Top 10 Electric Guitars for Beginners

Suppose one lazy evening, you were listening to a song on your headphone and got mesmerized by the sick guitar riff in it. Or maybe you went to see a band performing live on the stage and got awestruck by the guitarists solo playing. Both of these occurrences happen to many of us and we want to play electric guitars desperately. But finding a quality guitar for a beginner can be troublesome.

That’s why for you, we have summarized and put the most fascinating features on display.

Best Electric Guitars for Beginners in 2021

If you like a certain guitar, be sure to check more about it in the later segment of our article on top 10 electric guitars for beginners.





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electric guitars for beginners


22 frets

Six screw vintage-style bridge

High-quality tuners and controller



Gives a great feel and vibe

Saple body and nietol neck

The guitar setup is neat

Higher frets are easily accessible


electric guitars for beginners

Ibanez GRGA120

3-way selector switch for tuning options

Jumbo frets for playing power chords

24 frets for solo playing



Fashionable curves

High gain because of its 85/15 “S” pickup

Wide range of tones


electric guitars for beginners


Two distinct humbuckers

Weighs only 8.5 pounds which super lightweight for players

3-way toggle switch



Jumbo frets for rhythm playing

Features a coil-splitting mini-toggle

Five-way selector


electric guitars for beginners


Fretboards are clean and smooth

One volume one tone three-way selector

Maple Neck


Epiphone SG

Hard rock sound

New improved pickups

Killpot control and switch for swift playing


electric guitars for beginners


Has a nice gloss to it

Equipped with a vintage circular string tree

Three single-coil pickups



Distinct V shaped body

Floyd Rose tremolo system

Shark tooth inlays

Three-way pickups


1. Yamaha Pacific 112V-Best for Price

electric guitars for beginners

As a beginner, you want a good quality guitar in an affordable price range. This guitar on our list is cheap, well made, and extremely versatile for players of all sorts of music taste. The guitar itself looks splendid and comes in stylish black color. The guitar is very lightweight to carry around. The neck of the guitar is not glossy which is not necessarily a bad thing.

 It makes the guitar sound much smoother. The guitar is a lead guitarist's dream as the lower frets are easier to play and they can play fast solos without cutting their fingers. Overall, the Yamaha Pacific 112V is an excellent entry-level guitar that all beginners should try out.


  • Built like a tank
  • Maple wood neck that is easy to hold
  • The neck pickup is amazing
  • Cost-Effective
  • Jack socket is tight and doesn’t fall off


  • Tuning issues because of warped neck
  • Bending is unreliable

2. Ibanez Artcore AS53-Best for Simplicity

Ibanez has been a household name in the guitar industry for quite some time. They have always focused on making semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars. Ever seen how Paul Gilbert rocks blues and heavy metal music like its kids play? Well, it's mainly because of his tremendous skill and effort.

But guitar plays a vital role in his success too. He prefers the Ibanez guitars for pretty much all his career. He has praised the guitar for its innovativeness and playability.

Ibanez Artcore AS53 is a beast of a guitar. The materials might not be as rich as some other guitars on the market but it surely does its job. Its playability is amazing. If your hands sweat a lot, you will face a lot of problems playing guitar.

The Ibanez Artcore AS53‘s neck and fretboard are completely non-sticky. Therefore, you can play your hearts out without having to worry about messing up the guitar.


  • Higher notes are easy to play
  • The pots are very well tapered
  • Fret edges are finely finished
  • The guitar stays in tune for a long time


  • Pickups look plain and old fashioned

3. Ibanez GRGA120-Best for Metalheads

electric guitars for beginners

Do you like fast thrashy riffs and harmonious solos? If you do, then this is the perfect guitar for you. This guitar on our list is the epitome of metal guitars. In most heavy metal songs, power chords are mostly used. Try listening to any metal song and you will notice how many times they strum different power chords. They are the foundation of any heavy or thrash metal beat.

You can easily play power chords on this guitar because of its fret size. The neck is made of solid Maplewood that gives it a fine finish. The double-cutaway body is eye-catching and attractive.

The tones are heavy but not harsh. It creates a dark atmospheric vibe that is perfect for metal music. It’s just what every metalhead needs. So, if you dream of playing fast-paced and blazing riffs, there is no other guitar that is better than the Ibanez GRGA120.


  • Stylish and aesthetic design
  • The neck is very thin
  • Excellent choice for rhythm guitar playing
  • Heavy distortion


  • The guitar doesn’t stay in tune for long.

4. PRS SE Standard 24-Best Overall

In this competitive market, it is rare to find a guitar that is affordable yet efficient. Most guitars with quality features have a high cost that is unfathomable for beginners. But the PRS SE guitar is the best of both worlds. It's within a good budget range and the attributes are too good to be true.

