Mainland Ukulele Review

Among various top-rated ukulele brands, Mainland is underrated and unnoticeable by the mass people. We actually don’t know why they are underrated but we do know that they come with a beautiful range of ukuleles. All of the ukes are highly constructed with great quality materials. 

If you are looking for a low-priced concert ukulele, we’ll suggest this awesome Mahogany Mainland uke. We have tons of reasons why we’re calling it the best. Let’s walk you through some of its amazing features in detail. Well, note that we’ll also provide you the negative aspects of this ukulele. 

We want you to purchase based on a fair review and make a life-long great investment. So, without blabbering anymore let’s straight dive into the Mainland Ukulele Review below.  

Mainland Mahogany Concert Review

Table of Contents

  1. Construction Quality
  2. Body Neck
  3. Hardware
  4. Tuners
  5. Strings
  6. Design Finish and Playability
  7. Sound Quality
  8. Pros and Cons

Construction Quality

Mainland ukes are beautifully designed solid wood ukuleles that come in a high quality. You’ll absolutely love the shimmery wooden texture with outstanding performance. Usually, this type of ukes cost a great deal of money. Surprisingly, Mainland charges very low for its amazing construction.

Every part of this Mainland Mahogany Concert ukulele is built with classic materials. These materials are always in demand for better construction. You might need to replace some of the features such as the strings. However, we think frequent replacements won’t be necessary. Overall, the Mainland ukulele is much sturdy in design and it will hopefully survive a longer period.

Body and Neck

We are excited to introduce the Mainland’s concert ukulele’s body. It’s a wonderful mahogany finish that gives a 3D shimmery look. You’ll love the dark orangey color. It sometimes glows as brown color under light. The round hole is nicely designed with a smooth finish. Not to mention the extremely beautiful ropework trademark of Mainland around the sound hole and the edges of the uke. The ropework is actually black and cream color combination, providing a mellow appearance to the body. 

Speaking of the neck, it is fantastically design. What we like most about this uke’s construction is that it has a very nice smooth finish. It allows to express a premium look of the guitar. 

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The ukulele has a nicely constructed rosewood fingerboard. It is polished and dark, having pearl dot fingerboard markers aside. Along with that, you’ll find nicely designed frets incorporated too. The nut and saddle are made of bone materials.


Now let’s talk about the tuners. Well, this guitar features rear facing geared tuners with pearloid buttons on the headstock. If you are purchasing directly from Mainland, you can request for a custom colored button option. They will provide you buttons with your requirement with little or no cost at all. Now, how cool is that! 

The tuners are definitely a good one with an amazing quality. You’ll also find the mainland logo curved on the headstock containing similar ropework finish. However, we think the mahogany background could stand out a bit more.


Hoping on to strings, Mainland Mahogany Concert ukulele has Aquila strings on it. Aquila strings are undoubtedly great for ukes. However, we think, in this case the ukulele needs a string replacement for better tuning. 

We suggest you can improve the sound with new edition Martin Flourocarbons. They are outstanding in quality and keeps a balanced tone in the air. The chiming sweet sound will definitely please your ears. 

Design Finish and Playability

As we have already mentioned how smooth the construction is of the Mainland Ukulele we are discussing. Mainland has a unique trademark design that none of the other competing companies have.

The solid body is shaped in such a way that it provides ease and comfort to the player. You can play this uke for several hours and be happy with its performance. All of the parts are really sustainable. So, you won’t have to worry about its aging. 

Sound Quality

We really like the sound quality of the Mainland Mahogany Concert ukulele. It has a pure balanced tone with a rich bright sound. The actions and intonations are well balanced. Each time you’ll strung the strings, they will produce a light sweet sound. You’ll definitely love the mellifluous tone chiming in the air.

For better sound improvement, you can always opt for better string replacement. We have already discussed which strings will help increasing the volume. Just make sure you are purchasing the right one. 

Pros and Cons

As our review is now coming to an end, we think it’s better to show you the bigger picture. We have already explained all the ins and outs of Mainland Mahogany Concert ukulele. It’s time we differentiate the pros and cons in bulleted points so that you can understand the features usage better. 

Therefore, take a look at the benefits and negative aspects of this uke below. 


  • High-quality body construction
  • Unique design creatives
  • Produces sweet balanced tone
  • Highly durable Mahogany body


  • Sound quality can be improved by string replacement
  • The mahogany background may appear pale to some users
  • Only suitable for beginners

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Final Thoughts

You might see this ukulele less in big online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. However, you can always import it from the original suppliers. They’ll allow you some customization too which is great!

So, before you go purchasing this uke, we’ll suggest you to go through our Mainland Ukulele Review thoroughly. You must note down the key features and see if it’s best suitable for you. We don’t want you to waste your money in an instrument that is way below your expectations. 

Meanwhile, if you are just starting off your music career, this ukulele will be amazing for you! We hope this review was helpful enough to assist you in picking the right concert ukulele.

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