The Best Kala Ukuleles in 2021

Renowned as one of the best ukulele brands, Kala has a huge collection of ukuleles in their line. The brand having a diverse range of products that can fit any kind of price scale, it’s normal for players to get confused upon selecting the best ones among the high quality ukuleles from the Kala line. If you are on your way to treat yourself with a ukulele from this excellent brand, read this article where we let you know about the best Kala ukulele in 2021. 

Choosing the very best ukulele from such a wide variety of options can consume a lot of time. In order to make your journey convenient, we have chosen the best Kala ukulele from each category. All you have to do is, identify your needs and decide which category of ukulele you need to buy. Afterwards, check our list to know the best model of your chosen category. Whether you are in search of a beginner-friendly ukulele to kick-start your journey, or looking for a second ukulele to satisfy your passion or a good-quality instrument without breaking the bank- we’ve got everything covered. 

Keep in mind:

Before making the purchase, don’t forget to consider the most important issues, which are your priorities. Identify the requirements your ukulele needs to meet and get started with the hunt. 

  • Check out which wood works best for you and sounds ideal with your pitch
  • Consider the prices you can afford and look for the best ones within your budget
  • Choose the size that you can play most comfortably.

Try holding a few different models of different sizes and see whichever works best for you and suits your tone perfectly.

The Best Kala Ukuleles in 2021(Overview)





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KA-ATP-CTG Acadia Cedar

Kala KA-ATP-CTG Acadia Cedar

Well built tenor

Cedar top

Acacia sides

Rosewood figerboard

Premium quality

Bright toned


Uke Set

Kala KA-C

Mahogany tonewood

Walnut fretboard

Includes starter kit and gig bag

Includes step-by-step guide


Uke standing

Kala KA-15S

Mahogany build

Walnut fingerboard

Warm toned



Kala MK S Makala Soprano Ukulele Bundle

Kala MK S Makala Soprano Ukulele Bundle

Beginner-friendly soprano

Agathis top

Mahogany neck

Rosewood fretboard

Accessories included


Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass Ukulele

Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass Ukulele

Exotic mahogany build baritone

Walnut fingerboard


Bass sound


The Best Kala Ukuleles in 2021(Review)

1. Kala KA-ATP-CTG Acadia Cedar (ASIN: B00EQYM8BU)

Kala KA-ATP-CTG Acadia Cedar

The Kala KA-ATP-CTG Acadia Cedar ukulele tops our list because of its beautiful built with a blend of Acacia sides, Cedar top, Rosewood bridge and fingerboard, as well as a rosette and binding made of Padauk. This exquisite tenor sized ukulele with solid cedar on the top produces enhanced rich, warm and round tones. It is safe to say that this elegant ukulele will not only soothe your eyes with its gorgeous appearance, but also will soothe your soul with its magnificent tone.


  • Unique blend of high quality woods
  • Durable
  • Bright rich tones
  • Premium quality build
  • High quality tuners


  • Strings were not up to the mark

2. Kala KA-C (ASIN: B005ETZKF2)

Kala KA-C

Crafted entirely with genuine Mahogony tone wood, the Kala KA-C ukuleles sound as god as they look with a brown satin finish. This concert ukulele provides an impressive balance between the treble-sounding tones and the midrange. Along with having mahogany on the back and sides as well, the walnut fretboard of the ukulele gives it an enhanced tonal range. 

The mahogany Kala KA-C ukulele is an excellent choice for the beginners since it has adequate space between the fret, therefore making it easier for the learners to explore the fingerboard. Apart from that, this great starter kit comes with a black gig bag, a set of Aquila Nylgut strings, straps, a clip-on tuner, a cleaning cloth as well as an instructional DVD to get you started without any delay.


  • Incredible tonal balance
  • Includes necessary kits for beginners
  • Includes a step-by-step instructional DVD from Austin Bazaar
  • Constructed with genuine mahogany tonewoods
  • Pre-strung with Aquila Nylgut


  • Needs to be oiled for stable tuning
  • Does not come with strap pins

3. Kala KA-15S (ASIN: B001LU1SFO)

Kala KA-15S

The KA-15S is a fine choice for beginners looking for a decent starter instrument, but it is also an incredible choice for intermediate players who are looking to get themselves a second ukulele in reasonable price. Kala has created its fame for building extraordinary ukuleles at reasonable cost focuses, and the KA-15S is not any exception. In fact, with such a performance that comes in such an affordable price range, the KA-15S soprano ukulele is sure to be one of the finest value ukuleles. 

 The KA-15S features a clean appearance along with a strong and tight feel. With a Mahogany body and satin finish, the KA-15S soprano ukulele offers a warm and sweet tone. Its mahogany neck is well suited by the walnut fingerboard and bridge, which provides the ukulele with an impressive resonance, volume and bass.


  • Well built
  • Good resonance and volume
  • Warm and sweet tone
  • Impressive playability
  • Good quality Aquila strings


  • No clip-on tuners

4. Kala MK S Makala Soprano Ukulele (ASIN: B001TLJVIG)

Kala MK S Makala Soprano Ukulele Bundle

If you are looking for a good-quality ukulele within your budget, this beginner-friendly soprano ukulele from the Kala line can be your ultimate choice. This ukulele is made from durable Agathis on the top makes it comfortable and easy to play. With an excellent Mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard, this budget-friendly ukulele produces sweet and warm tone with great sound projection. This beautiful ukulele with a satin finish is accompanied by geared tuners on the headstock and Aquila Nylgut strings. The best part is that you get all of this within an affordable price range.


  • Reasonable price
  • Strong build
  • Durable
  • Accessories included such as gig bag, instructional DVD, polishing cloth and online lessons


  • Issues with tuners

5. Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass Ukulele (ASIN: B00BXUTUBG)

Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass Ukulele

If you fancy playing a guitar but find the size too big for you, the Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass Ukulele is your savior, since it has the sound of a bass guitar in the size of a ukulele. It’s the best of both worlds for you. Constructed with exotic mahogany on the top and mahogany on the back, neck and sides, this baritone ukulele produces a fine blend of ukulele tones and acoustic-electric sound.


  • Attractive exotic mahogany design with satin finish
  • Sound of a bass guitar
  • Built-in tuners
  • Portable


  • Difficulty with A and E strings
  • Limitations with a few mid-range tones

Final Words:

So these were the best of the best ukuleles from the well reputed Kala brand. If you’re planning on getting one, there’s no reason to wait anymore. 

We hope you enjoyed the article and our detailed review on the best Kala ukuleles was helpful for you. Don’t forget to check out our reviews on different ukuleles to make the best purchase.

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