When you strum the guitar, you get a feeling of joy that can’t be described in words. PRS SE gives the guitar player the most satisfying guitar experience that they can have.

With its versatile tones and super easy pickups, overall this guitar on our top 10 electric guitars for beginners list is an amazing choice for you. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to pick up a guitar, it might as well be this one.


  • Beautifully voiced pickup
  • The guitar stays in tune for a while
  • Non-locking tremolo
  • You can do humbuckers or split the coil effortlessly


  • Much heavier than other guitars on the list

5. Epiphone Les Paul-Best for Consistency

electric guitars for beginners

Have you ever checked Jimmy Page’s guitar? It’s one of the most unique and significant guitars with a lot of history behind it. With this Les Paul, Page composed and played songs like the stairway to heaven and when the levee breaks. The guitar itself looks otherworldly with its distinct design. People around the world dream of playing this guitar.

But the reality is the original Gibson Les Paul costs a fortune. For beginners who are just starting to know the ins and outs of the guitar, the price can be way out of the league. That’s why Epiphone has brought their own Les Paul which is much more cost-effective. The guitar has great hardware and is well put together. It has the original Les Paul Design to it.

The strings are easy to get hold of and the setup of the guitar is very straightforward. So, if you want to know jam-like Jimmy Page or Slash, we suggest you check out this guitar on our list of top 10 electric guitars for beginners.


  • Ergonomic
  • Available for all styles so that both left-handed and right-handed guitar players can play smoothly
  • The strings are perfectly aligned
  • Tones are rich and punchy


  • The frets are sometimes uneven and have rough edges

6. Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus-Best for style

This is one of the most stylish guitars on our list. The honey burst color gives it a pleasant look. The guitar itself has a great tone and a cutting-edge sound. The body is made of pine which gives it a much delicate and classical feel. It's versatile for playing all types of music styles from Jazz to heavy rock.

The C-shaped neck makes the guitar much more comfortable to play with. Fender has been producing world-class guitars for a long period. Musicians across the world name Fender guitars to be their first choice. After playing this guitar you will feel like them too. This guitar is a rare gem that beginners shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Great for fast playing
  • Vintage-style tuners
  • Comes in a variety of attractive colors
  • Rich tone


  • The guitar gets easily dented while playing

7. Gretsch G5425 Jet Club-Best for Short scale Playing

electric guitars for beginners

As a beginner, you want to try out the simplest chords or riffs. A guitar with many tools and features can confuse you thoroughly. Rather than getting interested, it can hinder your whole experience of guitar playing. We tend to lose our eagerness when things are too complicated.

That’s why the Gretsch G5425 comes with just the necessities that will keep a beginner hooked for a long time. The shorter scale length makes it easier for new players to get a grasp of. The pickups are sweet and fretboards are truly wonderful. It is a complete package for new players that are just looking to start their journey in guitar playing.


  • Highly Resonant
  • Classic Single-cut body
  • User-friendly
  • Has a wide range of colors available


  • The tone controls are limited

8. Epiphone SG Special-Best for tuning

The guitar player's nightmare is an out-of-tune guitar. They cut their fingers and spend an awful amount of time getting the guitar in tune. If only there was a guitar that would stay in perfect tune for a very long period.

Well, the Epiphone SG is just what you are looking for. With its state-of-the-art tuning system, the guitar doesn’t lose its quality or sound over time. The strings also stay in perfect shape for about a year. After buying this guitar, you won’t have to worry about anything guitar-related.


  • Great for distortion
  • Devilish double cutaway design
  • Durable build quality
  • Comes in stylish red and black colors


  • The materials are not up to par
  • It doesn’t come with any special accessories

9. Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster-Best Classic Guitar

electric guitars for beginners

Stratocasters are played by some of the most talented guitar players of our generation. Eric Clapton plays the Stratocaster and produced some of the most melodious tunes of all time. The original Stratocaster had a quacky sound to it which is preferable by many professional guitarists. But not much for the beginners

The Squier Company came up with this classic Stratocaster which is immensely affordable and just perfect for beginners. Though it is inspired by the original model, it has its uniqueness to it. Rather than having a much quacky sound as we mentioned, it produces a much sweet and calm tone.

Also, the setup and alignment of the whole guitar are superb. If you are hesitating because of the wires then this guitar on our top 10 electric guitars for beginners list is ideal for you.  It reduces the use of too much wire and makes guitar playing much more enjoyable.


  • Classic Style tremolo
  • Looks very much like the original old Stratocaster
  • Sustainable bolt-on neck
  • Vintage tuners


  • Metal alloys in the tuner and bridge seem cheap

10. Jackson JS32VT King V-Unique for its V shape

One of the most gorgeous and stylish guitars on our top 10 electric guitars for beginners list is this Jackson King V. Its unique V shape makes it stand out among the other guitars. The color of the guitar is gorgeous. But looks aren’t everything. The guitar has to sound good.

