Best Guitar Strings for Metal

Guitar Strings for Metal

To build your perfect guitar tone you might think of the guitar brand, amplifier, or pedal effects in the first place. But a good metal guitarist will think a bit into the strings. Changing the strings will make your guitar alive again. Picking the best guitar strings for metal is very crucial and hard. The … Read more

Top 10 Classical Guitar Strings in 2021

Best Combo Amps For Metal

There are many classical guitar strings to choose from in the market. Which one of them would suit you the best, that is a question everyone has and the answer is different for every person. Let us help you by pointing out the top 10 classical guitar strings you can find in the market.Top 10 … Read more

How Many Strings Does a Guitar Have?


If you are thinking instruments that have a different number of strings can help produce different sounds then you are right! The violin, viola, mandarin, guitar, sitar, and other stringed instruments have you seen they each have a different number of strings? Not to mention their sizes vary depending on their number of strings too. If … Read more

What are Guitar Strings Made of?

what are guitar strings made of

Though often undermined, the type of string for a guitar is pretty important. The right kind of string will give you the correct response and the desired feel, serving as an asset to your playing of the instrument. You are likely to suffer immensely if you make the wrong choice of strings.Hence, it is important … Read more

How to Change Your Guitar Strings

How to change your guitar strings

Many of the new guitarists are unnerved at the idea of changing your guitar string. Some of you dare not to do it yourselves in the fear of damaging your instrument. Well, rest assured, changing your guitar’s strings is one of the easiest tasks out there! If you want to be a guitarist, you need … Read more