Learn Where Cordoba Ukuleles Are Made

The brand, Cordoba carries a lot of weight in the instrument industry. It is one of the most renowned brands that are known for making high quality build of stringed instruments. Anyone who owns an instrument, most likely knows about Cordoba as its name has spread like wildfire around the globe. You can imagine how great it must be and how much brand recognition it has created through it high quality instruments. 

All kinds of musicians, irrespective of their expertise level aspire to own a Cordoba ukulele. This brand has been around for more than 20 years now and its legacy has only increased each year. 

In case you have not figured out yet, today we will be talking Cordoba ukulele. We will cover where they are made, what’s so great about them and some of the best rated ukulele from them. Consider this article as your guide to Cordoba ukuleles and if they deserve the hype or not.

So, keep reading till the end if you are just as curious like most people are.

Learn the Back Story Behind Cordoba

Cordoba was found back in the late 90s in 1997. The founder and CEO is Tim Miklaucic. It is based mainly in Santa Monica, California. Tim Miklaucic has the visionary to bring in nylon string guitars in abundance at first. It is said they their instruments are manufactured in China. 

Considering the fact that nylon strings instruments were rare at that point in time, it was a power move. Nylon strings are softer and more comforting to fingers and instrument players enjoy them more. Tim wanted to resurrect the classic guitars which resulted in bringing back Nylon strings.

Miklaucic kept researching more about different designers and techniques so that he could incorporate them in Cordoba. He worked with Edmund Blochinger, an infamous instrument designer. Together they tried to bring back classical method of the 19th century.

For the ukulele series, Cordoba joined hands with Pepe Romero Jr. He was working to apply classical methods of guitar building on ukuleles in an innovative way. As a result, their ukulele went through a transition in terms of design and aesthetics and changed entirely from the traditional ones.

Cordoba ukulele has the touch of classical guitars and through it the musical instruments have gone through a new era.

What Is So Great About Cordoba Ukuleles?

Cordoba began their diversification journey to ukulele hand in hand with Pepe Romero Jr. Through his visions and expertise, Cordoba ukuleles started in the right foot and since then it has not looked back. 

Cordoba put in the same energy in minute details that they apply in building guitars into ukulele. They are known for applying extra attention to the quality of the wood and always ensure high quality. Their ukulele has great detailed designs and good exterior finish. They make all of their ukuleles hand-made which makes the player experience a smooth and exquisite feeling in their hands. Cordoba ukulele has a reasonable price and most of the players whether in the beginner or advanced stage in a budget, tend to gravitate towards them.

The nylon strings bring out a warm and clear tone which reminds a lot of the classical and folk music genres.

Cordoba advertises that their ukuleles are made in Portugal with solid Koa wood. This claim has lead to a lot of speculations about Cordoba’s integrity. Acacia koa wood is one of the most grown trees in Hawaii.

Overall, Cordoba ukuleles have a different charm and most instrument players appreciate them for all the reasons we mentioned.

How is The Build?

Cordoba ukuleles are mostly hand built with the highest quality of wood such as Mahogany. It is paired with high quality nylon strings and together they make up a good build for ukuleles that are in affordable price range. A Cordoba ukulele upholds its brand name through its good build quality.

What about Design?

Although it depends on one ukulele model to another, Cordoba ukuleles can totally beat high end ukuleles. Its design and exterior finish is done keeping your budget in mind. Cordoba strives to serve ukulele with exquisite and eye catching designs so that you don’t have to worry about your aesthetics. Cordoba has some funky ukuleles in different colors made out of plastic too. 

Satisfied with Sound Quality?

As we have already discussed before, Cordoba uses high quality nylon strings.  Most of the ukuleles under its brand have Aquila nylgut ukulele strings. They are known for remaining in tune for longer period. The music tone is warm and rich enough. However, not all Cordoba ukuleles will sound the same and nor will they have the same quality build. It is important that you know what kind of tune you want.

Best Rated Cordoba Ukuleles

Cordoba has a high rate of ukuleles available. Each of them will entail a different quality in hand. Cordoba ukuleles have released different well known models in the market.  We will be talk about Cordoba 15TM Tenor and 15CM Concert ukulele.

Cordoba 15 CM Concert Ukuleles

Cordoba 15CM concert is the perfect size to start with. It has a Mahogany top, back and side. Any beginner or advanced instrument player would prefer this model for its perfect size and high quality build. The ukulele has silver tuners and pearl buttons and the infamous Aquila strings. You will get other accessories with it if you choose this.

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba’s 15TM ukulele comes in the tenor size which is one size bigger than the 15CM. So people with bigger hands should be comfortable with this ukulele. It also has a Mahogany build and premium white pearls. The audio tone is quite well. You will also get this ukulele within a reasonable price,


That was the full blown article on Cordoba ukulele and where they are made. We have also talked about its history, good qualities and two of the most talked ukuleles from them. If you know someone who is considering buying Cordoba, definitely encourage them. 

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