Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review: Which One’s the Best Tuner?

Tuners are one of the most important accessories for a guitarist. If you’re a guitarist, the first thing you’ll ever need to buy is a tuner. While a lot of people tend to go for the tuner apps, we strongly discourage that. 

Getting a tuner is crucial, but it’s challenging as well. Finding the right tuner for yourself can be tough, as there are hundreds of products on the market that seem to be the same. 

Two of the most popular tuners of this time are the Snark ST 2 and the ST 8. There’s been a debate on which one’s better between Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8, and today, we’re going to explore the right answer to that.

Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review: Which One’s the Best Tuner

Photo : Snark ST-2

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Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review - Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review: Which One’s the Best Tuner?

There aren’t many factors to consider while comparing two guitar tuners, but we’ll go through every factor that plays a role. Both the Snark ST 2 and ST 8 are from the company Snark, and Snark is highly acclaimed for providing one of the best tuners in the industry. 

As you can see, comparing these two is quite tough, but not impossible. To do so, we’ll take a look at the few factors that’ll help us determine which one’s better in this section. So, let’s get started!

Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review: Which One’s the Best Tuner

Photo : Snark ST-8 Super

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Installation - Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review: Which One’s the Best Tuner?

Both the Start ST 2 and ST 8 are to be mounted on the top of the headstock, and both of them are designed to fit perfectly on any type of headstock. As long as the headstock of your guitar allows some space for them to cling on to, they will. 

Both of these tuners come with standard clip mounts, and this makes them even easier to install on your guitar. When it comes to the mounting system, there’s practically no difference between the two tuners. Both of them come with the ‘Super Tight’ rating, which means that they won’t fall off in the middle of a performance, no matter how much you move around.

Tuning Accuracy - Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review: Which One’s the Best Tuner?

When it comes to guitar tuning, accuracy is the most important factor. If the tuning isn’t accurate, then your guitar will only sound untuned. This will jeopardize the performance of the entire band, even if you play the chords and the licks right. This makes the accuracy of the tuning the most important factor, and we couldn’t stress it anymore.

When it comes to tuning accuracy, the ST 8 does a far better job than the ST 2. The ST 8 came out later than the ST 2, and these are equipped with better hardware too. That isn’t to say that the ST 2 is completely non-functional. You’ll still get a decent level of accuracy from the ST 2. You’ll be able to tune your guitars with the ST 2, but it’s only that the ST 8 will outperform it in terms of accuracy. 

This is because the ST 8 tuners come with more advanced tuning chips. If you’re looking for a tuner that’ll provide you the very best and most accurate tuning experience, then the ST 8 should be your pick.

Pitch Calibration - 

Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 Review: Which One’s the Best Tuner?

Pitch Calibration is one of the most important and advanced features that you can get from a tuner. It’s an advanced feature because you won’t even need it if you’re a beginner or intermediate guitarist. Tons of advanced players will never need this feature.

So, who would require pitch calibration? As you know that, each of the scales that we consider in music theory like C, A, F#, is associated with a specific pitch. However, different groups in the world consider a completely different set of pitches for the scales. This is where the pitch calibrator comes in.

This feature lets you change the pitch set up the tuner will consider for each scale. With this feature, you can always change the pitch and blend in with the crowd you’re playing with. However, this feature isn’t much for everyone. Plus, it might get a bit confusing at times, and it rarely can lead to disastrous situations where you accidentally tune your instrument to a completely different pitch than the others.

However, both the ST 2 and the ST 8 come with this feature, so there’s that. In terms of accuracy, the ST 8 is far superior to the ST 2.

Build Quality:

You must get robust tuners. These are small devices, and they might fall from your hands or get crushed by something else accidentally. Even though tuners aren’t that expensive generally, you don’t want them to break, as that can lead to many tight situations, especially if they break just before or during a gig.

This is why the build quality of the tuner is very important. Between the Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8, the ST 8 is far superior in terms of build quality. This tuner feels very robust, and it performs accordingly. On the other hand, the ST 2 is a bit flimsy, and it feels cheap as well. 

So, in terms of build quality, we highly recommend getting the ST 8 from Snarks as it will last longer and provide superb performance for a long time.


So, which one is the better choice between Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8? To determine that, we have to consider their prices as well. Surprisingly, you’ll be able to get both of these tuners at a very similar price point, where the ST 8 might cost a dollar or two more than the ST 2. 

Then again, the ST 8 offers better accuracy as well as build quality. So, there’s no point in not taking the ST 8 over the ST 2


Both the Snark ST 2 and ST 8 are great tuners, but if you need to choose between the two, picking the ST 8 would be a far wiser choice. With that, we’d like to end our Snark ST 2 vs. ST 8 review.

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