Best Violins for Intermediate Players


Improving skills require hard work and proper instruments. Mastering a violins requires patience and sincerity. As soon as you have reached the intermediate level of your skill, you have realized the instrument is a very important part of the skill development. So one has to be quite careful while purchasing a new kit.Now let us … Read more

Top 10 DAW Collection for Beginners

Integrated Amplifiers

Digital Audio Workstation or simply DAW has revolutionized sound recording and editing over the years. Back in the day, music enthusiasts would shiver thinking of the hard work they had to put in to make quality music.Instruments were complicated and the instructions were unclear. Now with advancements in modern technology, making music has never been … Read more

What is a Metronome?

What is a Metronome?

You must have seen rockstars or musicians playing with a metronome while performing on stage. If you do not have an idea of what a metronome is or how it looks like, did you see a triangular-shaped device that produces an audible click at regular intervals? That’s a metronome! You may think why your music … Read more