Top 10 Classical Guitar Strings in 2021

There are many classical guitar strings to choose from in the market. Which one of them would suit you the best, that is a question everyone has and the answer is different for every person. Let us help you by pointing out the top 10 classical guitar strings you can find in the market.

Top 10 Classical Guitar Strings in 2021





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Classical Guitar Strings

D'Addario Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension

Silver Plated copper winding

Laser measurement for accurate wire diameter and sound frequency

Multiple layers of protection


D'Addario Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Hard Tension

Nylon core base

Laser measured trebles


Classical Guitar Strings

Savarez 540R Classical Guitar Strings Normal Tension

Silver-plated base

Carbon trebles

Great performance for an affordable price


D'Addario Pro-Arte Black Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension

Bestselling set of D’Addario Pro-Arte

Comfortable resistance

Superior sound quality


Classical Guitar Strings

Dunlop DPV102B Premiere Series Ball End Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension

Durable with triple moisture protection

Rust resistant

Classic sound quality


Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla Nylon Classical Tie On Set

Tie on each end

Available in four different color combination

Comfortable normal tension


Classical Guitar Strings

D'Addario Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Light Tension

Durable design

Rust protection

Nylon core base


D'Addario EJ27N 1/2 Student Nylon Fractional Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension

Pure Nylon made

Simple and minimal function

Corrosion-resistant package


Classical Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Earthwood Folk Nylon Ball End Set, Clear, and Gold

80/20 Bronze Warp

Medium tension


Savarez Classical Guitar Strings (500CJ)

Corum brass

Multiple levels of protection


1. D'Addario Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension

Classical Guitar Strings

D'Addario Pro-Arte is manufactured with the highest quality and standards. These strings are tested to meet the highest level of consistency for all-day-long use. The nylon core acts as the game-changer here.

It produces large body sounds. Tuning gets an immediate response. You can tune your guitar immediately before playing.

The warm and rich tone produced with these Pro-Arte Nylon strings is a perfect match for any classical guitar and music. Besides, the normal tension gives your fingers an easy go. No need to wear any finger protection. No need to have any high endurance for pain.


  • Durable and consistent
  • Multiple protection layers
  • Silver platted wounding
  • Perfect tension strength for students


  • Must be tuned before each play so that they can adapt
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2. D'Addario Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Hard Tension

D'Addario is one of the best producers of classical guitar strings. That is why they have made it on our list multiple times. Their Pro-Arte Nylon series is considered the best-selling classical guitar strings.

These are made with the highest quality to ensure that they can deliver heavy-duty performance all day long. The nylon core bass works very effectively and generates warm and traditional tones as well as modern tones.


  • Complete accuracy in tones
  • Made with the finest nylon
  • Hard tension, but comfortable enough for beginners


  • Need to be toned every time because of hard tension

3. Savarez 540R Classical Guitar Strings Normal Tension

Classical Guitar Strings

Savarez has been making nylon guitar strings since 1770. That makes them the oldest and renowned guitar string manufacturer in the market. You know that a company is genuine and trustable if it has been around for a long time and Sevarez is no different.

Their classical guitar strings are one of the best and produce the richest tone. These 540R classic guitar strings are part of their Alliance series which has a silver-plated wound base and carbon treble. They fit perfectly in any classical guitar and produce the perfect tone. And the normal tension goes easy on your fingers, allowing you to play in long sessions.


  • Tie ends
  • Superior quality
  • Toned with precision


  • Can leave a mark on your guitar
  • Have to be tied with a double loop

4. D'Addario Pro-Arte Black Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension

Here we present to you another classical guitar string from D'Addario. As we said, they are one of the best producers of classical guitar strings. Their strings also live up to that reputation by delivering top performance in both departments of durability and accurate tone.

Every string is checked with laser measurements. The end of the string is attached with Silver plated copper bass warp wires. They are tie end, just like the traditional strings. Compared to the price, you will surely get a superior sound and tone out of these guitar strings. You just need to tune it right.


  • High-quality material used
  • Laser measured accuracy
  • Durable
  • Tie-end design


  • Strings need to be cleaned often
  • Tuning is required frequently

5. Dunlop DPV102B

Classical Guitar Strings

Although not much of a famous name, these DPV102B premiere series strings have cemented a place in the heart of classical guitarists. These strings have three layers of moisture protection, which makes them one of the best candidates.

The strings have silver copper warps, which helps them to focus on the low ends. Although, the ball ends may cause some failings in the quality of sound. But ball ends are quick to set and easy to adjust.

If a little drop in quality does not bother you, then you can consider buying the Dunlop DPV102B Premiere Series classical guitar strings. Many professionals keep this in their collection and perhaps you may like it too.


