Learn How to Move Audio In Audacity

Do you have a knack for audio editing? If yes, you are probably familiar with Audacity. It is a free and open-source digital audio editor for different operating systems. Audacity is great for anyone starting to work with audio editing as you get to try features for free. However, it can beat any other paid software pretty quickly if you know how to. 

Moving audio clips and editing them is a pretty crucial part of editing in Audacity. Since podcasts are so popular these days. You can edit your podcasts or take other people’s work to edit here. It can even be used to record; mix, and video producers, vloggers, and audio producers prefer Audacity for being free and lightweight. It is compatible with most computers and operating systems. 

So, if you have guessed already, we will cover how to move audio in Audacity today. Keep reading this article if you are struggling with it too.

There are different methods which you can follow; we are going to show you 5 ways.

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1.Move the Audio Clips Using Time Shift Tool

After you are done recording your audio tracks, be it a podcast or a separate audio track of a video, you will be shuffling them. You will be moving and arranging the tracks and see where it fits better according to your narrative. We will be talking about this method to move the audio horizontally and place them where the storyline requires it. 

First of all open Audacity and import audio. As soon as you do, you will see a waveform appearing in your screen, Timeline. Whatever you are uploading on Audacity, will appear here. You can move them using the Time Shift Tool and move them left and right across the Timeline.

As the name suggests, the Time Shift Tool lets you move up to the time stamp where the audio starts. First, to transfer the audio, use the Selection Tool and separate the part you are trying to move. Now use the Time Shift Tool to move the separated audio clip where you want to place it.

2.Use The Audio Track Configuration

The method we will be talking about does not require many tools to work with. It is probably one of the easiest ways to move a track in the audio editing software Audacity. You will be changing a specific audio track’s configuration by mix and matching the configuration settings. 

First, open the Audacity software and launch it. You should upload all the tracks you need to edit and check if they sound alright. Now click on the track you want to edit, and it will appear on the Timeline.

You will have to click on the “Audio Track Option” onto your left panel, and a drop-down option will appear. Click on the “Move Track up” and “Move Track Down” to move the clips.

It is supposed to move the tracks on the timelines depending on your choice and how you want it to be.

Learn How to Move Audio In Audacity

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3.Split the Tracks into Individual Bites of Clips

Suppose you are working with a relatively big audio track. In that case, it can get challenging to get move across the Timeline from time to time. That is why you need to split the track into smaller bites of clips. Click on the Selection Tool, you can choose a timestamp; for example, take a 3-minute clip.

Now that you have selected the 3-minute clip, it is time to split it from the big audio track. Click on the Edit Menu and then Clip Boundaries; now ultimately select the Split option. It will divide the track into 2 segments; the 3-minute timestamp will be separated.

Now you can move that clip across if you select the Time Stamp Tool again. You can also delete the specified time mark with the Selection Tool by clicking on Edit, then Remove Special, and finally Split Delete.

4.Move Clips across Multiple Tracks

Sometimes you will be working with multiple tracks. Whether you will be putting in existing clips for popular audio references or to add background music, it is inevitable. You can be creative and touch flares of drama to the audio. 

To be able to do all this, you need to add a new track. Look for the Toolbar at the top and click on the Tracks option. Now click on Add New and then Mono Track. As we have already mentioned, Time Shift Tool before, use it to move the clips and align the multiple clips the way you want.

5.Dragging the Audio Tracks

You will get confused about specific clips when you have many audio tracks on your Timeline. You will keep moving them left and right and end up having the wrong audio clip. So you must drag the audio tracks, which is relatively more straightforward than the other options.

Open the Audacity software and import all the tracks into the Timeline. Now select the tracks that you want to move. 

On your left panel, you will find a blank space. Click on it and wait till the cursor turns into a hand. Now you will be moving the audio vertically or horizontally by dragging the hand.

However, this method is for moving an entire audio track without splitting them. But you can have different clips on the Timeline, but with this method, you will be only moving one at a time.


As we have covered 5 simple methods to move audio from Audacity, our article comes to an end. Try playing around with the different tools and figure more settings on your own. If you have an open mind and some creativity, anything is possible on Audacity. So, make sure you keep working on the software and refer back to this article if you get stuck somewhere while moving an audio track.

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