Pono Ukulele Review

If you are looking for an instrument that does not require too much pressure, is not expensive and healthy at the same time? Then try out ukuleles. You can learn to play your favorite songs with this instrument and learning chords are not difficult. 

While choosing which ukulele to buy, Pono ukuleles would be the right choice. The brand is one of the most well-known brands in the ukulele universe. The ukuleles created by the illustrious Ko’olau Company. The ukuleles created by Pono are of very high quality yet affordable.

Ukuleles by Pono have been spotted in the hands of famous musicians like Amanda Palmer. Their ukuleles are perfectly constructed and it creates a beautiful Hawaiian harmony and these ukuleles are without a doubt, worth the price. 

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Who Makes Them? 

The Pono ukuleles are created and designed by professionals. The manufacturing of the Pono ukuleles are thoroughly looked after by the Ko’olau Guitar and Ukulele Company. The last designs and the adjustments are done at their factory which is located in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

They use very hard solid woods and they are well recognized in the ukulele universe because of their tone stability and the classical warm tone that does not fail to disappoint any professional or normal ukulele players. 

What are They Made of?

In Hawaiian terms, the expression of the word Pono is when something is done right. These are very high-quality ukuleles that are made with high-quality wood and perfect craftsmanship. The models of the Pono brands are mainly made of solid wood, bindings are wood instead of plastic, the nuts, and the saddles are made out of animal bones, not plastic. This makes the ukuleles by Pono extremely durable and it assures the player that it will not break easily and that it will last a long time. 

Do They Sound Good? 

Pono ukuleles are on the more expensive side of the ukulele universe. But they definitely do not fail to impress the user by the sound of it as it can impress anyone in the audience. It is a very wonderful instrument to play as it gives a perfect, rich and mellow sound which can easily attract anyone’s attention.

They are equipped with high quality ukulele strings by Ko’olau which sounds really good while playing. The strings are also very stable so it doesn’t ruin the sound quality by vibrating.

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How Can They be Tuned? 

The Pono ukuleles come equipped with Ko’olau strings. However, they are not tuned when they are taken out of the box. They can be tuned using any tuner and can also be tuned by using ukulele tuning apps like a guitar tuner, Chromatic guitar tuner, insurer Tune For ukulele tuner and chords, Guitar tuna and many more. After tuning the strings should be stretched out by pulling on the strings gently which assures a stable tuning on the ukulele. 

Design and Quality 

The Pono brand makes really simple yet beautiful high quality ukuleles. They do not fail to please the eye with its beautiful designs and the craftsmanship. Most of their ukuleles have a solid Indonesian mahogany body which are the best quality wood, bone made nut and saddle which assures durability, fretboards which are made of rosewood and lastly, they have a satin finish which keeps the simplicity in their ukuleles. 

Best Pono Ukuleles 

Pono ukuleles are very high quality and fine instruments. Their top of the shelf ukuleles is the Pono Ac Acacia concert, Pono Acd Deluce Acacia concert, Pono MCD deluxe mahogany concert, Pono MGCD mango concert deluxe, Pono MGT mango tenor, Pono MT Mahogany tenor, Pono MTDX deluxe mahogany tenor, Pono ATD Acacia deluxe tenor, Pono MGTD mango tenor deluxe, Pono MTD-SP deluxe spruce top and the Pono ATD-CR Deluxe cedar top ukulele. These are the best Pono ukuleles. 

Where Can They be Found? 

Pono ukuleles can be found easily as they are sold at almost every music store. If the player does not want to go to the shop to buy it, they can directly order the Pono ukuleles from their websites which sell a wide variety of ukuleles and there are a lot of them to choose from. They are also available on other websites like amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook and Instagram. 

Price Range 

The Pono ukuleles are expensive ukuleles and can come in different price ranges. The cheapest ukulele that they sell is the Pono MS which is a mahogany wood made ukulele which costs $349. The mid-range ukulele includes the Pono Be which is an electric ukulele which has a beautiful satin finish and costs $671.

The most expensive ukulele that they sell is the Pono UL4N-3 which is made out of gorgeous mango wood and costs $1,099. 


While purchasing a ukulele by a Pono, the player does not need to worry about not getting a bag and it is also free of cost. There is another option of getting a custom hard-shell case that keeps it safe while traveling with it. The third option is to add a ukulele humidifier which keeps the ukulele safe in all weather conditions minus rain. Their ukuleles are pre-equipped with good quality strings. 

Worth It? 

The Pono ukuleles are really good ukuleles and also are one of the best and most expensive ukuleles out there. They assure quality and perfection in every ukulele they make and they are also very durable because they do not contain plastic which is commonly used in most ukuleles making them less durable. The Pono ukuleles are the perfect ukuleles for professional musicians. These ukuleles are really worth it without a doubt. 


Pono ukuleles are more expensive than normal ukuleles but they are worth the money as they are better than most of the ukuleles that are out there. We hope you found this informative enough

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