Top 10 8 String Guitars

You might be wondering six strings guitars were already painful enough to learn in the first place now eight-string guitars. It would be a nightmare for guitar players. Well, if you like challenges and want to widen your creative range, then 8 string guitars is perfect for you. It’s not just adding two strings on top of the six-string guitar. It brings loads of new tones, rhythms, and chords.

Buying Guide for 8 String Guitars

Before you start jamming with your 8 string, there are some rudimentary things you have to know. If you buy a guitar without having any prior knowledge, it’s most likely not going to end well.

Weight and Portability

Eight string guitars are bound to be heavy and bulky because of their intricate design. But it shouldn’t exceed a certain limit. Always look for something lightweight and compact-sized.

If you are not comfortable playing your guitar, you won’t be able to reach your full potential. Also, if the guitar is portable, you can use it at both home or gigs. 

Music Style

Eight string guitars are more preferable by heavy metal musicians. The blazing-fast riffs and chugging power chords sound majestic on the eight strings. A whole new subgenre of metal music called djent was popularized because of the eight-string guitars.

Djent involves low-pitched guitar riffs with palm muting techniques. If your music style resembles it, then you can surely give eight strings a try. Also, the two extra fretboards open room for all kinds of new music varieties. 

String Tension

The strings are the most essential aspect of a guitar. String tension means how tightly or loosely the strings are bound to each end of the guitar. If the strings are way too stiff, it's hard to bend.

Also, the strings sound like they are screeching. On the other hand, if the strings are too loose, it sounds low-pitched and dull. That's why it's best to have short thin strings for high notes and long thick strings for low notes. Be sure to check it before purchasing your eight-string guitar. 


One question often pops up in our minds. Why would anyone buy an eight-string guitar? A six-string guitar has pretty much everything that a guitar player needs. Well, not everything. With the eight-string guitars, you get both the bass and the guitar sound.

The extra two strings give a similar sound close to an expensive bass guitar. That’s why the tuners of the eight-string guitars are much more tricky. With many 8 strings, the tuners are not large enough to accommodate thick strings. Therefore, it is wise to try them out to see if they're flexible. 

Price of the guitars

This is a factor we try to ignore but can’t. We dream of buying a visually aesthetic guitar with tons of features and functions.

But the price holds us down. But don’t worry. There are many guitars in the market that have jaw-dropping attributes in a very reasonable price range. Therefore, always look for an 8 string guitar that is within your budget. 

Are 8 string guitars hard to play?

It is much more complex than the usual six-string guitars. Strumming patterns and chord progressions are complicated. And to top it all there are hardly any educational resources to learn about the 8 string guitar.

That’s why many people find it difficult to play it and some of them hit a dead end. But when you get hold of it, it does wonders. Also, 8 strings are mainly played by jazz or heavy metal musicians. Therefore, it is much easier if your music style falls into that category.





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8 String Guitars

Jackson Soloist

Attractive Black Color

Innovative EMG 909 Pickups

Sustainable 4*4 headstock


8 String Guitars


3-way toggle switch

The neck pickup sounds warm

A scale length of 26.5, perfect for metal playing


8 String Guitars


Old school design

String thru build

Push/pull control


8 Sting Guitars


Solid finish

Two pickups for versatility

Comfortable neck


8 Sting Guitars

ESP EC-258

Wide range of tones

Aesthetic design and color

Global tone with coil tap


Ibanez FTM33

Durable titanium neck

Thick bass strings for djent playing

Clean sound


Schecter Banshee

The CEP color looks gorgeous

Two dual single coils

5-way pickup switch


Jackson Dinky

Graphite reinforcement for rock-solid playing

Dual mount humbuckers

Blazing black and orange colors



Custom EMG Humbuckers for rocking sound

Custom neck

Great Playability


Schecter Damien

Astounding curves

Great guitar for lefthanders

Thru body design for resonance


1. Jackson X Series Soloist Arch Top SLAT8 - Best for multiscaling

8 0String Guitars

The first guitar on our list is one of the most versatile 8 string guitars on the market. The simple headstock of the guitar makes the strings feel much more light. The whole guitar sounds very articulate.

Many 8 string guitars on the market have a rough edge to the fretboard. But with the Jackson X, you get a fine finish that feels amazing to play. The build is solid and the scale length is just perfect for high-speed playing.


  • No fret buzzing sound
  • Nice rolled off fret edges with no sharp edges
  • Solid playability
  • Great for high-speed downturned playing


  • Much more expensive than the other guitars on the list

2. Schecter OMEN-8 - Best for Djent music

8 String Guitars

Let's be honest, most of us look for an 8 string guitar because of the novelty. Because it looks good and aesthetic. This guitar on our list comes in both back and white color. The stylish build looks fantastic.

Not just the visual, the guitar itself has a wide range of tones. It remains in perfect tune for a long time. The guitar player feels like the guitar is part of their body. That is a kind of feeling very few 8 string guitars give.


