Top 10 Pedals for Acoustics

Acoustic guitars are the most natural-sounding instrument on the planet. It has a raw and subtle vibe to it. But to unleash its true capabilities, you need to experiment with the guitar. A pedal creates a whole new dimension to the original sound of the acoustic guitar. You can customize the tones, effects, and rhythms. It’s unbelievable how a small instrument like a pedal can make such a huge difference in the acoustic guitar sound. Here’s a quick overview of the features of the top 10 pedals for acoustics. If you want to know more about them, we suggest you check the later part of our article

Buying Guide for Pedals

A pedal can be an intricate instrument if you don’t know the rudimentary facts about it. Therefore, before going into the local guitar store or ordering online, there are some factors you should think about first. 

Know the Pedal Types

There are distinct types of guitar pedals on the market. Some can be used to create atmospheric, ambient music while others can be utilized to make a much more heavy sound. Each of the types has a wide range of functions. Get a brief insight about them before purchasing the one you like.

  • Tuner Pedal: I think we all can agree on one thing is that tuning a guitar is a nightmare. But with the tuner pedal, you can easily adjust your tuning in no time. You can also mute the signal if you want by pressing a simple switch.
  • Reverb Pedal: Acoustic guitars can sound bland and dull. With the reverb pedal, you can bring an interesting ambient effect to your original sound.
  • Delay Pedal: An echo effect creates a new dimension to the acoustic sound. A delay pedal takes the original sound and repeats it several times to make an otherworldly effect.
  • Volume Pedal: Volume is what matters the most. With a volume pedal, you can control the sound output and frequency with ease. 

Batteries v/s Power Supply:

Usually, you should go for a pedal that has an option of battery input for more sustain. But direct AC power supply has its advantages too. You can play for hours on end without worrying to charge your pedal. Therefore, it's best to think about how you are going to use your pedal before buying one.

Price Range:

Always look for a cost-effective pedal within your budget range. The guitar itself sometimes costs an arm and a leg. Therefore it’s wise to spend a limited amount of money on pedals. But keep in mind good quality pedals will have a higher price. 

Is it easy to set up?

Pedals are a tiny piece of equipment that is relatively easy to set up. But there are pedals on the market with a much more intricate design. So, it's essential to check if the pedal is straightforward or not.

Why Should You Buy a Pedal for Acoustics?

There are unknown territories in every music style that hasn’t been brought to light. To create versatile music, you need to have a wide range of effects up your sleeve. A pedal allows you to manipulate the sound of the guitar to your preference. From reverb to delay, the possibilities are endless.

Can You Plug a Pedal into Any Acoustic Guitar?

There are some things you need to be wary of before trying out a pedal. The guitar needs to have an electrical system where a cable can be connected. It has to have an output jack. Many acoustic guitars in the market don’t have any output jack for pedal connection. That’s why not all acoustic guitars are suitable for pedals.





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Pedals for Acoustics


Up to 2 seconds of delay

Five unique tail lengths

Comes with a handy expression jack

Comes with a complete starter pack


Pedals for Acoustics


Controllable sustain knob

Powerful 9V battery

Equipped with 4 knobs


Pedals for Acoustics

Trace Elliot

Great intuition

Comes with a pre-shape switch

Light indicator system


Pedals for Acoustics


12 distinct delay types

Dual delay system

Every delay type have 7-8 parameters


Pedals for Acoustics


Diverse 3-way switch

Quick functionality

Ce-1 mode features two distinct sound modes (Chorus and vibrato)


Pedals for Acoustics


Durable battery

The tracking is great

Features a plus one octave to measure the octave range


Pedals for Acoustics

Nux Optima

15 different acoustic presets

Adjustable options

A send and return mechanism to


Pedals for Acoustics

Ernie Ball

Full-sized expression control

Buffered input

Durable body


Pedals for Acoustics

Granith Grey

Innovative circuitry

Noise cancelation system

Easily accessible footswitch


Pedals for Acoustics


Equipped with a memory chip

Multi-purpose LED

Sixty presets to choose from


1. EarthQuacker Devices Avalanche Run Stereo Pedal - Best for Arrangement

This pedal has been arranged in such a simplistic way that it is immensely easy to grasp for beginners. The top four knobs on the pedal are controlling the delay and the two black knobs in the center are for reverb.

Everything is aligned in a user-friendly way. The pedal is great for staccato picking and its slight modulation creates an interesting reverb.


  • Great functionality
  • Has three distinct pedals (Normal, Reverse, Swell)
  • Versatile mix knob
  • Keeps the tone articulate and refined


  • The expression input is side-mounted

2. Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset Pedal - Best for funky sound

This pedal on our list of top 10 pedals for acoustic gives the user the ability to play the way he prefers. It's great for any style of music. The compression makes the clean playing easier.