  • Three levels of moisture protection
  • Silver-plated wraps
  • Focused on low ends


  • Ball ends
  • Needs to be tuned often

6. Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla

These Nylon strings are perfect for any classical guitars and they are made with high-quality materials that are perfect for any concert. The material used in their production is solid nylon filament. These strings are very consistent. The silver platted warp further enhances the sound quality by making it play any sound, let it high or low.

Don’t let the ball in its name confuse you. It is not ball end. It is a tie-end design string. Tie ends deliver better quality than ball ends. The tie end, combined with the silver platted warp and the core material being nylon filament, you know that these strings will surely live up to the standards and let you play throughout an enjoyable session.

But all these come with a price and in this case, it is durability. These strings are not as durable as the others on the list.


  • Tie end design
  • Balanced projection
  • Siver platted wrap


  • Lack of durability

7. D'Addario Pro-Arte Nylon

Classical Guitar Strings

These strings from D’Addario Pro-Arte series are durable and consistent just like the others in our list. But the focus of these strings is a little different. These strings are designed specifically for deeper treble and warmer sounds.

The light tension design surely delivers all the necessary upper hand for a deeper treble. This is further enhanced with the silver-plated warps on the low tones. The strings have tie end design. Tie ends deliver better sound quality.

The strings had to be made with light tension for focusing on the deeper treble and provide a warmer tone. Of course, this had to be achieved by giving something up. And in this case, the trade-off was volume. These strings do not produce much volume. SO maybe you will need extra equipment like an amplifier to scale the volume up.


  • Tie end design
  • Silver-plated on lower strings
  • Produce deeper tones


  • Does not produce much louder noises
  • May need an amplifier

8. D'Addario EJ27N

Another great set of classical strings from D’Addario. But this one is not from the ProArte series. They are durable and well consistent like the pro-rate, but well balanced. The pro-arte series either focuses on the high or low. Only a few focused on balancing. This string set from the Student series delivers a well-balanced performance. From high to low.

Most portion of the focus centered on the middle. As a beginner, we all work on the basics and need a balanced string and we think that this would be the perfect classical guitar string set for you. The normal tension of the strings goes easy on your fingers and allows you to get used to it.


  • Well balanced tone
  • Low price
  • Tie ends


  • Needs time to be adjusted with the stretch from tuning

9. Ernie Ball Earthwood

Classical Guitar Strings

Another Ernie ball classical guitar string. This one is focused on rich tunes and percussive attacks. It is not suitable for everyone but you can give it a try. These strings were mainly made for performing in concerts.

The material used is solid nylon filament. It produces a much richer and warm tone. The first three strings are ball-ended. So, you might expect a little drop in quality there. The other three are non-ball-ended and have bronze alloy platted around a nylon core.


  • Rich tone
  • Warmer sound
  • Made with high-quality nylon filament


  • The first three strings have ball-ends

10. Savarez Classical Guitar Strings

Lastly, from Savarez, a set of classical guitar strings. These strings are very well balanced. But the main focus is on the highs. The strings are made with high tension. It will produce a much richer tone and loud noises.

But you may need to use finger protections as high tension strings often feel very painful towards the finger. The Corum brasses allow it to respond very quickly. The strings are ball-ended, which may cause a drop in quality. Regardless, you will enjoy playing classical music with these strings.

There is some confusion about its durability. The company claims it t be durable but some customer complains about it.


  • Multiple levels of protection
  • High tension nylon trebles
  • Corom wound brass


  • Not much durable in terms of stress handling

What to Look For

There are many types of guitar strings in the market. All for different types of guitars. And if you are talking about classical guitar strings, there are many. So which one would suit you best. That depends on you.

You should experiment with all of them to find the right match for you. Usually, there are three factors you should consider while choosing the best guitar strings for you. The material, the tension, the wound, and the string gauge/ diameter.

They all affect the sound very different and have their own set of ups and downs. But there is no right choice. You have to experiment with them to choose the right one for you by yourself.

Ask any professional guitarist you know about classical guitar strings. They will tell you how these classical strings have helped them get around in their early days. As they are made of nylon, they go easy on your fingers.

They can be used at any time for as long as you want without the need for any finger protectors. They are the most suitable option for beginners.

Moreover, the warmer and mellower sound effects from the classical strings are well-suited for classical and country music. They may not be the best in comparison to other strings made of very different materials like steel and nickel, but they are the best choice for beginners and a pick and play scenario.

Final Words

Classical guitar strings normally deliver warm sounds. The nylon used in constructing the strings goes very easily on your finger. However, you should experiment with different types of classical strings to make the right choice. Choose any of the products from our picks. Or you can pick one by yourself. As we said, it all depends on you.

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