  • Good sustain in down strings
  • Comes in eye-catching black and white body
  • Always stays in tune
  • The body resonants nicely with guitar playing


  • Not a multi-scale guitar

3. Ibanez RG 8 - Best for Price

8 String Guitars

Most 8 string guitars cost an arm and a leg but provide very little. This 8 string guitar on our list has jaw-dropping features on a limited budget. It's super comfortable to play.

Therefore, beginners can try out their luck learning it. The strings are not stiff so the stretching and bending feel effortless. All in all, if you want to buy something simple yet efficient, we suggest you buy this gem.


  • Easy to stretch and bend
  • Multiple tuning capability
  • The neck is amazing
  • Equipped with a Truss rod cover


  • The pickups and tuners are substandard

4. ESP LTD Signature Javier Reyes JR-208 - Best for Comfort

8 Sting Guitars

If you want to try out a vintage, old-school guitar, then this one is for you. The action, the guitar body has a classic vibe to them. The necks are wide which gives you plenty of room to play a wide range of notes.

The seal joint lets you have access to a much higher range. The simple push and pull control system comes in handy when you are rocking out lightning speed solos but need to shift quickly yet efficiently


  • Unique guitar design
  • The cutaway lets you easily access the neck
  • Much higher range
  • Versatile notes playing


  • Sounds muddy on the low end
  • Tuning keys are sloppy

5.  ESP LTD EC-258 8 String Electric Guitar- Best Low Priced guitar

8 Sting Guitars

This guitar on our list of top 10 8 string guitars is breathtakingly beautiful. Its shiny black color has a novelty to it that stands out. The overall design is unique.

A guitar's main purpose is the sound. Aesthetics means nothing if the guitar sounds bland. This guitar sounds amazing even though it's unbelievably cheap compared to other guitars. The low pitches are great. The thin neck makes the guitar player feel much more comfortable. All in all, it’s a great buy for anyone with a short budget.


  • Amazing high and low notes.
  • Low string tension
  • No significant tuning issues


  • The high B string has some adjustment issues

6. Ibanez FTM33 Fredrik Thordendal 8-string - Best for Heavy riffs

8 string guitars are all about djent. And the kings of djent music are no other than the band Meshuggah. If you want to play heavy, thrashy music like them, this is the best choice for you.

The titanium neck makes it immensely durable and tones are just deep. The guitar itself has no noise while playing. The whole setup is straightforward for you to just play those heavy riffs without any disturbance.


  • Great noise cancellation system
  • Titanium neck for heavy-duty playing
  • Rhythm playing seems effortless


  • Pickup switch isn’t accessible

7. Schecter Banshee Elite 8 - Best for Beginners

This one on our list is one of the smoothest playing guitars. Its ebony fingerboard feels like butter while shredding hardcore riffs. The 5-way pickup selector gives a versatile range of settings and effects.

The tones and rhythms are dynamic. With its two dual single coils, you just have everything that you need to be a virtuoso in 8 string guitar playing


  • Super slim neck
  • Maple walnut neck for smooth playing
  • Cutaway body for intense shredding
  • 5-way pickup selector for a wide range of settings


  • Quite heavy

8. Jackson Pro Series Dinky DKA8M - Best for Versatility

Jackson has outdone themselves with this guitar. Its dual direct-mount humbucking pickups give a wide array of tones. The guitars core is just rock solid and durable for both home and outdoor playing. The higher gain settings are versatile. The clean tone is just exquisite. All in all, it’s a great beginner-friendly 8 string guitar.


  • 28” scale length for excellent shredding
  • Great Entry-level guitar
  • Clear tone
  • Equipped with a switch that can mute the sound at any time


  • The pickups and tuners are not decent

9. Dean 8-String Guitar- Best for Playability

Dean guitars have always been a customer favorite. With its 8 string guitar, they have now attracted the attention of metal musicians too.

The guitar’s custom cooley neck profile gives it a much more unique vibe. From the fretboards to the dual humbuckers, everything seems amazing. The guitar is a bit expensive but good things come with a good price.


  • Clean fretwork
  • Easy to setup
  • Dual EMG active humbucker for a plethora of killer sounds
  • Stylish bridges


  • Lacks tone knob

10. Schecter Damien Platinum 8 - Best for lefthanders

It’s a nightmare to find a guitar that is suitable for the lefthander. But now with the Schecter platinum 8, lefthanders around the world can breathe a sigh of relief. The guitar is extremely lightweight.

Its neck and hardtail bridge makes it a joy to play rather than feeling like a burden. The bridge has a thru body design that is much more sustainable with a powerful tone.


  • Grover tuners for efficient and fast tuning
  • Lefthanders paradise
  • Very ergonomic
  • The curves are perfect to hold the guitar


  • Sudden power cuts

The 8 string guitars are a fairly new addition to the guitar industry. Musicians are still figuring it out and the possibilities are endless. So, if you want to expand your musical range, then we highly recommend you to pick up an 8 string guitar and rock the entire world.

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