Rogue Guitars: A Detailed Review

There are probably more than hundreds of guitar brands out there. And midst all these guitar brands, some of them gained much popularity and remained on the top. Have you considered Rogue Guitars? Read this article to find out more about Rogue Guitars.

In this article, we are going to talk about an underrated guitar brand named Rogue Guitars that you probably haven’t heard about yet. And if you are looking for a decent guitar at a reasonable price with a high price to performance ratio, you might consider taking a look at it. And for your convenience, we will review the 3 best guitars from Rogue Guitars.

Top 3 Rogue Guitars in 2021

There are many guitars from different lineups. But we have filtered some of the best ones for you. You can use your knowledge from the above-mentioned buying guide to picking the best one for you from the following guitars.





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Top 3 Rogue Guitars in 2021

Dreadnaught body type

Whitewood build 

Nato type neck


Top 3 Rogue Guitars in 2021

Rosewood fretboard

Maple neck 

Martin stock strings


Double cutaway body

2 single-coil pickup 

Rosewood fingerboard


1. Top 3 Rogue Guitars Rogue Guitars: Rogue RA-090

Top 3 Rogue Guitars in 2021

This is a high-quality guitar from Rogue that won't break your bank. This looks and feels just amazing. 

This guitar rocks a solid build quality featuring spruce. On top of that, the body is laminated as well which gives it a premium look and feel. There is two other color variant that comes in a sunburst finish and black. But this one comes with a natural finish. It features a nato neck which and the fretboard is made out of rosewood that contributes to the overall tonality of this guitar. 

It can get pretty loud while playing though it’s not the loudest guitar out there. The quality of the stock strings are not very good, you can replace it with a set of better strings if you want. 


  • Affordable
  • Solid build quality
  • Decent tone


  • Unstable tuner heads

2. Top 3 Rogue Guitars Rogue Guitars: Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar

Top 3 Rogue Guitars in 2021

If you are looking for a decent guitar to gift a beginner guitar player kid, this is a decent pick for it. 

Even though this guitar is well suited for kids, it is not built cheaply by any means. It just comes in a small form factor. Even though it’s built for kids, an adult can play with it without any issue. It features a decent rosewood body that makes it sound really impressive for the price. It is a classical-style guitar, so it means that it comes with nylon strings which particularly makes it easy for kids. 

This guitar produces sharp treble notes but it's not very loud because of the size. Apart from that, there ain't much to complain about this guitar.


  • Bright sound
  • Sharp treble notes
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to carry  


  • Stiff tuner heads

Electric guitars can be quite costly and it's difficult to find a decent electric guitar if you are really low on budget. However, this electric guitar from Rogue Guitars is an affordable, yet decent guitar that comes at a fairly low price making it a great choice for beginners. 

The build quality of this guitar is overall on the solid side featuring a basswood body. It features a Maplewood bolt-on neck with a rosewood fingerboard that produces some incredible tones at this price point.

The pickups follow H-S-S arrangement and there’s an open-faced bridge position humbucker with coil-splitting capability which you can use to produce some dirty vintage tones. 

The hardware is fairly good which will last for a long time. The audio port also feels tight and not feels like it's about to loosen up.


  • Open-faced bridge position humbucker
  • Coil Split
  • Great build quality


  • Non-branded pickups

Who Makes Rogue Guitars?

As it is not a very famous brand, it requires an introduction. So first things first, let's get to know about rogue guitars in brief. 

It might appear as a ghost company because there is very little information available about the brand itself on the internet. Even there is no official website. But it does not mean that there’s necessarily something shady going on. We did some research and can assure you that it's legit. 

Rogue Guitar originated in the mid-1990s by Musician’s Friend, a music distributor company. The name Rogue is inspired by the place of business which is located near the Rogue River in the Rogue Valley of Oregon. Though Musician’s Friend is the primary distributor and founder of Rogue Guitars, it’s manufactured by Sumbo, which is a modern guitar manufacturing facility located in South Korea. 

Rogue started its journey by producing affordable acoustic guitars which they are particularly known for. Even though their guitars were inexpensive, they didn’t cut any corners which are surely commendable.

Later on, they expanded their business by introducing electric guitar, bass, and mandolin lineups. Apart from stringed instruments, they also produce guitar amplifiers and keyboards as well.

Rogue Guitar Buying Guide

Most of the renowned guitar brands such as Fender, Gibson, and Ibanez have something in common, that is they got in the industry and started making quality guitars way before. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the only brands that produce quality guitars.

Many other guitar brands in the market produce quality guitars but you probably don’t know about them because of the highlight that some particular brands are getting. They have many offerings that match the specs of some products of some top-tier brands out there without putting a hole in your pocket. 

Though this article is about Rogue Acoustic guitars, we have also decided to include a guide that will be helpful for you before buying an acoustic guitar. There are some essential things that you should know before buying an acoustic guitar which we are going to further discuss below.

The process of picking an acoustic guitar is very fun and exciting and knowing the technical details makes it even more interesting. 

Playing Style: First, you need to determine which style you want to play. If you are a beginner, you would probably want to play using picks. Playing with picks isn’t necessarily a beginner thing. There are a lot of intermediates and expert guitar player who uses a pick.

However, fingerstyle isn’t usually a beginner thing. So if you are want to play fingerstyle guitar, you can pick the acoustic guitars specifically built for fingerstyle or classic style guitars with nylon strings. 

Budget: This is the sector where you need to be careful, particularly if you are a beginner. There are a lot of people or even expert who suggests that beginners should pick a cheap guitar. But we strongly dissent here.

We would suggest not get cheap when fixing a budget for a guitar because cheap guitars can be really bad. They sound bad and do not feel good to play as well. And it’s harder to play a cheap guitar, particularly for beginners because of the higher action, cheap build quality, and the cheap strings it comes with.

Moreover, it might make a beginner guitar player demotivated to play guitar. On the other hand, a good quality guitar feels great to play. Ringing notes are easy and it sounds great as well.

So regardless of whether you are a beginner or an intermediate guitar player, spend as much as possible and gift yourself with a high-quality guitar. Anything around $100 is a good budget. 

The Wood: Wood is probably the most important and major ingredient of an acoustic guitar. The tonality and sound signature of an acoustic guitar mostly depends on the type of wood that is used to produce it.

Different types of woods are specialized for different types of users and different styles of playing. As an example, fingerstyle players playing style is very different as opposed to regular players who use a pick.

So a type of wood that will properly respond to the subtle fingerpicking such as spruce is ideal for fingerstyle players. On the other hand, something like rosewood or mahogany is ideal for guitar players who prefer to play using a pick. Some of the most popular guitar wood is described below. 

  • Spruce: Lightweight and easy to play. Maintains clarity at any playing force. Decent for fingerstyle. 
  • Cedar: Produce warm and balanced sound. Also a decent option for fingerstyle. 
  • Mahogany: Dense and a bit on the heavier side. You need a decent amount of playing force to make it sound good. It's well suited for blues. 
  • Rosewood: Superior in terms of tonality. High response rate with a wide range of overtones.

If you consider the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to pick a decent acoustic guitar for you and have fun playing it as well. 


These are some of the best guitars from Rogue Guitars. If you are a beginner and looking for something suitable for your needs, Rogue Guitars deserves some of your attention.

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