MAKALA MK-C: Is it Worth Buying?

While there are many people who are curious to venture into the world of musical instruments, most of them tend to be intimidated by the traditional pianos and violins. While the guitar is a much more popular choice, it can still be quite hard for people who are just learning.

A great choice for them is to dip their toes into the musical world with the small and easy to learn instrument- the ukulele. As a matter of fact, more and more people are showing interest in purchasing and learning to play their very own ukulele.

Why People Choose Concert Ukulele?

Ukuleles are lightweight and portable making them very convenient to carry and store. Probably one of the most popular categories of ukuleles is the concert ukulele.

The concert ukuleles have slightly longer scales, slightly wider necks, and weigh slightly more than the Soprano. Wider spacing is possible thanks to the extra length and extended frets.

Their size is ideal for players of all abilities and levels of experience, but they may be more appropriate for those with larger hands and fingers. They provide higher volume than the Soprano as they project better. The concert size is tuned in the normal ukulele tuning of G/C/E/A. One of the best concert ukuleles for any player is the Makala MK-C by Kala.

Brand Value

The Makala MK-C is part of the Makala series from the brand Kala. Makala is basically Kala’s budget line. The majority of Makala ukuleles are aimed at beginners, while the majority of Kala ukuleles are more mid-range instruments with a few higher-end ukulele lines. That being said, Kala is still known for manufacturing high-quality instruments at a fair price.

The Makala MK-C is a concert ukulele. This is a mid-sized ukulele with a slightly longer scale and more frets than a soprano, making it a little louder – tuned to G C E A.

Why is the Model Special?

The Makala MK-C Concert ukulele is a model that is more inexpensive and beginner-friendly if not anything else. So, if you are looking for the highest quality tonewood and sound, you may be a tad bit disappointed.

However, the Makala MK-C has got you covered if you are just getting started and need a budget-friendly model. This model has a good tone thanks to its Agathis body and mahogany neck. Agathis and mahogany are both good-quality woods that are also long-lasting.

This size of the Makala MK-C Concert ukulele is also ideal for producing a lot of volume, so if that is something you are looking for, the Makala MK-C is an excellent option.

How Does It Look?

The making of any musical instrument is highly important when deciding whether or not it is a good instrument. The Makala Classic line by Kala is among the best ukulele available.

Kala focuses on all the essentials you need when purchasing a ukulele. The brand provides consistency at a cheap price range, making every Makala the ideal starter ukulele.

The Makala line is an antique and traditional ukulele. It produces a humid and soft tone, and ages beautifully. It is modeled after mahogany ukuleles produced over 100 years ago.


All of the Kala Ukuleles are made to the same high standards as the Makala Series. With a beautiful bridge, Walnut fingerboard, brass frets, and Mahogany neck, this ukulele has been completely ready to play.

Both the headstock and geared tuners in the Makala MK-C are of standard quality. The fingerboard, on the Makala MK-C, is said to be walnut. Some people have complained that the fingerboard and bridge are a little too soft. This model’s nut and saddle are made of plastic, which is to be expected at this price point.

Build Quality

Furthermore, even with more costly ukuleles, plastic materials have become more prominent. The only thing about the Makala MK-C that has received some criticism is the strings that come with it. The strings in the Makala MK-C do not improve the tone at all, and it usually necessitates a lot of tuning.

What’s in the Pack?

The product comes with a gig pack, tuner, and instructional DVD as part of the kit. Although a gig bag will keep your ukulele secure during transportation, it is not one of those super durable bags that will keep it safe at all times and in all situations.

Makala Concert Mahogany Ukulele by Kala (MK-C)

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Product Features:

  • The ukulele has an Agathis body

  • 8 brass frets

  • A walnut fingerboard and bridge,

  • A mahogany neck.

  • The finish is satin.

  • Tuners with gears

  • The kit contains a travel bag


  • The Makala MK-C looks amazing

  • The product is extremely budget-friendly

  • The tone and the sound are pretty decent.

  • The kit comes with useful accessories.


  • There’s a lot of fine-tuning that needs to be done.

  • It’s likely that the fingerboard material isn’t all that decent.

Final Verdict

Just like every other ukulele from the Makala by Kala line, the Makala MK-C too demonstrates quality craftsmanship, incredible sound. The very likes of which have made Kala the industry pioneer of the new ukulele movement for more than a decade, Makala supports their customers and has earned their confidence by providing them with a low-cost, simple-to-use instrument in the form of the Makala MK-C.

While it does have some flaws, such as the tuning, it is nothing that might cause significant hampering, the hardware, and accessories chosen are good enough to get the job done.

All things considered, if you are a beginner or an entry-level ukulele player then the Makala MK-C will prove to be great value for money for you.

Bottom Line

The Makala MK-C is without a doubt one of the best ukuleles available in the market. When offered at inexpensive prices, sound and usability tend to suffer. However, that is simply not the case with the Makala MK-C.

With the Makala MK-C, you can achieve a great sound and a retro look without spending a fortune.

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