Super Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

Guitars are an amazing musical instrument. They have a unique and beautiful sound that everyone likes and can get anyone moving their hips with the right song. It’s a great instrument that can entertain the people around you and help you impress them by showing off your skills.

But if you just start learning the guitar, you can be overwhelmed by the incredible number of songs you can find to play with the guitar. Of course not all of them are easy to play, but there are still a huge number of songs that just use two to three major chords which you can play right off the bat.

Best Super Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

Whether you’re playing on an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, this list contains music from different genres and they’re all easy to learn, popular and great for guitarists who are just starting. If you’re a beginner guitarist, then this list should be easy enough for you.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right in to our list of easy guitar songs for beginners

1. Twist and Shout by The Beatles

The Beatles are known by almost everyone. What makes their Twist and Shout amazing is that the guitar parts in this song are quite easy for beginners. If you’re more comfortable with easy open chords, then this is perfect for you as the whole song uses just three chords, D, G and A.

And it just stays on A through the breakdowns. It’s simple and easy to play and with a little bit of practice, you’ll have the crowd singing along in no time.

2.  Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus

This song blew up as one of the biggest worldwide hits back in 2019. Often during the live performances, you could see Billy Ray Cyrus just strumming just a few open chords that are really easy, like E, G, D and C chords.

Billy Ray Cyrus is seen using a capo on the fourth fret when playing the song on his guitar. A capo is a device that just clamps onto your guitar’s neck to hold down the strings on any chosen fret. It helps in raising your guitar’s pitch which comes in handy if you want to change the song’s pitch, or you’re a singer who has a high voice.

Since the chords that Billy plays in the song are four frets higher than the usual beginner ones, they’re called different names. But just remembering with the shapes of E, G, D and C chords is alright too. You would do better if you invested in a capo, almost every guitarist uses them.

3. I Wanna Be There by Blessed Union Souls

This song uses three major and really simple chords, G, C and D. These are arguably some of the easiest chords you will have to learn when you first pick up the guitar, and once you are comfortable in playing those chords with ease, you already know how to strum and play a song. 

It has a simple chord progression as well; it goes from G, C, D to G again. Once you master these chords and learn how to switch between each one without a pause, you are ready to go and play this song and impress the people around you. It’s a popular song that almost everyone knows and it’s really easy to learn too!

4. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

This one masterpiece of a song by Bob Dylan that first appeared in 1973 on Pat Garett & Billy The Kid’s soundtracks is also one his most popular songs and it is extremely easy to play, requiring just four chords, G, D, C and Am. 

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door also has a really simple chord progression, G, D and Am and then every other time it’s just G, D and C. There are obviously a couple of chord variations that you can apply, but you don’t really have to worry about them and can just leave them out. You can just focus on your main chord progression to try to get used to switching between the chords with ease. 

If you have the chords down and you feel comfortable in playing them smoothly without any stutters, you would then want to look at the strumming. It’s a simple down, up, down, up pattern and your feel of the song is extremely necessary. The best advice here would be to maintain a steady pace by not going too fast or too slow but keeping it at a constant speed at all times.

5. Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

Wildest Dreams is one the most popular songs out there that was delivered by the singing megastar and songwriter Taylor Swift. She solo performed this intimate song in 2015 and showed everyone that sometimes all that’s necessary are the bones of a good song and a guitar to top it up with. She gave everyone an amazing reinvention of a song adding just a hint of breakup in it that would not otherwise appeal to many people, especially more traditional guitarists. 

And all it requires are just five chords, in the verses it is C, Em and D, and the choruses use G, D, Am and C, just five shapes for a beautiful masterpiece. And the best thing for beginners is that it also has a gentle tempo. Maybe the only hard thing about this song is to remember the order in which the chords go, but like every other song, the best advice is to just practice as much you can to get comfortable playing it. 

Final Words

Now the next time you bring your guitar to a gathering, you can impress everyone there and have them sing along to your guitar. Make sure you sharpen your skills as you keep on going to become a better guitarist!

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