design Finish and Playability

You can be 100% ensures about the quality of this product. We are fond of this uke basically for its simple outlook and a durable design. Well, wooden tools come with rough edges sometimes. We ought to adapt with it most of the time. However, this ukulele is an exception. It has no rough edges. The body and neck have a smooth design finish. You can be ensured by the shiny surface you will encounter.

Speaking of playability, we have already mentioned how manufacturers designed this ukulele maintaining the right proportions. The design provides comfort to the players of any age. You just have to check if you bought the right sized ukulele. 

Sound Quality

High quality metal tuners and soft Nylon strings are the hero if we rank this ukulele based on sound quality. These features produce the clearest sound such an affordable price range. They create sounds in louder volume. So, you won’t have to worry playing this uke in a large open room.  

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Pros and Cons

We have almost reached the end of this Kasch Ukulele Review. Sure, this product is outstanding for a ukulele containing a price range below 50 dollars. We already described the major features with our opinions on the previous sections.

However, we think it’s necessary for you to know the downsides of this ukulele too. Just like any other good uke, this MUH-505 might also need some adjustments. Who knows you won’t like some features for their limited editions! That’s why it’s better to know the pros and cons beforehand. 


  • Soft Nylon strings
  • Loud and clear sound 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple sleek outlook


  • Plastic string set
  • Sharp fret ends

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Final Thoughts

Kasch ukuleles are undoubtedly one the best ukes in the market. Their construction quality in an affordable price is really commendable. As you can see almost all of the features of the Kasch MUH-505 Concert ukulele contains high quality materials. There might be issues with some features. Yet, we think it’s all worth it.

However, we would urge you to evaluate every feature of this ukulele. What might appear good to us might not seem appropriate for you. Of course, the taste varies from person to person. That’s why, we suggest you to carefully read this article and see if the features match your requirement. If it does, you’ll surely have a great investment. 

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