The saturated tone with overdrive sound majestic. The controls are very responsive. All in all, this organic pedal is just perfect for players experimenting with their guitar.


  • Clean boost
  • Great sustain
  • Adjustable output using the pad switch
  • Wide range of settings


  • Can be complicated to comprehend for beginners

3. Trace Elliot Transit A Pedal - Best for Live Coverage

Are you looking for a pedal with layouts that don’t give nightmares? Well, you are in luck. This pedal on our list of top 10 pedals for acoustics is just what you are looking for. It has a layout with the most used options in the front and the unpopular ones in the back.

The pedal is compatible with any type of amp. With its all switchable effects, it’s a definite choice for music enthusiasts worldwide.


  • Tuner is easy to use
  • Comes with a piezo button for lower output pickups
  • Pedal format with all effect and switches
  • Effective phase reversal switch


  • The selection can be limited

4. Strymon Timeline Delay Pedal - Best High-End Delay Pedal

The Strymon Timeline delay pedal has been around for a long time but still hasn’t lost one bit of its touch. It’s still one of the best delay pedals in the market. The tones are fabulous sounding.

You can add dirt and filtering without ruining the original sound. The pedal has a smear parameter which adds a whole new diffusion to the sound.


  • Doesn’t need any editing software
  • Up to 20-second delay
  • Extremely flexible
  • Versatile range


  • Many power distribution systems don't support the 300mA requirement

5. BOSS WAZA Craft Chorus Pedal - Best for Efficiency

If you are looking for something simple yet efficient then this pedal is for you. It has a plethora of settings for you to choose from.

The range and depth capability of this pedal are enormous. With its 3 way switch, you get a complete package. The pedal functions very quickly. Therefore, you can just plugin and play those elegant guitar riffs.


  • Stylish design
  • Compact size and portable
  • Adjustable pedal modes


  • The controls are limited

6. BOSS OC-5 Pedal - Best Octave Pedal

Yet another BOSS pedal on our list of top 10 pedals for acoustics. This octave paddle is a fingerstyle player's dream. Most octave pedals in the market do a simple thing which is they make it sound like there is a bass guitar playing in the background. But the OC-5 is much more than that.

With its polyphonic and range knob, you can set the octave to your frequency. It's a great delay pedal with tons of customizable options.


  • Two distinct outputs
  • Direct level knob to measure the dry signal
  • Creates an illusion of a bass player playing with you


  • The latency can be noticed

7. Nux Optima Air Pedal - Best for Customizing

Most pedals provide the guitar players a limited range of functions. If you are a diverse guitar player, you will prefer to customize your sounds. The Nux optima pedal gives you creative freedom.

You can load your IR through the USB cable. You can also capture the original sound of the acoustic. All in all, the pedal gives the liberty to customize the tones which all players crave for.


  • You can plug in your effects
  • Solid construction
  • Comes with an IR loader
  • IR knob allows you to blend your dry and IR signal


  • Not much of a transparent pedal

8. Ernie Ball Expression Series Delay Pedal - Best for control

When you are playing in concerts, you need to change your settings fast and efficiently. For this case, you need a easily accessible pedal.

The Ernie Ball delay pedal lets you choose between having no effects to having maximum effects with just a push. From plate reverb to clean-sounding delay, you get to choose the number of effects you want.


  • Both effects are independently controllable
  • Constant control of settings
  • Great functionality


  • No battery option

9. One Control Granith Grey Booster - Best for Noise Cancellation

Companies over the years have tried their best to come up with a pedal without any noise. But at the end of the day, it simply wasn’t feasible to produce a pedal without buzz or noise. But one control has finally done it.

Their Granith Grey Booster is made of high-quality aluminum to sustain any kind of outside or inside noise. The pedal also can be boosted up to a dazzling 15 dB which is more than enough for any guitarist.


  • Amazing texture
  • Compatible with any electrical system
  • Compact size
  • Versatile gain booster


  • Max boost is not as high as other pedals

10. Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effects Pedal - Best for Features

The last pedal on our list of top 10 pedals for acoustics is this magnificent piece of device. It’s jam-packed with tons of features. It has two distinct loops that can be run together in parallel mode but also in independent mode. You can easily erase and stop the sound of the pedal with just one button.

The stereo options are exquisite and the whole user interface is just amazing. Therefore, this pedal is a must if you want to dive deeper into the realms of guitar effects.


  • Comes with a stop button to stop the loops at any time
  • Wide range of effects
  • Huge number of presets
  • Looping has no latency


  • A bit expensive

Many people hesitate to buy external equipment thinking that the guitar itself is enough. But the truth is a guitar only provides you with a limited range of sound. If you want to explore different music styles, then you surely need a pedal. A good quality pedal widens your creative range and guides you into a deeper understanding of the guitar.

So, what are you waiting for! Get the best pedal for acoustics you need from our list right away!

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