Jackson has always been the first choice for many metalheads. The jumbo frets make rhythm playing much easier. The tone of the guitar has a heavy vibe to it. The guitar stays in tune for a brief period. Only one thing we have to warn you about this guitar is that always put the guitar in a case as it tends to get dusty because of its glossy attire.


  • Distinct V shaped body
  • Rhythm playing is super easy on the fingers
  • Six inline tuners
  • Super high output humbucker
  • Capable of huge distortion


  • No coil taps
  • The guitar can be uncomfortable to play at first because of its distinct shape

Buying Guide

Before you buy electric guitars and start jamming on it, there are some things you should consider to make the whole experience much more pleasant.

What Kind of Music Do You Prefer to Play?

Do you like headbanging and moshing around in pits while listening to heavy metal music? Or maybe you enjoy the relaxing jazz music and a few progressive tones. Either way, your preference matters the most.

The type of music you listen to is the kind of music you want to play on the guitar. So, think about your music taste, because many guitars in the market are good for certain types of music styles. Therefore, it’s wise to think about this beforehand

Neck and Strings

As the title of our article says Top 10 electric guitars for beginners, the first and foremost thing you have to look at is if the guitar is easy to play or not. Sometimes the strings of the guitar are very high from the neck which makes the player's fingers hurt while playing the guitar.

Even some guitar players with delicate fingers suffer from bleeding because of the rigidness of the strings. Also, if the neck is wide and spacious, it gets uncomfortable to play it. That’s why before buying a guitar, it's essential to check the neck and strings properly.

Tone Quality

There are different types of guitars in the market with distinct tone quality. Some guitars sound punchy and mellow while others have a bit of harsh sound. An important aspect of guitar tone is that you don’t always want it to be soft and smooth.

It depends on the type of songs you want to play on the guitar. Also, as you are playing an electric guitar, you will need an amplifier for effects and distortion. Therefore, it's also mandatory to check beforehand if the guitar is compatible with the amp.


Most electric guitars have 21 or 22 frets to play with. In recent years, 24 frets electric guitars are getting immensely popular. The first fret is the closest to the headstock while the last one is the furthest away. The beginning few frets have much heavier sounds than the rest. Why are we telling you this?

Well, these are some of the most rudimentary things you have to know. Examine how many frets your guitar has and how they sound. Also, another crucial aspect is the cleanliness of the fretboards.

The fretboards have to be perfectly constructed and the frets must be perfectly aligned. As a beginner, these little things can hamper the players overall playing.


It is often seen that many guitarists carry their guitar in a bag that is wrapped around their shoulder. It looks cool and aesthetic. But carrying a guitar isn’t a comfortable experience every time. It can be quite suffering and exhausting to bear a heavy guitar. People travel with guitar a lot.

And if the guitar is bulky and large, you have to always keep it at home and never travel anywhere. The guitar becomes a companion for a player. That’s why you should look for a guitar that is portable and lightweight.

Guitar Body

A guitar’s body is composed of raw materials such as hardwood or softwood. Both have some assets and liabilities. Popular hardwoods that are used to make guitars are maple, walnut, and mahogany.

These guitars tend to be much more sustainable.  Playing the chords seems effortless. On the other hand, softwood guitars sound very resonant. They have a soft and atmospheric tone to them.

But as the main body is not that durable, it's not appropriate for longevity purposes. So, make up your mind on what kind of guitar you want to purchase.

Volume and Tone Control

Each guitar is equipped with some extra resources like volume and tone controller. You can maintain the sound frequency with much ease using your finger. But there are some hidden aspects to it.

In many cases, increasing the volume to a certain degree can cause noise. Rather sweet and tranquil sounds, cacophonous screeching audio erupts from the guitar. When you go into the guitar store to buy electric guitars, play some basic chords and check the volume and tone controller level. If it’s good then don’t hesitate anymore.

Price Range

We know, this is probably the one thing everyone was searching for from the beginning. Imagine you find a guitar of your dreams with all the necessary features and attributes and then you realize that it is out of your budget. How awful that will feel.

Therefore, before dreaming about learning all the chords and becoming a Rockstar, think carefully about the price range. There are tons of amazing guitars in the market that are fairly priced.

An expensive guitar doesn’t essentially have to be the starting point for your musical journey. A comfortable guitar within your budget is going to give you everything that you need to become a guitar virtuoso.


Learning guitar is like growing up. We take small baby steps one at a time. At first, we don’t know anything about the guitar. Gradually we learn chords, music theory, and solos. One day we realize that we have evolved from a beginner to someone who knows all the ins and outs of the guitar. To accompany you on your journey, you need an excellent guitar. That’s why we’re here to guide you in your path of greatness.

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