Best Distortion Pedals for Metal

Best Distortion Pedals for Metal

Distortion is basically a game for the musician when it comes to metal and rock based heavy music. The hard-clippings of a guitar signal can be done generally in one of two ways – one is with a distortion pedal, and another one is with a guitar amp. And these distortion pedals are not for … Read more

Best Bass Compressor Pedals

Compressor Pedals

While people mostly associate pedals for various effects on the guitar sound, a bass pedal might also be worth considering. They come with numerous effects specifically designed for enhancing the mood and tonality of sound coming from the bass guitar.Whether you’re a beginner getting serious about the sound or regularly performing on the stage, a … Read more

Top 10 Pedals for Acoustics

Pedals for Acoustics

Acoustic guitars are the most natural-sounding instrument on the planet. It has a raw and subtle vibe to it. But to unleash its true capabilities, you need to experiment with the guitar. A pedal creates a whole new dimension to the original sound of the acoustic guitar. You can customize the tones, effects, and rhythms. … Read more