Top 5 Best Starter Ukuleles

Introduction- Don’t we all wish we could learn something we just picked up in a day? To a certain extent, it is possible on a ukulele. This is one of the easiest instruments you can learn. You just have to learn some chords by taking classes where there is going to be a proper mentor for you, or if you don’t want to spend money on ukulele lessons, you can just watch some videos on YouTube, it’s that easy. So if you want to buy an ukulele but you never played it before, here are top 5 ukuleles we picked for you so that you don’t have to scroll through the internet all day long, we hope the one you chose is the one for you and helps you in these difficult times.

Top 5 Best Starter Ukuleles(Overview)





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Kala soprano Starter Ukuleles

Kala soprano ukulele

Mahogany wood body

Aquila Italian strings

Shark teeth rosette

$59- $65

Kala color chord Starter Ukuleles

Kala color chord ukulele

A very unique color

The instrument is water resistant

Fretboard marks

$39- $47

Vangoa soprano acoustic ukuleles

Vangoa soprano acoustic ukulele

Anti-dust coating

Capo,strap included

$52- $69

Kmise soprano ukulele

Kmise soprano ukulele

Italian aquila string

Free online class

$54- $99

Clifton soprano Starter Ukuleles

Clifton soprano ukulele

CD tutorial

$36- $45

Top 5 Best Starter Ukuleles(Review)

1. Kala soprano ukulele

Kala soprano ukulele

For our first pick today, we chose the KALA-LTP-S. The kala kit includes some amazing goodies inside the box. It comes with a good quality gig bag so that you don’t have to carry it around or worry about it getting dirty, you can take free online lessons, free tuning app and a booklet which can be a guide for you when learning the instrument because it includes everything

This ukulele won’t fail to impress you because of its beautiful mahogany body, which means it sounds as amazing as it looks. The strings which are on the ukulele are high quality Aquila strings from Italy, it just starts there. The nut is made out of graph tech nubone and also its Polynesian shark teeth rosette. It includes all you need in the bag!.


  • made out of mahogany wood
  • Free online classes and tuner
  • A booklet for you to learn the instrument


  • A bit expensive

2. Kala color chord ukulele

Kala color chord ukulele

This brand just doesn’t fail to impress doesn’t it? That is the reason why the KALA-LTP-SCC is your second pick for today! This beautiful ukulele just can't be described In words, this beauty also includes a logo tote gig bag for you to carry it around, free online classes, a free tuning app, and a booklet as your guide. Its color would make you fall in love with it. It’s just not the color; there are designs on the fretboard and the neck too! So if you are going for a funk yet classic look go for this one.

The brand is known for its high quality sound because of their mahogany bodies on their ukuleles. It's a very affordable instrument. This ukulele is just out of this world, it is literally water resistant can you believe it? There are more, the high quality Aquila strings, Nickel plated tuners and inlays on the fretboard so that the beginners don’t have a hard time learning the instrument.


  • very easy to clean
  • Water resistant
  • Fretboard marks for easy learning


  • the colour might not be for everyone

3. Vangoa soprano acoustic ukulele

Vangoa soprano acoustic ukulele

For your third pick, we chose the vangoa soprano acoustic ukulele guitar. This is on the costlier side of our list but it still is worth it because of its specifications and what’s included in the bag. This comes with a high quality gig for you to carry your ukulele around, three ukulele picks, a clip on capo, a digital tuner, a strap and strings so you don’t have to worry about buying them differently.

This ukulele has an arched back design so you can play it with ease. This beast has a 21 inch mahogany body and comes with a guide book. This has an anti-dust coating so it is very easy to clean and its tuning pegs will make sure the instrument doesn’t go out of tune.


  • comes with capo, strap and a tuner
  • Anti-dust coating


  • Might be out of your budget.

4. Kmise soprano vintage ukulele

Kmise soprano ukulele

Our 4th pick for the top 5 ukuleles is the Kmise soprano vintage ukulele. This is a mid-range ukulele on this list. This also comes with a well-padded gig bag, a digital tuner for easy tuning, a guitar strap, strings and an instruction booklet. This ukulele is made out of mahogany wood and won’t fail to impress you with its sound. 

The Kmise comes with high quality D’Addario strings and the manufacturer makes sure the string action is as low as possible for easier playing. The smooth fretboard will help you move across the fret with ease if you want to play riffs. They also provide you with free lessons online and a starter booklet.


  • high quality strings
  • Includes tools you need
  • Free online class


  • a bit expensive

5. Clifton soprano ukulele

Clifton soprano ukulele

Our last pick of the day is the Clifton soprano ukulele kit. This kit is a starter Hawaiian ukuleles for mostly kids. This is a 21 inch ukulele which comes with a gig bag, strap, and clip on tuner, harmonica, picks, a cleaning cloth and a tutorial CD. This ukulele is made out of Birch ply body and bitch neck and head stock. Also comes with Italian Aquila nylon strings.

This is meant for your kids who are trying to learn the instrument so the CD tutorial should be enough for them to start with.


  • CD tutorial


  • Not a high quality instrument.

Final Words: 

We hope our small list of the top 5 beginner ukuleles helped you narrow your option list down to few. Now it’s time for you to pick your favorite starter ukuleles & start strumming!

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