How to Restring a Guitar

How to Restring a Guitar

If you are a beginner in the guitar realm, restringing a guitar might seem very difficult or challenging to you. Even many skilled and experienced guitar players prefer to restring their guitars by professionals because of the fear that something might go wrong if they do it by themselves. If yes, you have come to … Read more

Best Metronomes for Guitar


Practice makes perfect. It’s something that all of us have learned and known true for our entire life. And being a musician is no different. If you want to be great at what you do, you need to put countless hours of practice behind it. But practicing does not mean jamming out with your buddies. … Read more

Best‌ ‌Classical‌ ‌Guitar‌ ‌for‌ ‌Beginners

Classical‌ ‌Guitar‌

The best classical guitars for beginners are suitable for both adults and children. They can help you get started in the fascinating world of Spanish guitar playing without breaking the bank. If you’re a beginner who wishes to play guitar and looking for the best classical guitar for beginners, then keep reading this article!Nylon string … Read more

How Many Strings Does a Guitar Have?


If you are thinking instruments that have a different number of strings can help produce different sounds then you are right! The violin, viola, mandarin, guitar, sitar, and other stringed instruments have you seen they each have a different number of strings? Not to mention their sizes vary depending on their number of strings too. If … Read more

How to Play Shallow on Guitar

How to Play Shallow on Guitar

One of the main reasons why individuals want or start learning to play the guitar is because they want to be able to play a particular song. Be it for bringing back memories of a loved one or to impress that person you fancy, wanting to play that particular song is always the starting point. … Read more

How to Intonate a Guitar: An Ultimate Guide

How to Intonate a Guitar: An Ultimate Guide

The guitar is one of the most versatile musical instruments in the history of music. Starting from pop music to country music, guitar is one inevitable gadget used by musicians. It takes years to learn how to play guitar. But, once you master playing it, you should focus on taking care of it. The importance … Read more

How to Get Better at Guitar?

How to Get Better at Guitar

When it comes to playing guitar, it is not only about moving your fingers on the string. It is playing with the right control, being able to switch between strings as well as playing efficiently. So lets get started on how to get better at guitar!Getting StartedYou must first hone your skills well enough to … Read more

How to Hold a Guitar Pick

how hard is it to learn guitar

If you are a veteran guitarist holding a pick and playing your guitar with it might be the easiest thing for you, but for beginners, it is not! A beginning guitarist needs to learn how to properly hold a guitar pick and master it right. Holding a guitar pick improperly can even impede your journey … Read more