Prices of Kala Ukuleles

The popularity of ukulele is no surprise to us. With just 4 nylon strings, these instruments are much simple to learn and play. Ukuleles are especially easy on newbies’ fingers compared to a steel-string acoustic guitar. Amid the thousands of different varieties of ukuleles out there, Kala has made its place among the remarkable ones. Lets discuss the prices of Kala Ukuleles.

The Kala barely goes in for bells and whistles; rather it is known for its solid instruments and a company with decent form. Apart from being a distinguishable step up from the entry-level ukuleles, the Kala is more than enough for most ukulele players to play at home, or go out and play with others without ever being disappointed. 

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on these popular Ukuleles, we have arrived to help you with their prices. 

The Kala line proceeds to develop and expand with ukuleles that come in any price range. This prestigious brand offers ukuleles with incredible sound, varieties of styles, finishes and woods to choose from. 

  1. Learn To Play Ukuleles:

The ‘Learn to Play Series’ from Kala is an exemplary ukulele starter kit for beginners of any age, in order to learn and play the instrument. With its massive success, this series is expanding to include the first ever Kala Artist edition, the “Learn to Play Mandy Harvey Signature Series” Tenor Ukulele. This beginner friendly series comes with everything a learner needs to initiate playing the ukulele, which includes lessons and song tutorials of numerous popular songs. 

There are six models of ukuleles in this series. Their prices range from $39.99 to $99.99 USD. 

  1. KA-15 Series Ukulele:

This series is the flagship Mahogany collection from Kala. This industry standard series with traditional designs is tinted with a satin finish. An excellent choice for players of all ages and skill levels, the very affordable KA-15 Series is constructed and designed to stand the test of time.

This series has 7 models of ukuleles, with a price range that begins from $59.99 to $109.99 USD.

  1. Novelty Ukulele:

The Novelty line from has ukuleles that sound sweeter than its looks.  With the beautiful and fun looks, this line is sure to stand out. These ukuleles are available in a soprano model.

There are 3 models of ukuleles in this series, which cost $79.99 USD each.

  1.  Satin Mahogany ukulele:

The Satin Mahogany line is one of Kala’s flagship collections with a satin finish. Some of these are have cream binding while the others have none. With a spruce top, these ukuleles can be found in all sizes.

This line of mahogany ukuleles have 9 models of ukuleles, prices ranging from $87.99 USD to $219.99 USD.

  1. Gloss Mahogany Ukulele:

The Gloss Mahogany line comes with a high-gloss finish that enhances the sophistication of the Mahogany wood.  Smoothness added with the gloss gives sturdiness to the instrument, which is binded altogether with a cream binding.  This ukulele is available in all sizes, while concert offers electronic features, tenor offers 6 or 8 strings with optional electronics. 

This series has 9 models with the price range of $ 109.99 USD to $362.99 USD.

  1. Exotic Mahogany Ukulele:

Complemented by the unique grain patterns, the Exotic Mahogany line has traditional look. This line has a variety of  wavy curl and straight sharpness and everything in between.  

There are 5 models in this line of Kala ukuleles, with their prices ranging from $109.99 USD to $153.99 USD.

  1. Pacific Walnut Ukuleles:

The rich, dark brown patterns in the grain complements the light brown body of the Pacific Walnut line. These can be found in soprano, concert, and tenor models, while tenors also come with electronic features. 

This series has 6 models with the price range of $ 138.99 USD to $170.99 USD.

  1. Striped Ebony Ukuleles:

The Striped Ebony line has a dark brown body accompanied by reddish-brown striping. It gets a natural look from fine satin finishing.  Soprano, concert, and tenor models are available in this series

This line of ebony ukuleles have 4 models with a price bracket that starts from $153.99 USD to $234.99 USD.

  1. Ziricote Ukuleles:

Highlighted by a honey blonde Sapwood in the middle and the sides, The Ziricote line features a rich, dark, chocolate brown wood. These have a high-gloss finishing that makes the details pop.  This rich brown series has a variety of soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone models. 

There are 3 models in this line of Kala ukuleles, with their prices ranging from $263.99 USD to $296.99 USD.

  1. Archtop Tobacco Burst Tenor:

The Archtop line looks classic with jazzy F-holes embellishment. The tobacco burst enhances the vintage look, which makes the Archtop a favorite among players.

 This line has only 1 model till now which costs $329.99 USD.

  1. Banjo  Ukulele:

The Banjo ukulele has a loud and resounding projection. This series of Banjo ukuleles also have only 1 model, called the Concert Banjo Ukulele. The price if this ukulele is $362.99 USD. 

  1. Resonator Ukulele:

The Resonator line is built-in with a lightweight aluminum resonator in the Mahogany body. This gives a brass cover and elegant F-holes. This series of ukuleles, too, have only 1 model, called the Resonator Brass Tenor Ukulele. The price if this ukulele is $340.99 USD. 

  1. Hawaiian Koa Gloss Ukulele:

Just as the name suggests, the Hawaiian Koa Gloss line is constructed finely from Hawaiian Koa. With an elegant curling of the wood, this line is available in concert, and tenor models. 

There are 4 models in this line of Kala ukuleles, with their prices ranging from $309.99 USD to $409.99 USD.

With 7 other series, the famous Kala has a total of 20 different series for the ukulele enthusiasts. Apart from the thirteen series of ukuleles described already, prices of rest of the series are mentioned as follows:

  1. Solid Spruce Top Mahogony Ukulele: 

The series has 4 models of ukuleles, with their prices ranging from $164.99 USD to $307.99 USD.

  1. Solid Spruce Top Flame Maple Soprano: 

The series has 1 model of ukuleles, which costs $263.99 USD.

  1. Travel Ukulele: 

There are 8 models in the line of Kala Travel ukuleles, with their prices ranging from $111.99 USD to $299.99 USD.

  1. Solid Cedar Top Acacia Ukulele:

The series has 4 models of ukuleles, with their prices ranging from $215.99 USD to $349.99 USD.

  1. All Solid Mahogony Ukulele:

It has 5 models with a price range of $241.99 to $379.99 USD.

  1. All Solid Acacia Ukulele:

This series has 5 models with a price range of $359.99 to $499.99 USD.

  1. Special Edition Ukulele:

The last series has a special edition ukulele from Kala of one model, which costs $309.99 USD.


The popular Kala ukuleles are well sought after by every ukulele player. Getting to know the prices of each series can help you better understand which ukulele is suited with you. 

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