The 10 Best Ukulele Apps for 2021

Thanks to today’s modern technology, learning is just a click away. There are multiple tools on the internet meant to teach you everything from language to a brand new language. Physical tuners, paper songbooks, chord charts, and metronomes have been replaced by their online versions, accessible right from our pockets. Below we mention some of the best ukulele apps on android and iOS alike to start your learning journey in the world of ukuleles.

1. Uke Like The Pros App

OS: iOS I Android

Use Like The Pros is a great guide for beginners. Apart from the easy to follow, necessary core techniques, the lessons help you gain confidence and learn the instrument correctly. 

After completing the course, you will be able to flaunt your ukulele solos as well as play alongside others. You can also choose to keep brushing up on your skills to become the ukulele player you’ve always wished to be.

2. The Ukulele App

OS: iOS I Android

If you’ve ever searched for ukulele lessons on YouTube, be sure that John “The Ukulele Teacher” was one of your top results. In fact, you can check right now as well. This app can be a valuable toolbox for uke players of all skill levels. Inclusions are a tuner, chord library, strumming patterns, scales, and common progressions.

One interesting feature which is also unique to this app is the power to spell notes on the fingerboard while having the app point out what chord you’re playing. On top of that, you have access to more than 400 lessons directly from John within your fingertips.

3. Learning Ukulele in 7 Days

OS: iOS I Android

As a beginner, you shouldn’t jump straight into the apps with complex tracks and notes. Instead, opt for something that’s broken up into chewable chunks. For Learning Ukulele in 7 Days, the guide follows the name by planning 7 lessons for 7 days. All the lessons include tracks to play along and jam with. By the end of the week, you can hope to strum along to 6 tunes. The app also comes with a chord finer and tuner that will be of service for years to come.

4. Real ukulele

OS: iOS I Android

Don’t have your ukulele on hand? No worries! There’s always a little digital ukulele right in your pocket. Real Ukulele is amazing for learning on the fly – the app lets you pluck and strum notes on a ukulele on your phone. In addition, there is a huge database of tabs and chords to play along with. You can also route the audio to more apps to record the playing.

5. Yousician

OS: iOS I Android

Not just for uke players, but Yousician isa resourceful online toon for anyone wishing to learn an instrument. The comprehensive learning tool lets you access individual, personalized lessons made by real teachers without limiting you to just play along songs. Thanks to the unique interface, you can visualize the whole fretboard during your playtime with the funky bouncing ball symbolizing rhythm. Feel free to slow down the exercises to match your learning pace. There is a variety of techniques being taught by the app, from strumming and plucking, to creating melodies and free-ons. We particularly enjoy the large free library as well as the premium version providing much more. 

6. Ukulele Companion

OS: Ios only

Much like its name, Ukulele Companion will be your friendly teaching buddy for your favorite tiny instrument. Including a vast library of more than 1900 chords, metronome, built-in tuner, plus a virtual instrument to play, the app truly is a wonderful one for everyone. One thing that sets Ukulele Companion from the rest is the ability to experiment with alternate tunings and modify chord libraries for each. The possibilities are endless! With the paid version, there is an abundance of drum tracks to jam with.

7. iUke

Operating system: iOS

iUke is an app made to promote self-study on your ukulele. Alongside having a rich library of songs couples with rhythm accompaniment, there are short tutorial videos instructing how to finger and play all the chords. Depending on how fast or slow you learn, you can change the speed of the app. Additionally, you can transpose melody and chords to fit your voice. Record yourself playing and directly post on social media through iUke.

8. My Ukulele

OS: Android

Android’s virtual ukulele application allows you to keep a miniature, pocket sized fretboard in your bag/pocket. However, don’t dismiss it as a novelty; it’s a legit practice tool. My Ukulele provides both standard and banjo ukulele notes, plus the power to play chords on the neck. The harder you tap or strum, the more the sound’s velocity increases, allowing you to separate single notes during working on melodies.

9. Ukulele Toolkit

OS:  iOS

Ukulele Toolkit stays true to its name of being an actual “toolkit” by including everything you could possibly need for ukulele practice – a tuner, metronome, chord library, scales, and much more. There’s also a special setting for the left handed player among us. To prepare for a performance, try out the app’s in-built drum machine to hear what you sound like with accompaniment.

10. Ukulele Tabs and Chords

OS: Android

Ukulele Tabs and Chords specializes in preparing a song library that’s one of the most thorough ones in the world of ukulele apps. Included are more than 100,000 tabs and chord sheets for about any song stuck in your head. You can edit and modify every tab to match your own needs and also keep for personal use offline. The addition of a chord library, built-in tuner, and 20 common strumming patterns only describes half of what this app has to offer.

Final Thoughts on Ukulele Apps

All the mentioned apps are functional, fun tools that can be helpful in your ukulele journey. Majority of the ukulele apps are free, some offering in-app purchases so you can get a brief of taste of the offerings before spending coins there. There are no excuses to not practice!

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